Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WSJ Commenters 2

The commenter known as NN really left herself open to ridicule.

2:23 am June 14, 2012
NN wrote:

I’m a Korean woman with a fluent English, 

Whoa! Stop right there! If she really believes her English is fluent she is living in a fantasy land. Just the 1st part of this sentence, let alone the rest of what she wrote, puts the lie to that.

but I think there are really ‘some’ Korean women who rather lacked proper communication skill, but wanted to take an advantage of ‘foreigners’ as well as some ‘foreign men’ (especially white) who try to take reflected advantages from those women and satisfy their fantasies about Asian women. I often felt that they are often deluded by this misunderstanding even if they knew it was wrong. On top of that as those foreigners are mostly short-term visitors, so two groups seem to take this as an ‘adventure’ or ‘escape’ rather a serious reality or commitment. However it is not well accepted here, Korea, where has really closed and narrow society with high moral standard.

Heh ... thanks for making me laugh. I can agree with the closed and narrow society but high moral standard? What the kimchi?!?!?!?

I do have several white-foreign acquaintances who married to Korean women and do not think all of them are the same as the below Korean man claimed. However it is still true that there are really lots of ‘scumbags’ here, too. They came here to find a job as a short term English teacher something but do not take their work seriously. Also they just have fun and leave soon when they enjoyed enough with some money. This is not bad at all and entirely their freedom, but the problem is that there are really some socially wrong and irresponsible people. I personally met some like this, but ‘they’ warned of me this and confessed they are doing some ‘rubbish’ jobs when they met some ‘easy’ Korean women. Personally I really could not get this, because some of them are fine as an acquaintance or coworker, but I think they still do so even if they know it is wrong.

Hmmm ... so she is saying that they are scumbags because they are white-foreigners, they come to work for a short term (a couple of years? a few years?), don't take their work seriously, want to have fun, and leave after making some money. Interesting definition of what makes a scumbag.

Or is it the ones who meet those criteria AND are socially wrong and irresponsible that are scumbags? And what the hell does socially wrong mean?

I think no matter wherever I go, I could find those people. If this happened between the same Korean people, or even American, this would not be such a big problem. However this could be serious because this is not just ‘personal issues’ but could be some ‘diplomatic issues’, too. Also it must be clear here is obviously Korea, not other countries. I think some foreigners should respect (precisely ‘aware”) of the difference before they come to here, rather than trying to apply their rules here.

Overall, she makes sense in places but her "fluent" English turns some of that into gibberish. Her last paragraph really wants to make sense but she just can't pull it off.

If NN hadn't started off by prattling about how fluent her English is I probably would have just ignored the shitty writing job she did. But she didn't.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

WSJ Commenters 1

I read through the comment section for the Wall Street Journal article "MBC Producer What's the Fuss About?". There were some interesting ones, both good and bad, which bear commenting on.

The first one that stood out  was from a commenter going by the name "Welcome to the Real World". He addressed a topic dear to me, apologists.

9:37 am June 8, 2012
Welcome to the Real World wrote:

Apologists for this piece need not raise their voices here. Korean culture gets slammed for xenophobia, racism, fascism, etc, because it deserves it, plain and simple. If Koreans didn’t act this way daily to foreigners of all colors, races, creeds, and nationalities, then the “rumor” (fact!) of racism in this culture wouldn’t be deserved. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Far too often, the significant others of Koreans in mixed relationships must endure disgusting behavior that is entirely based on the insecurity, incivility, and ignorance that exists in Korean culture.

Apologizing for it and quieting it over, deflecting, or outright denial about it won’t make it go away. It was only the intolerance of this type of behavior in other cultures that has suppressed and made these inhumane actions unwelcome there. The same intolerance is expressly deserved and long overdue here as well.

This was very well said. In fact I will probably use this in the future when responding to Korean apologists.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What the... kimchi?!

Our friend Bald Flint posted an article from The Korea Times, Worst In The Nation, on Facebook. You can find it here:
As Bald Flint pointed out, it is Genius!
Rice and vegetables is better than fried chicken and coke!
Thank God for the scientists who figured it out, and the KT,WITN for reporting it in their usual poor English.

What the ... identity crisis?!?!?!?

by Shockwave » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:19 pm

I see. You are right. I guess they really don't care about NK refugees... They are really selfish "Made in China". Then... I dislike the idea of ethnic Koreans immigrating (from China) to South Korea. Since my dad, his family and many Koreans in br@zil!!! were NK refugees (they are SK citizens now). I know NK refugees' pain. All they really hate NK gov. Only retarded communist br@zil!!!ians love Kim Jong mentally-ill & Co.

Yet his tagline reads

br@zil!!!: “n’est pas un pays sérieux”. I love br@zil!!!: the eternal country of the future...

Wow. This guy exemplifies the fucktardery of KS. He hates Brazil. He loves Brazil. Brazil is the eternal country of the future yet South Korea is the best.

It reminds me of Herr Consoleman. South Korea is the best place on Earth. South Koreans are the master race. No foreigners should be allowed in South Korea. Yet he doesn't actually live in South Korea and hasn't for a long time.

Shockwave definitely deserves his place among the KKKluckers at Korean Sentry.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Korea Times Strikes Out Again!

'Dead kid died again after asking for some water'

Dead toddler woke up and said before lying lifeless at his coffin once again during funeral.

Kelvin Santos, 2, was dead due to complications from bronchial pneumonia at a hospital in Para, Brazil, June 1, according to local media reports. 

The next day, the boy suddenly woke up in the coffin and asked his father for some water. “I thought my son revived as a miracle,” said Antonio Santos, the boy's father.

But, the happiness was a moment. Kelvin passed away after drinking a cup of water. The family incidentally moved him to a local hospital, but the kid was completely pronounced dead because there are no signs of life. Miracle didn’t occur though his family expected Kelvin woke up once again. 

“Doctors didn’t thoroughly examine my son,” his father said. “It was definitely medical malpractice so I will make the hospital take legal responsibility.”

However, “Kelvin was already pronounced dead from heart attack in a hospital,” said a police officer.

Wow. What horrible English. What a short report lacking information. Where the hell would you start tearing it apart? The poorly written title? The first sentence which is pretty bad? Overall, a short and badly written article. 

The story is about  what happened to a boy in Brazil. Read the Korea Times article again and then go and read this one.

No wonder there is no "reporters" name attached to the article. Who the hell would want to be associated with such a shitty report? Evidently, no one working for Korea Times, Worst in the Nation. 

What the ... waning star?!?!?

And then Redwhitedude's star starts to dim. He caves to the majority and tries to suck up.

"I don't really understand those people either. They come to Korea and they post anti Korea stuff. Either way better checks to prevent clowns like this going into Korea. It is a reflection of their character or lack of it. Keep out the wrong type of people."

But it is too late. Herr Consoleman has already set his sights on redwhitedude.

"So you're blaming Korean on this? this is typical white trash respond."

He then goes on to say:

"You're not making any sense here, you're just here to argue with us. Please don't waste your & our time on who's fault was it because it's clearly the misbehaving foreigners caused the problem. Abusing the relaxed laws is the main problem. So you're suggesting if there was strict laws and screening this wouldn't have happened, basically you're blaming Korea for allowing misbehaving foreigners, it's like thieves blaming victim for easy robbing."

Or like when a group of KKKunts actually blamed a rape victim for being raped?

Yes, in Herr Consoleman's world Redwhitedude calling for stricter laws and checks is his way of blaming Koreans for foreigners acting badly. It looks like Redwhitedude isn't the only KKKlucker not making sense. Then again we are talking about the Klan at KS so it really isn't surprising.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What the ... call to arms?!?!?!?

And yea, the racist fucktards did meet and decide that MBC needed their support. The call went out to start showing support. Brother Kaizen did spew forth the call.

"I suggest everyone to support MBC after releasing a documentary show about western foreigners acting like bunch of fucking morons. It seems like they are constantly getting criticisms from waygooks and their slut korean whore wives.

Support MBC. Support the truth.

Let the truth be supported."

(Note: The caller is Kaizen the Korean, also known as Kaizen the Incontinent. Not to be confused with Kaizen the Japanese who is known as "The Improver". Yes it is strange for a "Korean" on a site that very anti-Japanese (anti-non Korean) to be using a Japanese word for "continuing improvement" but then again no one said the KKKluckers were smart.)

And the call was answered by the Grand Wizard Herr Consoleman who rallied the troops with the battle cry:

"Is there any petition or supporting websites for MBC nightly report?"

(Note: Yes, stupid and lazy does seem to be the norm when talking about the KKKluckers.)

The faithful then mooked about waiting for someone to figure out how to use Google.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about MBC and Foreigners.

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them"

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had that to say about the "report" MBC showed. Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think. He also considers himself an authority on America as well. Later in the thread he posted a couple of pics of drunk (white) foreigners. One is staggering around and the other is passed out on the street. Then he says :

"Americans are hypocrites - they don't behaves like this in America but behaves like idiots when they come to Korea."

Really Herr Consoleman? You REALLY don't think that Americans act like that in America? Canadians in Canada? Mexicans in Mexico? Native-of-Country-of-Choice in Home-Country? I didn't think it was possible but you are more of a moron than I thought you are.

Also, I really have to wonder about the efficacy of the Australian education system if Herr Consoleman, who was educated there, still believes the party line from Korea that all whites are American. You would think  someone who has lived a large portion of his life in Australia would know better. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What the ... KS BS?!?!?

No racist bullshit out of Korea would be complete without the KKKunts at Korea Sentry chiming in. Are they worried about the varacity of the "report"? About alleged "damage" to Korean women? Of course not, they are racist whack jobs after all. They are worried about the children, but not in the way normal people would be. (Plus we already know what they think about Korean women and IR dating/marriage.)

Jejuislander wrote:

"All half-breed children created by these type of casual sex ought to be deported back to the US, or some liberal lefty western nation."

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had this to say:

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them" 

Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think.

There was a rare glimpse of intelligence on Korea Sentry when redwhitedude posted the following in the thread:

"This is just silly stupid reporting on the part of MBC. They should have known better than to broadcast something like this."

I don't expect he will last long on Korea Sentry. Of course he was quickly shouted down by xcreaturex100:

"It's the truth that areas like Itaewon is infested with crimes and rapes. You haven't been there?"

Which begs a question for xcreaturex100, who is probably safely tucked away in his parents basement in suburbia USA. Have YOU actually been there?

What is Jejuislanders solution?

"I hope Korea forms some kind of Ggangpae group to hunt down these western pervs. Kind of like how Russia has skinhead groups that target stupid ass foreigners mistreating women in their own country."

Is that your final solution Jejuislander? Think that is harsh? One of these kkkunts, responding to Herr consoleman, ACTUALLY hopes there is a holocaust against the Chinese.

Damn these KKkunts just make it too easy to mock them. The thread runs 7 pages at the time I wrote this. It started sounding old and stale after the first page. I got bored with it by the 4th. Too many prime examples of the racist stuipidity of the kkkluckers at Korea Sentry to waste any more time. At least for now.

*** Update June 14th 2012  8:34PM AST You know these idiots are really the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many spin off threads that I can make from this. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... when lying.

The Wall Street Journal, Asia posted about an interview with an MBC Producer. The producer in question works on the "news magazine" that aired the piece of tripe called Shocking Reality but didn't want to be named.

For some reason the producer just can't understand why the foreigners are upset. He went on to lie and claim that the report adequately pointed out that problems occur in only a few cases. Something which WSJ was quick to point out wasn't true. Someone from the Korean "media" lied. What a shocker.

I was going to write more about it and vent my spleen but decided not to. The Dokdo Times did a much better job than I would have. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shit Foreigners say ... about Korean BS.

"I can't believe MBC would air this."

"I am surprised to see them (MBC) air this."

I know I have talked about this already but I think it bears repeating. Lately I have been reading posts and comments on various sites discussing the latest racist BS to come out of MBC and I encountered several comments like those.

I am surprised that people (foreigners) who purport to live in South Korea are surprised by the drek MBC put out. Have they lived in a fucking bubble their whole time there? Do I have to steal Bill Maher's life Inside the Bubble schtick to talk about these people?

I lived there for 10 years and racist crap like this came as NO surprise. The year before I left there was similar crap painting all expat's teaching English as evil drug using rapists who are there to corrupt Koreans and screw around. There was the CYJ English ad claiming most foreigners have aids, many are gay, they want our women.

For people to be actually surprised about this they have to have been living in a bubble. Talk about it made the rounds on expat websites. I even heard about it from Korean co-workers. You had to have your head buried in the sand pretty deep not to hear something about it.

Then you have the people who start rambling on that "Not all Korean's think that way." Of course not all of them do. But a LOT of them do. I would be willing to bet my own money that it is a majority of them.

If the whole Mad Cow bugaboo showed us anything it is that Koreans are extremely susceptible to what the media, or authority figures, tell them. Even when it flies in the face of reality.

I can remember butting heads with students, both adult and younger, over things they believed that denied reality. One episode that sticks out most in my head is how vehement many were that there are only 6 continents. It didn't matter how much proof you showed them that there are 7 continents they REFUSED to believe it. Why? A Korean teacher taught them that there were only 6. I was just a foreign teacher and therefore not as reliable. When I talked with some Korean co-workers about it they held the same belief for the same reason.

That is just the reality of life in Korea. Hopefully it will change over time but I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting.

The Layover: Los Angeles

God Damn! I am watching The Layover: Los Angeles, the latest Anthony Bourdain show. He is in Korea Town being taught where to go by Roy Choi. (Korea Town LA has the LARGEST number of Koreans outside of Seoul.) They met at Ham Ji Park and my taste bud's memory started to go into overload.

The banchan looked good, but like Chef Choi said it isn't the same as being in Korea. The samkyubsal brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. But the kamjatang was a kick in the balls to remind me of something I miss. :(  I REALLY miss kamjatang.

He then went on to have chicknangmyoung. Now I never really got into nangmyoung. Something about the texture turned me off. But it tasted ok.

They even show pojangmachas and drink makkeolli!!! I am seriously missing Korea right now. Yeah, I admitted it. There are things I miss. :) The slurping, I didn't miss. ;)

I ate at a Korean restaurant in Halifax almost 2 years to the day I returned home. That will require another post. Anyway, I digress. Watch the show if you haven't. If you have, watch it again! ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lousy Korea

It is kind of funny. Thinking about MBC's racist BS got me thinking about Lousy Korea.

Lousy Korea basically did what the Korean media does to foreigners. But she did it to Koreans. She took things that aggravated her about Korea and Koreans, focused on them, and exaggerated them to pursue her narrative.

At times she was hilarious. At times she did cross the line into making racist comments. Unlike the media you knew she was doing it tongue in cheek. You knew it was meant as comedy, as well as some heavy duty venting, and not to take it all seriously. Well, anyone with a brain and the ability to understand sarcasm knew it.

That left some "foreigners" and a lot of Koreans out. Her blog drove the KKKlan at Korea Sentry apeshit. Which is a big part of what eventually led to her shutting down the site. Death threats from whack jobs.

If you are reading this LK I hope life is treating you well.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Way of the Bow

Korean Adventure (May 16, 2003 Chautauqua)

   In the past few weeks, I have been trying to find something to do with my spare time. I thought that this week, I would examine the possibility of emulating Robin Hood.

    Korean archery is called "Gungdo," or the "way of the bow." It has its roots in the Hwarang Knights of the Silla Kingdom (57 AD - 935 AD) and was an art practiced by aristocrats to cultivate mental and physical discipline.

    The martial art is governed by nine precepts that emphasize Korean Confucian philosophy and proper decorum, such as having a mind and body as straight as an arrow. This kind of clear mental focus is required to hit a target positioned 145 meters away.

    Before firing an arrow, a student is required to learn how to brace the bow and to hold it with the proper grip. The correct procedure is to draw the bow as if "pushing a high mountain and pulling a tiger's tail."

    Two types of bows are used: the modern laminated bow and the traditional Korean composite horn bow.

Two kinds of arrows are used: carbon and bamboo.

A teardrop shaped thumb ring is used in the technique of the "Mongolian draw." 

A bow cover is used to protect the bow while in storage, and it doubles as a waist sash/quiver.

    Before firing the first arrow of the day, tradition dictates the archer bow to the target and say, "I am learning the bow." The other archers reply, "Have many hits." The first hit is of special importance. The archer receives congratulations from the other archers, and is required to provide refreshments and drinks for all.

    A perfect score is to hit the target with five consecutive shots. The achievement is recorded as to time and date, and the archer receives his "muho," or archer's pen name during a ritual ceremony.

    The process of making a bow is very involved, and can take up to a year. Traditional materials include water buffalo horn, bamboo, mulberry, oak, sinew, birch bark, and fish bladder glue. Each procedure has "a season."

    Like other martial arts in Korea, the "dan" system of ranking is used. Competitions are held several times a year, so that rankings, or "dan" levels, can be determined. The first dan level that a person can reach is when he hits the target 25 out of 45 tries, and only two levels of advancement are allowed each year.

    The competitions are held in a pavilion hall decorated with a sign (of Chinese characters) that means "righteous room." The shooting positions are in a covered area. The plywood targets are covered with hard rubber and are 2.67 metres high and 2 metres wide, tilted back 15 degrees.

    It is possible to compete in both team and individual events. If you hit the target, and your arrow doesn't go past the target, it's a hit. Judges determine just what kind of score you receive, and trophies and certificates are awarded.

   So, to recap, I can spend my spare time learning to fight with a sword, I can play with dolls, I can watch movies all day, or I can pretend to be William Tell. Next time, I will discuss the option of getting married.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What the ... Shocking Reality 2?!?!?!?

It didn't take long for someone to do up an animation poking fun at MBC and their shoddy reporting.

Well done stvwrd. Well done. :)