Thursday, December 15, 2011

What the ... statue?!?!?

A tip of the hat to Korea Beat for this one. My only thoughts ... too fucking bad Japan. You did it. Stop trying to gloss it over. Own it. Sincerely apologize for it. And then you can move on. There is a reason most of Asia hasn't forgiven you. Until then ... in the immortal words of John Stewart .. go fuck yourselves.

Monday, December 12, 2011

And the killings continue.

A tip of the hat to ROK Drop for this story. It looks like Chinese fisherman have murdered yet another South Korean Coast Guard Officer. There isn't a lot I can add to what ROK Drop said.

It is funny how quick South Koreans are to rally or riot when it is something the US did or is perceived to have done. Yet when things like this happen they stick their heads in the sand and ass in the air. A North Korean soldier murders a SK tourist. Nothing. Chinese pirates murder SK Coast Guard officers. Nothing. Free trade with the US? Time to get in the streets. Mad Cow lies and bullshit? Let's riot! Talk about skewed priorities.

A country that allows shit like this to continue is giving up their sovereignty.