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Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about expat complaining.

Posted: Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:34 pm Post subject: Expats complaints life in Korea

Koreans in foreign countries also faces same exact difficulties but they don't complaints like these ESL and Chinese.

It makes you wonder if he actually understands what he reads on his own site. His rambling here reminds me of Grand Wizard MidwestInsahm82 who after complaining about immigrants to the US and setting up a racist blog to attack expats said;

This kind of shit happens to us Koreans and many other fellow Asians living in the US and other western countries. Yet, we don't act childish and immature by going online and starting blogs calling people racial slurs, or posting news articles that badmouth your host country.

And his blog was removed by the host for ... using racial slurs. They are a hypocritical bunch of twats aren't they?

Friday, February 25, 2011

What the ... degenerate Blackout?!?!?!?

You know just when you think there isn't anything else to say something happens to change that. I am starting to think that Blackout Korea is doing a HUGE public service by pointing out the number of drunken Koreans that just pass out where ever. It might shame them into looking at their behaviour.(I still don't agree with the asshats posing with the passed out Koreans they tend to make themselves look like idiots who need to feel some shame themselves.)

What brought this on? More Korean bullshit, with some apologist bullshit thrown in. Another foreigner, a Canadian this time, has died. According to reports from the Korean media he was drunk and went to sleep on train tracks and got run over. Of course the Korean media" is using this to show how foreigners teaching in Korea are unqualified and "flawed".

And apologist assholes like tinyflowers on Marmot's Hole is taking the opportunity to say things like;

It’s a legitimate concern. Do you want suicidal drunks teaching YOUR children?

I certainly wouldn’t want my children anywhere near these degenerates.

That’s interesting Robert, moreso for the historical perspective on Korea’s culture of napping in public. Koreans just love to stretch out and sleep anywhere without worry. I think it speaks to a trusting and genteel society (may a little too trusting now that we have jackasses with cameras running around “documenting” Korea’s “problem”)

If “getting drunk and passing out in public” are the only criteria then yes. But I don’t even consider that to be all that bad. Getting drunk, stripping naked and killing yourself is pretty degenerate however.

Wow. What a kkkunt. A Korean passes out drunk and he is a hard worker in a trusting and genteel society. A foreigner does it and he is a degenerate. Dude you just don't want to go on about drunks being teachers in Korea. You will lose. Let alone suicidal people.

But I digress. It starts to look like Blackout Korea is doing Korea a SERVICE by posting the pics because it just might make Koreans pay attention to their number of drunks and passed out drunks. (No, I doubt they will. I am pretty sure they will just keep vilifying foreigners and ignore their own failings.)

In 10 years in South Korea I saw MANY MANY more passed out Koreans than foreigners and I am not talking about passed out in bars. I am talking about passed out outdoors. On sidewalks, in parks, ON ROADS. That isn't even getting into the public urination. (That also is only talking about obviously drunken Koreans. Then you have the ones who are either not obviously drunk or just insane. At least once a week a group of 4 workers used to have their lunch in the middle of the road in front of a co-workers apartment. They were either drunk or fucking insane.) I guess dropping your drawers and pissing where ever you want doesn't make you a degenerate in Korea ... unless you are a foreigner ... using the twisted logic of assholes like tinyflowers.

Tinyflowers. Hmmm ... maybe that is his problem. He is trying to compensate for his tiny flower.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Pill

I only had two room-mates in the ten years I was in Korea (whew!). The second was a pretty good guy, but the first, who worked with me at my first school, was the worst!
Imagine a depressed, angry, paranoid individual and multiply him by ten. That was the man I'll call The Pill.
When I arrived in Korea, my director, Mr. Kim aka The Kimmer, and his assistant James dropped me off at the apartment I was to share with him. We chatted for a few minutes, and then The Kimmer left, and I turned to see if all of my bags were in my room, or something, and when I turned back, HEY PRESTO! There was a Korean girl standing next to The Pill.
It turned out to be his girlfriend, who I will call Two-Na. She had been hiding in The Pill's room while the director was there. I wondered why.
The Pill started to reveal somewhat about their relationship (and his nature) as we walked to the school that first day.

This was the building our school was in. It occupied the fourth and fifth floor. The name of the school was "Wonderland," which is a fairly large franchise in Korea. There motto (prominently displayed everywhere) was "Everyone Smiles In Wonderland." I ended up working at three different Wonderlands. One was good, one was okay, and one was very bad. I suppose I was lucky in that I got the one that was very bad out of the way first.
One of the reasons this school was very bad was because of The Pill. As we walked there on my first day, he began talking about it (and its director) as if it was the bane of his existence. He felt that they were always spying on him, and that they didn't believe foreigners should be "involved" with local girls, and that is why Two-Na was hiding that night. I could see that he was in a very bad place, and it coloured my perception of my new job.
I had expected to receive some kind of training before I would be expected to teach. I think that this belief came from things the recruiter said. I didn't know at the time that recruiters will do and say anything until they drop you off and get their money, and then you are on your own.
My "training" consisted of following one of the other teachers around for a couple of days before being asked to do it on my own. Apparently The Kimmer and his aides felt that a person completely untutored in managing a classroom could absorb enough knowledge to do it alone in that time. Eventually I became comfortable in the classroom, but those first months were filled with terror that began as soon as I walked in and continued until the end of the day.
Besides The Pill, there were only two other foreign teachers at the school, who I will call Dolly and Marty. Both were Americans. The Pill was a Canadian who had moved to Texas at some point, and he constantly talked about how great it was there. I began to consider him as an American as time went by.
Marty's contract was up at the end of December (I started with about a week left in November), and he was counting down the days like he couldn't wait to get out of there. Dolly seemed happy enough to be there, and I believe her contract had until the following summer to run. The Pill's was about the same.
Dolly did a runner within two weeks, however, and after Marty left, The Pill and I were left to handle the workload alone.
The head Korean teacher was a man named Jay, whose job it was to look after the curriculum and any questions a teacher might have about it.
The disorganization of the office became apparent almost immediately. The books were crammed helter-skelter into shelves. Supplies were sometimes available, sometimes not. Teachers were given a basket with which they were to carry their supplies to whatever room they were teaching that day. Each class had its own room, and the teachers were to go to them rather than have them come to the teacher's room. There was only one school I taught in that allowed us teachers to set up in our own room. It was brilliant, and I missed that at every other school, which all asked you to "chase the students."
My poor performance as a teacher eventually revealed Jay's real role, which was to blame the foreigner any time anything went wrong, and heap abuse on them until they felt like shit. If a parent complained, or a student wasn't being coddled, Jay would descend like the wrath of God on all and sundry. It didn't help that I knew my skills were non-existant, and my performance was shite. There was no way I could defend it.
But what did they expect? They knew I was inexperienced, and they hired me anyway. Did they expect me to turn into a good teacher overnight? According to the Korean government's parameters, I was qualified enough to be allowed into the country to teach English. I knew I needed more experience and that I would not be able to be effective in the classroom without more training. I expected to receive this training from the school, but I did not. When my performance suffered as a result, who was to blame?
It didn't help that as time went on, living with The Pill became more and more difficult. His paranoia eventually brought him to include me among his many enemies, and he began to take every opportunity he could to be critical of anything and everything I did. When he saw me reading my Bible, he quoted the verse in Matthew that admonished a person to go into his closet and study privately. When I ate the last portion of rice left in the cooker, he reacted as if I had stolen the last bit of food left on the earth. I liked my toast darker than him, but he expected me to reset the toaster after I had used it to his own preference.
When we returned to the apartment at the end of the day, he and Two-Na usually closeted themselves in his room, and did not interact with me at all. I was left to my own devices, and expected to be out of their way if they wanted the apartment to themselves.
The Pill was very protective of her, and he revealed why about a week after I had arrived.
He told me she was pregnant with his child.
I did the math, and this must have been accomplished about a month after he had arrived in Korea. Fast work!
He was pestering the Kimmer for his own place, and as our relationship deteriorated, I began pestering the Kimmer, as well. It had gotten to the point where we passed each other without speaking, even in the apartment.
When he moved out, I fell to my knees and thanked God in Heaven above. Deliverance!
But the Pill had one last trick to play on me before he left my life for good.
New teachers eventually arrived, including another male who became my room-mate. He was an Australian who I'll call Gargamel. Two British girls named, um, Carol and uh, Di, as well as a Canadian girl called... Barbie rounded out our group. Life actually became bearable after these people arrived. They actually knew how to converse with other human beings. They were willing to explore Korea with me, and they were more than willing to have a good time.
Within a few months I began to enjoy my time in Korea, and my job as well. It helped to have somebody to talk to and lend a helping hand, as well as commiserate regarding the daily helping of bullshit we all had to eat.
At the end of May, all the Wonderlands in southeast Korea were coming together at a conference in a hotel on Haeundae Beach in Busan. Each group of foreign teachers had to make some kind of presentation about lessons/lesson plans. We came up with a skit about making a car and teaching the kids about directions. The Pill didn't contribute too much. He made a dramatic speech at one of our meetings that Two-Na was experiencing complications, and he had to be there with her. Then his mother died, and he had to go back to Canada to be at her funeral.
All lies.
Our presentation actually came in second at the convention and we divided a cash prize amongst ourselves. It was a bittersweet time, because I was about to leave that Wonderland and start work at another in Changwon.
Our school had six teachers and their school had five. The Kimmer explained that we had one too many, and they had one too few. I was elected to make the move.
I don't know why he picked me. Maybe he thought I was the weakest teacher, and the school'd be better off without me. It would have made more sense to oust The Pill, as he was the outsider in our group. We all worked well together and got along, whereas he separated himself from us as much as possible.
Maybe a smarter man could have figured out a way to convince The Kimmer of this, but I was not that man. His mind was made up. He didn't want The Pill to go. He wanted me to.
The weekend after the convention, The Kimmer and Gargamel loaded up my stuff into The Kimmer's car and drove me down to Changwon.
On Monday, The Pill did not show up to work. He had pulled a runner, and now The Kimmer had to find someone to take his place. He didn't ask for the other Wonderland to send me back, but went about recruiting someone else.
The Pill had fucked me over but good. The times he said he was looking after Two-Na he was looking for another job. And the trip home for his mother's funeral was actually a trip to Seoul to interview for that job.
I have never seen The Pill since that time, in spite of my intense desire to meet him in a dark alley and find out how many pieces I can carve him into. I have to content myself with the knowledge that every day of his life he is going to wake up, look in the mirror, and realize he will always be what he is, a complete and utter waste of skin.

Shit Foreigners Say ... about Replies.

Why are they ignoring me?

They must have me on ignore.

They have me on ignore! That's not nice!

Ok, this COULD be something Koreans say too but I have heard it from more than a few foreigners. (One person did those so much it drove me crazy.) It happens when they send someone a text message, call and get no answer, or call and leave a message. If the person doesn't reply right away, let's say within 5-20 minutes, the whining starts.

What REALLY irks me about these kind of idiots is that they are hypocrites. They will take their time replying to messages, not reply at all, or even ignore an incoming call because they don't want to talk to the person. That is ok because it is them doing it, but when it happens to them (whether it really happened or they are just so paranoid they think it happened) the bitching starts.

There are times ...

There are times when I think about doing a site that lambastes Koreans as much as the Korean Media, malcontents, and morons go after foreigners, using the same lack of logic and truth we see them using. Reading articles like this one currently on Gusts of Popular Feeling brings the urge back. Briefly.

The Korean media is taking a suicide by a foreigner who was teaching English and is turning it into yet another tirade against foreigners teaching English. Once again you see shoddy reporting, twisted statements, anonymous interviews that probably never took place and to cap it off ... a health centre in Korea giving out patient information to the media. (Which wouldn't surprise anyone who has spent time living in South Korea.) It is fucking disgusting.

It would be so easy for me to make a website to attack Koreans coming into Canada or the US. Or any other country. There are enough REAL news stories that could be used, or twisted the way the Korean media and other assholes do it. Just the Virginia Tech shooting alone would allow for a lot of material calling for all Koreans coming to the US to have psych evaluations to prove they aren't unstable. Then you have prostitution, especially in California, where Koreans are bringing women in from South Korea. Then you have the rapists and other deviants of Korean origin or descent who have appeared in the news. That lends itself to a lot of material that could paint all Korean women wanting to come to the West as potential prostitutes and Korean men and women as pimps. Korean students as being potential rapists and child molesters. It would be very easy to do what the Korean media and slime like the twats at Korea Sentry do to foreigners right back at them. But that doesn't mean it would be right.

That is the only reason I haven't done anything like that. I would be lying if I said I hadn't thought about it. At one time, for a lark, I seriously thought about making such a website. I started researching for news articles that would fit. I wouldn't even have had to twist much stuff. Then I thought about it some more and realized that while it would "serve" the assholes right it wouldn't be right. It would have been more hateful than funny. It would paint every Korean with a brush not all deserve. It would make me no better than the KKKunts at Korea Sentry.

I may over react when angry. I may get stuff wrong, and I hope I do apologise when I do that. I may come close to the line, and hope I haven't crossed it. In the end I don't want to be like them.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about E-2 Visa Qualifications.

It's a clear fact that most English teachers working in Korea are not qualified to teach a language. They just grew up in English countries.

How many times have you seen or heard some version of the above from Koreans? Their media, politicians, bloggers, and average mook on the street parrot the refrain. But is it true?

Let's see, to qualify for an E-2 Visa to teach English in South Korea you must ;

1) Have at least a Bachelor of Arts Degree in ANY subject
2) Be a Native English Speaker (THAT rule is being bent to allow Philippinos to come and teach.)
3) Pass a Criminal Background Check
4) Pass a drug test
5) be somewhat healthy

That is it. Only one of the 5 really pertain to education. You do NOT have to be qualified as a teacher in your home country. A TESOL certificate is NOT required. If you meet those criteria you ARE qualified to teach English in South Korea by the South Korean government. Which would make you, in South Korea, QUALIFIED to teach.

For some reasons the miscreants, morons, and malcontents who have their panties in a bunch over foreigners being in South Korea can't wrap their head around that simple fact. And then they wonder why people have a low opinion of their intelligence.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says about ... danilminjok.

Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:43 pm Post subject: Koreans hear my sadness. These tears won't wash away.

^ I feel you. I felt the same when I saw White/Black men with Korean women, it's sad to think these Korean gals have betrayed Danilminjok and forgot how their ancestors have been treated by Whiteys & foreigners. They're too naive and didn't see what might their future offspirng will go through. Thankfully, 60% of Koreans are opposed to IR-marriages but due to the rise of ESL and foreigners in Korea it's hard to keep the minjokjeui chain tight.

Danilminjok is the idea that Koreans are one race united by their pure blood.

Hmmmm .... Herr Consoleman wants draconian laws limiting women's rights (and/or limiting/ending immigration) and now the "minjokjeui chain". Would that chain be to keep his hosueslave in the kitchen?

I still find it funny to hear someone go on and on about how great "his country and people" are, better than anyone else in the universe, yet he is living and working in Australia. His only real contribution to Korean society is to make them look bad. He is the poster boy for the racist assholes you can meet in (and from) South Korea.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Year 2 - Lunar New Year

Another blast from the past. :) I found this old email from my 2nd year in Korea.
Date: 31-Jan-03 05:03 PM

Happy New Year Again

Say goodbye to the year of the Horse and welcome in the year of the Goat. Saturday is the start of the next Lunar Year. While 2002 was the year of the Water Horse, 2003 is the year of the Water Goat. Every Lunar Year in Asia is associated with one of 12 animals and 5 elements.

In Korea everyone eats Dduk Guk New Year Day. It is a type of rice noodle soup.

Here is an excerpt about the new year that I got from for more information on what the year means to each astrological sign go to


February 1, 2003 through January 21, 2004

February 1, 2003 heralds in the Year of the Water/Black Goat "Gui Wei" Most signs go into a state of "relapse," taking inventory and even doing some "damage control."

Relief is in sight during 2003, as the Goat/Ram who's essence is "propriety" brings a more relaxed and yielding year. Goat years are more "delicate," artistic, capricious, and full of "whimsy". Inspired by harmony, and feminine -Yin (balancing out the male +Yang of the previous Horse year), Goat years are creative, imaginative and ingenious!

Art galleries, forms and colors, and extravagant spending prevails. Rather
indifferent to the rules of society, the Goat is the most inconstant of the
zodiac years. Irresponsible? Undisciplined? Eccentric? Absolutely! But also
more peaceful, creative and adaptable. Goat years leap from one imaginary
cloud to the next, seeking novelty, beauty, and the path of least

A feminine -Yin year of intuition, finesse, and good taste. As the hot-headed Horse year releases it's hold, the tranquillity-loving Goat offers elegance, delicacy, and the more aesthetic things in life. The down-side is a risk of becoming lost in fantasy, brooding and lack of responsibility. Bills go unpaid, mundane work is detestable, and dependency on wealth and comforts abound. A lack of organization and resisting routine in all it's forms, also constitutes un-punctual Goat years.

The good-news is that the Goat's "live and let live" attitude will be helpful in resolving conflicts brewed up in the previous Snake and Horse years. The Water element, which is with us again this year, has no form of it's own, and is forced to conform and take on the shape of what contains it. A lazier year, more dependent and changeable -- where outward appearances can be deceiving. All must avoid the sleeping, muddy waters of delays and inactivity.

While continuing to move closer to the ideals of spiritual oneness, we must continue to contend with our share of intolerant, provincially minded dictators. Similar to the barbarians of the past (Hitler, Stalin, Tse-tung, Napoleon, Idi Amin, Po poi, and Genghis Khan) our generation must contend with the likes of un-evolved extremists such as Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein, and the brutality of the North Korean government... Like all narcissistic conquerors who assume they are entitled to rule and to intimidate by some divine right, these dictators must be harshly dealt with like the petulant tyrants they are. We continue through the painful stages of a woman in labor, to be free from the stranglehold of despotism and tyranny.

Uneven distribution of rainfall, and some areas may suffer from flood (lower areas) or drought (higher elevations.) No food shortages, but the cost of living could increase drastically. Capricious Goat years also tend to bring rather dramatic shifts in government, politics and distribution of wealth. Expect the unexpected this year, and know that not all things are as they seem on the surface. Just as disaster seems eminent, deliverance and rescue arrives at the 11th hour. Best results are attained by remaining flexible. These changeable astral aspects stabilize after Fall/Autumn of 2003.


My plan for the New Year is to enjoy a 3 day weekend and hopefully get rid of whatever it is that I have virus wise. January was a long and busy month so I plan to enjoy the weekend and get a lot of sleep.

The other day, well night actually, I was talking with a friend. We drifted into a discussion of marriage and the differences between East and West. She told me some interesting things about marriage in Korea.

In Korea, the man is supposed to provide the home. When they first get married this should be at LEAST a 2 bedroom apartment. That way they have a guest room. A three bedroom is considered best. Koreans tend to call their apartments houses. Most are actually more like condos than apartments. You actually buy your apartment.

There are several ways to get a "house". First is to pay wonsae (won say), which is what we know as monthly rent in the west. Then there is another method the name of which eludes me. Baiscally you pay for the year in advance. When you use this method you tend to get a discount. If a years rent would be 3.6 million Won you might only pay 3 million since it is all done in one lump sum.

The third way is called Chonsae. With Chonsae you pay a large sum of money up front. The interest of it is enough to pay the monthly rent. At the end of the year you get the money back, or can leave it in place for another year. This used to be the most common way of paying rent, and is still fairly common in a lot areas. It is one reason why it is hard for the younger generation to move out and get their own apartment without parental help.

It is the womans responsibility to provide furniture and electronics for the house. She is supposed to make sure it has all the furniture needed, appliances, etc. This can be almost as expensive as supplying a home, or even more so.

While they do not exchange rings per se as in the west jewelry is involved. Each is supposed to provide the other with a matching ring, watch, and for the woman necklace and earrings.

When they marry they are supposed to give out a LOT of gifts. The closer the relation the more expensive the gift is supposed to be. The big ticket items go to their parents, grand parents, and siblings. Male relations after that are supposed to get a suit of some sort. Female relations a dress. This would extend to nieces, nephews, great uncles and aunts, great nieces and nephews, and close cousins.

Those who go to the wedding are expected to give a cash gift to the happy couple. After all the money they spent on everything they need the cash. ;)

While the cost of the wedding itself may not be as high as in the west, they still have to pay out a lot of money.

Time to go take some more oriental medicine.

Happy Lunar New Year


I really enjoyed the talk about wedding customs with my friend. I still am not sure which (Western or Korean) wedding is the most expensive. I think, with all the levels of gift giving, the Korean could be but then again the money gifts may offset some of that.

Oriental medicine. I am still torn about its usefulness. While recovering from an arm injury I have to say accupuncture did help. The "potions" you are given to drink ... I am not so sure of.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about poor English ability.

^What a disgrace, they should arrest these ESL losers and send them back to where they came from.

Here's video on two Whiteys harassing Korean bystanders at subways.

Basically they're making fun at Korean public but Koreans doesn't know.
What Koreans have been doing all these time with ESL classes? Didn't they've learn English?

Hello pot, this is the kettle calling. Did you know that you are black?

It is always interesting to see someone with shitty English complaining about the shitty English of others. Considering Herr Consoleman is living and working in Australia you would think his English would be better.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Flint's recent post about a visit to a Korean temple inspired me to share some photos of Bulguksa, arguably the best site to visit in Korea. I've been there many times, and I've always enjoyed the view of its facade.

I think most people will agree that if you seen one Korean temple, you've seen them all. Bulguksa is the one to see.

It, and nearby Sokkuram Grotto are not only National Treasures, but UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Bulguksa is in the hills above Kyoungju, which I visited in the spring of 2001, during my first year in Korea. It was close to Buddha's birthday, so there were a lot of paper lanterns being hung.

Around the same time, the cherry blossoms are in bloom, and it is very beautiful.
One spring a group of us rented bicycles and rode around the resort area, Beomeo Lake.
But I think the best time of year to see Bulguksa is in the fall when the trees are turning all colours.


Nearby, and further up into the hills, is Sokkuram Grotto, which features a stone statue of Buddha set into the hillside.

But even this site is not free from signage containing bad English.

The beginning of the third paragraph reads: "A glass wall has been set up in front of it so that the inner portion may be outside."
I guess they thought you need a laugh after climbing up all that way.

DongHakSa by moonlight.

Gyeryongsan, or Gyeryong Mountain, is part of a chain of mountains between Cheongju and Daejeon. There are a fewBuddhist temples in that area. I went to one of them a few times, Donghaksa.

I was channel surfing today and caught a bit of a travel show. they were at a Buddhist temple in Japan. It had me thinking of the last time I was at Donghaksa. So, I loaded up the few pictures I took then and enjoyed the memories.

I went on a road trip to Daejeon with 2 co-workers, one Canadian and one Korean. We had a great day. First we went to the art museum. Then we went shopping. Ok, I am not much for shopping but my co-workers really enjoyed it. After that we hooked with a friend of my Korean co-worker for supper.

On the way home HyunSuk thought it would be nice to stop at GyeryongSan park and go to DongHaksa. The sun was starting to set as we got there. Most people were leaving the park. The moon was already up and visible.

When we got to the temple it was getting dark. A lone nun was preparing things in a small hall near the base of a hill.. She came out to talk to us, her English was pretty good and what she could say HyunSuk translated.

The nun was getting ready for the ceremony to call the nuns to evening prayer. She explained what that entailed and then asked us if we wanted to watch or participate. We decided it would be interesting to join in. We were right.

First she led us up a path to the top of the hill where there was a small building with a bell. She performed a ceremony and rang the bell several times. Then we went back down to the hall where she performed another ceremony. It was a great cap to a good day.

The views were fantastic as it got dark. My pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the night. The moon lit things up enough that we had no problem making our way back down to the entrance of the park and our car.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about Racism.

Posted: Fri Nov 20, 2009 9:51 am Post subject:

Racism in Korea is not just about skin color or religion, it's about preserving culture and homogeneity.

Hmmm ... you know what Herr Consoleman? The Nazi's would agree with you about racism and discrimination in Germany back then. It vas all about preserving der master race. Considering one of your KKKunts considers the Chinese to be "subhumanic" and would like to see a holocaust against China maybe I am NOT being too harsh with the Nazi analogy eh?

Oh, and by the way fucktard, of course Racism isn't about religion. Religion is NOT a race. It isn't even an ethnicity. It is a belief system. Picking on someone for their religion would be discrimination based on religion not Racism. Racism is a form of discrimination based on ... race.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about Foreigners.

I think I was unintentionally nasty with my last comment. Please accept my apologies for that, I tend to side with the Koreans whenever I hear foreigners complaining, I ought to have given you the benefit of doubt.

This comment was made by an asshole that goes by the name of Andrew Irwin. His name links to a blog appropriately named Munky Brains if it is his. His comment is pretty typical of how apologists do react. They blame the foreigner first and worry about the facts later.

The previous post he referred to was one in which he was replying to a blog post from a woman living in Korea who was basically raped by a guy. The gyst of what Munky Brains thought of her post can best be summed up in his own words;

I've been in Korea long enough to know the score and know plenty of girls that haven't experienced any more trouble than they'd get anywhere in the world, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe - anywhere. So that makes you the anomaly, so what ARE you doing to invite it?

It is her fault. She invited it. Wow. The guy she brought home wouldn't wear a condom so she said no. Later she wakes up to being raped and that is what this piece of shits has to say. It is bad enough to be an apologist but this guy takes it to a whole new level of stupidity.

The dangers of one nights stands and picking up strangers aside, that is an incredibly moronic attitude for someone to take. He would get along quite well with the 'tards on Herr Consoleman's site. They are ignoring the reality of what she said and focusing on how condoms don't protect you 100% ... but that is another post.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sign Of The Week

As you may have surmised, the teaching of English is a big business in Korea. I remember in my first year finding a sheet that listed the fees parents had to pay to send their child to the hagwon I worked at.
I and my co-workers thought it was a license to print money.
Which makes it all the funnier when you see something like this:

It seems the kids that are taking lessons and going on to careers aren't absorbing quite as much as they should.
It's a mystery as to why signs like this happen, when you consider that the sign painter could find a foreigner to correct his grammar and spelling as easily as he could find a pot of kimchi.
But it does make our experience in Korea richer, and full of nuance and texture.
In the coming weeks, Flint and I will be passing on that experience to you.

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about Women's Rights 2.

When a poster on his site named Wideawake commented on Herr Consoleman's statement about Korean Women not being allowed to travel

No travel for women? Do you know how sexist that sounds? The Korean government has enforced more rigid passport requirements for Korean women even as late as the 2000's. I don't agree with it and it is unnecessary.

Herr Consoleman replied;

I was being extreme, at least I expect S.Korean government to stop foreign immigration or start drafting Korean women in to conscripted army for 2 years. Why do only Korean men have to serve military for two years while Korean women are freely dating foreigners for two years?

You were being extreme, really? And stopping all foreign immigration isn't extreme? Considering the extreme comments Herr Consoleman has made in other posts it is kind of hard to believe he isn't just trying a little obfuscation to get people off of what he said and probably really meant.

Most things seem to come back to Herr Consoleman's problems with Korean women dating or marrying foreigners. Although he says it isn't a problem as long as it happens outside of Korea but when he sees it outside of Korea it still gets his panties in a bunch.

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about Women's Rights.

Posted: Mon Nov 08, 2010 7:30 pm Post subject:

S.Korea even have shortage of female population too, and now with many S.Korean girls going overseas and marrying foreigners (ESLs) added to growing concern. S.Korean government should look at introducing "no travel" for women (just like what Joseon Dynasty did to women of Jeju & Hamkyeongbukdo to preserve population) or just get ready for invaded by Chinese and close Korean chapters from history book.

Damn, what really needs to be said when faced with a comment that stupid?

Monday, February 7, 2011

What the ... slip and fall?!?!?

We had a bit of a flash freeze here last night and the city didn't salt the sidewalks. Needless to say walking the dog was an exercise in pain and frustration. It reminded me of slipping in Korea in the winter.

What made the slips different in Korea is that a lot of them weren't because of mother nature. Instead they were the result of morons.

There was a 24 hour pharmacy on a corner near Ivy school. Everyday they washed the floors inside, and the steps around 7-8AM. Then they would dump the water down the steps onto the sidewalk. Of course this would result in some nasty ice during the winter. Walking to work you would round a corner and immediately be on ice. This caused a lot of people, including me, to slip and fall. bloody mooks.

Then you have the adjummas that clean the stairs in buildings. They would do it regardless of the temperature. Leaving some bars in Cheongju was a survival test. I lost count of how many people I saw slip and fall on the first floor of the building Road King is in. You had to cling to the hand rail going down the stairs then brave the icy ramp. A few people ended up slipping and then sliding into piles of not quite frozen puke.

Ahhhh ... memories.

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about K-Pop in Japan.

"Yup, music piracy is big problem and this is why K-pop industry is still sending K-pops to Japan, Taiwan and China."

So ... according to Herr Consoleman ... the reason why the K-Pop industry is sending groups to Japan is because of piracy. Seriously? It couldn't be because Japan is the second largest music market in the world? It couldn't be because of the money they can make in Japan?

Mind you it is also kind of funny to see a Korean complain about music piracy.

Latest "What I like about Korea"

GIKorea at ROKDrop is at 21 on his list of "What I like about Korea." The latest one is "Korean Pride".

As soon as I read that I thought yes but. Memories of all the stupid things Koreans have done and said over the years promoting Korea or trying to convince people that Korea is great. GIKorea addressed that and did a good job of it.

Koreans do have a lot to be proud of when talking about their country ... they just have a tendency to go overboard especially at perceived slights.

I may not like all of the same things GIKorea likes or agree with every reason but he is putting out a good list and isn't glossing things over.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Good Ship Kimchipop

A Flint and Stig production, inspired by 3gyupsal.

I've thrown away my pirate toys
Even my gun and blades.
I wanna make some noise
Making farts all day
The kimchi inspired way.
I'll learn how to make it too
And when I do, how would you
Like to be in my kimchi pirate crew ...

Oh the good ship Kimchipop
It's a spicy trip to the food shop
Where adjummas play
On the sunny beach of Busan bay.

Jimjilbangs are everywhere
The smell of garlic fills the air.
And there you are
Happy landing at a soju bar.

See the cabbage dance with kochujang
near a great big spicy kimchi rice cake.
If you eat too much ooh ooh
Your colon could start to bake.

On the good ship kimchipop
Make a korean pancake then into jail you hop
And dream away
On the good ship kimchipop.

What the ... ego stroking?!?!?

I know Koreans like to prattle on about how great Korean food is. How great Kimchi is. What doesn't kimchi cure or protect you from?

The latest ego stroking is about the Somali pirates that were brought to South Korea to face trial. The Terrible Times actually did a story about what they are eating and how the pirates praise Korean food. They actually printed what the pirates ate for every meal.

We are talking Somali pirates here. If they were given a bowl of fried worms in red pepper paste and asked how the food was they would probably have said "good good". Hey, did I just create the latest Korean dish?

Who really gives a fuck what these wastes of space think about Korean food? Only someone who was so insecure that he had to affirm how great his country is in any way would prattle on about something as stupid as this. Oh wait, I forgot what country I was talking about for a second.

The UFO Times

It has been a while since I killed time by looking at The Terrible Times, aka The Korea Times. Not surprising me in the least considering it IS The Korea Times, the Number Two headline was about ... UFO's.

Some unnamed reporter lifted the story from the Daily Mail of London. It continues the Times obsession with reporting UFO stories as top stories, even when those stories (and all of the ones I have seen are like this) have nothing to do with UFO's in Korea. Or even Asia.

The Korea Times. Worst in the Nation. First in UFO Reporting.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Mad Cow BS was actually informative.

As strange as it feels, I did learn something from the Mad Cow BS that took place in South Korea. And I am not talking about something that takes a dig at Koreans.

A friend's mother has Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease. I actually knew a little about it because of all the info (real and made up) floating around during the BSE BS.

What a nasty fricking disease. :( It can incubate for decades, 60 or 70 years and then just strike. When it hits life expectancy is measured in weeks. Talk about something that makes you feel impotent. All my friend can do is wait and be there for her mom, even though her mom doesn't always know who she is. :(

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about media coverage.

Since Korean media and other Asian media don't usually reports negative news about White men, I'm creating the dedicated thread to report their criminal activities.

Feel free to post updates...

The Korean media don't usually report negative news about White men? This from a twat that evidently reads the Korea Times since he has complained about their lack of negative coverage. I wonder what kind of drugs he is taking in Australia?

So, to fight this, and borrowing the idea from YouSeok's blog, he was going to start a thread dedicated to posting crimes committed by "White Men" around the world. Amazingly, he ONLY came up with TWO posts. Damn, I could come up with two posts of any ethnicity committing a crime. He is either lazy or even stupider than I thought he was.