Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lousy Korea

It is kind of funny. Thinking about MBC's racist BS got me thinking about Lousy Korea.

Lousy Korea basically did what the Korean media does to foreigners. But she did it to Koreans. She took things that aggravated her about Korea and Koreans, focused on them, and exaggerated them to pursue her narrative.

At times she was hilarious. At times she did cross the line into making racist comments. Unlike the media you knew she was doing it tongue in cheek. You knew it was meant as comedy, as well as some heavy duty venting, and not to take it all seriously. Well, anyone with a brain and the ability to understand sarcasm knew it.

That left some "foreigners" and a lot of Koreans out. Her blog drove the KKKlan at Korea Sentry apeshit. Which is a big part of what eventually led to her shutting down the site. Death threats from whack jobs.

If you are reading this LK I hope life is treating you well.


  1. I have enjoyed my death threats (three in total)...almost as much as I enjoyed getting Herr Consoleboy fired from his job...but not as much as I'm going to enjoy walking into his office in Adelaide later this year/early next year. Karma is indeed...a bitch!

  2. she is racist whore. ur her bitch.

  3. ur racist calling Koreans stupid

    1. Or are you for assuming I think Koreans are stupid because they are Korean?

      You racist bastard you! Quit hating Koreans and thinking they are stupid!