Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What the ... friend?!?!?

I had a student in my first year who was simply amazing. He was in his early 60's and had started learning English for something to do after he retired. In 3 years, I met him in his 2nd year, he went from barely knowing English to being fantastic.

One day he took me and another teacher to the War Museum near Cheonan. He brought a friend with him. A guy he had known since before school. His 불알친구,  literally his testicle friend. Yeah, it sounds funny but it does really capture the idea of how long they had known each other. :)

And it factors into something that happened at work this week. But that is another story for another place. ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Life at the moment.

For those who may want to know why I am not around much right now I made a post on Flint's Follies.

Friday, November 16, 2012

What the ... safety issue?!?!?!?

Interesting post by Teacha Crajy. Actually a repost from Waygook.org. A question was posited by a douchebag who couldn't be bothered to go to his girlfriend when she was out and didn't feel safe. Douchey was more worried about his gf thinking he is not a gentleman than the fact he is a selfish douche. I hope he is single now. But I digress.

The question posed was Ladies, do you find Korea to be dangerous? Not being a lady I am not an expert on this but what I have seen and heard from women living in South Korea mirrored some of the comments I read and would have me draw the conclusion that no. South Korea isn't safe for women.

In her first week in SoKo one of my co-workers had her breasts grabbed by taxi drivers 3 times. She also had trouble with a guy appearing in the foyer of her apartment building masturbating from time to time.

A Korean-Canadian co-worker had a taxi driver basically try and kidnap her for sex. He went the opposite way from where she wanted to go and was going on about taking her to a hotel for sex and booze. She jumped out when he stopped. Later, when talking about this, she mentioned how she had been warned that women shouldn't go in taxis alone in Korea but didn't listen.

Another co-worker had trouble with someone trying to break into her apartment. They tried at different times and it went on over a month. When she complained about it the boss blew it off as some drunk having the wrong apartment.

Another co-worker had problems with a peeping tom. I wasn't able to get my hands on him but I did scare a few years off his life and he never came back around her place.

A friend's GF was walking through a University campus when a man started propositioning her. She is blonde and he assumed she was a Russian hooker. In the end she had to tell him to fuck off because he didn't want to take no for an answer. He threw his coffee in her face and ran off.

A friend's niece was going to be fired because she was "not pretty enough". She pulled a runner.

When I talk with people about South Korea and working there I advise women not to do it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What the ... K-Pop in the head?!?!?!?

Gangnam Style is played a few times a day at work. Some of my co-workers try singing parts of it, badly. One of them has taken to shouting "Gongnum Style baby!" (Yes, Gongnum not Gangnam.) at times. The frequency has lessened luckily.

This got some of us talking about K-pop. They wondered about some of the artists and music. G-Dragon pretending to do fellatio was a hit with them. As was "Hyorish".  Bo Peep had them chuckling. Damn me for thinking of it.

Since then I have had that stupid song stuck in my head. :( I am considering drastic meausres to try and get rid of the song in my head. Christmas Carols.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... that makes you laugh.

Don't patronize Koreans!
If you don't like what you see, get, hear and taste in Korea then GTFO of Korea!
Because that's what we'll do if we're in same situation.

From the mouth of Herr Consoleman. This KKKunt drones on about how great Der Fatherland is. How evil foreigners (non-Koreans) are. How he loves Der Fatherland. How impossible it is to meet "good" Korean women in Australia, and he ONLY wants a good Korean woman.

Yet he is still in Australia.

What a hypocrite and  fucktard.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Speaking of the spam folder.

Speaking of my spam folder there were a surprising number from one site that went direct to the spam folder. Kudos to the fucktards for their strategy. Praise your site while providing a spamalicious link to their site. Here are some examples of their posts that never made it.

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Now, I am as susceptible to praise as anyone else but shovelling it out like that for a blogger.com blog is a BIG warning sign. :)

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The bad English is a strong sign but even stronger was thinking my blog had anything to do with Tech info.

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See my comments for #1. ;)

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I knew this was BS when I saw the first 2 lines of it. :)

Interesting way of spamming. I can see people allowing it through with just a cursory glance. If the stuff hadn't went straight to the spam folder I can't say that I wouldn't have blindly allowed a couple to be published. There about 30 spam posts in the folder from this guy.

Good try fucktards. :)

He's back ... but was he ever really gone?

Anonyjohn has "officially" graced What The Kimchi with his presence in the comment section. A comment he decided to put up in another form on david's blog while trolling there.

LOL Long time no see, Flint. 

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but that's the wrong John. Also, I've not posted or viewed your webpage in almost a year. So all these other people you think are me, aren't.

Oh John you wacky troll you. I'm sorry to disappoint you but I never said any of the recent comments on my site were made by you. (Also, never for once mistook John from Daejeon for you.) In fact, the ones I quoted as coming from you were from old posts you made here and on David's site. Admittedly, some of the ones I read recently were new to me but that is only because they were buried in my spam folder last year. Due to recent "posts" by some anonymii the spam folder was active.

I was going to say that it looks like I was wrong about John. He can learn new tricks. It seemed that he had added denying past posts to his repetoire of batshit inspired troll tactics. But it isn't really that new is it? It is just another way for him to deny reality while continuing to spew batshit.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... when introducing themselves.

John - December 28, 2010

Hi, I’ve not been to S.Korea for about 20 years ever since i moved back to canada with family when i was young. i did not have much interest in korea until recently when i got married to a beautiful wife originally from Daegu, s.korea.

Well, that explains John's wealth of knowledge about life in South Korea today. He lived there over 20 years ago and recently (said 2 years ago) married a Korean woman. It wasn't until he married a Korean woman that he worried about what people said about South Korea. Now he is a fucking expert on life in South Korea TODAY. Amazing what a marriage can do for you.

And some people wonder why I dislike him and think he is a fucktard?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank you.

I have to give out a BIG BIG thank you (thank yous? thank you's?) to two "people" today.

First, Korea. Once again, thank you. If it wasn't for the bullshit I was put through by the mooks, morons, and malcontents during my 10 years there I would not have had the ability to control my temper like I did yesterday. A co-worker flipped out for no real reason and when he was in my face, spittle and profanity flying, I was able to NOT knock his fucking teeth out and stomp a mud hole in him. I WAS able to not raise my voice while letting him know he was being a douche in a somewhat polite manner.

It is kind of funny when I think back. Unlike him I wasn't running around trying to raise sympathy from everyone. When people came to me and I told them my version of what happened it was amazing. According to them it was pretty much the SAME way the assmunch told it. And he did NOT look good at all in either telling of the story.

Stig, remember the taxi driver I didn't kick the shit out of? It was close to that situation. Dangerously close. If the finger had touched me I can't say I wouldn't have decked him. Or at least broken the finger. Same in this situation. If it had happened 12+ years ago ... I would have put the beat down of a life time on the mook I work with. Let alone that moronic cabbie.

The second thank you goes to the Anonymous posters, the majority of who came from ... Brazil?!?!?,  today. I did a major cleaning of the apartment and found myself tired and bored. A bored Flint is a dangerous Flint, right John? These pimples on the ass of the internet allowed me to blow off some steam and kill some time. I appreciate the distraction fucktards. Feel free to keep posting. I may even allow your comments. :)

Kudos mooks. Keep on being you. God knows you don't seem to be able to change for the better.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Responding to comments 2: Why the hate?

This post is a response to 2 questions, maybe from the same anonymous person maybe not, in the thread Anonyjohn ... Alive and Trolling.

Anonymous August 27, 2012 5:38 PM
Why the hate for John? Maybe you really love him? Why not unban him and face him?

Hate is a pretty strong word. I wouldn't say I hate AnonyJohn. Dislike, yes. Also, as I mentioned in the comment section John has never been banned from commenting here.

Why do I dislike John? Partly because he is a troll. Partly because he is an ass. Partly because he tries to deny reality and twist things to fit his narrative. Any one of those things would make me dislike someone. AnonyJohn exhibits all those traits and then some.

Also, it is hard to take someone like John seriously when he tries to set people straight on life in South Korea. Yes, John did live there but by his own admission that was over twenty years ago. Yet he tries to diminish the experiences of people who live there NOW based on his "knowledge" of life there.

Think of it this way, I lived in Buffalo, New York in the mid 1990's. Let's say it was 18 years ago. Would I REALLY know what life is like living there now? Of course not. I could talk about what it was like then. I could say "When I was there 18 years ago ...". But I would be an idiot if I tried acting as an authority of what life is like there NOW.

Add to that the fact that John is a gobshyte. He talks shit. Some of the stuff he says is so out there that all you can do is shake your head, shrug your shoulders, and wonder how he functions in reality. The guy has admitted to trolling and then got upset at being called a troll. He is a fucktard. Here are some examples.

"I’ve never taken your words or the words of others out of context."

Yet, he has. Hell I doubt anyone can seriously claim they haven't done it. Maybe not deliberately, but we have all done it.

"I have been sharp with my words before, sure, but this is a site that has posts titled - "Retarded Shit Koreans Do," and "Korean Bullshit."

Now he could have cherry picked some great thread titles to use as examples of me picking on Koreans. Instead he MADE ONE UP. There is NO thread titled "Retarded Shit Koreans Do". (To go along with Korean Bullshit there is also a Foreigner Bullshit thread for discussing the stupidity of Foreigners in SoKo. But that doesn't fit John's view that I only bitching about Korea. When reality does not fit his narrative AnonyJohn ignores it.

"Buddy, he calls me a Mook first in the post. He says "I'm trolling," because I make multiple attempts to get my point across, which is responded by these fools as "trolling" from the get go."

As mentioned earlier, Johnny Boy ADMITTED to his trolling on David Wills site. he also exhibits the traits of a troll, but gets upset when called a troll.

"Just because the KKKorean Sentry people use words like "subhuman" and you use more PC words doesn't mean you're any different from them."

He actually equates people calling for a holocaust against China with people who complain about rudeness and stupidity by calling those kinds people mooks and morons.

"Buddy, he calls me a Mook first in the post." 

He has whined about being called a mook, a moron, a fucktard, and a troll. His defence for calling people names is that they do it first. Yet he ignores when HE is the instigator, such as his attacks on a new commenter on David Wills site. He calls him a kid. Arrogant. Stupid. Brainwashed. All in his first address ever to the commenter who never once disrespected him. When called on this he refused to, answer, or god forbid even apologize for it. Which is the perfect time to segue into my last point.

"You have to realize, at some point, that the only difference between yourself and the version of me you envision in your twisted head, is that you have your own blog and a band of followers. Cheers."

If John honestly believes that is the ONLY difference between the two of us ... oh wait he probably does believe it. He is THAT full of batshit.

Here are some other differences that while true don't fit his narrative. When proven wrong I am not afraid to admit it. When an apology is called for I am not afraid to make it. When called out for being too harsh I am willing to look at what I said/ did and agree if I was. (And I have on this blog.) Those are things that John has never been able to do on my Blog or David's.  Dunno about the other sites he trolls.

In short, he is a fucktardic troll heavy on the batshit. That is why I dislike him.

Anonymous September 4, 2012 10:26 AM
Why the fixation then?

I get bored sometimes and AnonyJohn is an easy diversion. Mea culpa. :)

I hope this answers your questions.


A "question" was asked in one of my comment sections here that I answered on Flint's Follies. Instead of reposting it all here I provided the link above for anyone interested.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Shit Koreans Say ... about wearing make-up.

"So funny how jjangkaes and japs love to make bullshit lies about Koreans. I love Korean girls and most of them don't even do make-up, which is why I always prefer Korean girls over Japs and jjangkaes."

This was posted by Grand Master (The actual title KS gives him not something I made up for shits and giggles.) Xcreaturex100 in a thread talking about someone complaining that KS is racist. It really shows the lack of knowledge these kkkunts have about Korea.

My female (expat) co-workers used to complain a lot about the comments from Korean students (adult and younger) and sometimes Koreans in general because they didn't wear make-up all the time. Or didn't wear enough. Some had students and Korean co-workers offer to help them put on make-up before class. While your average Korean woman doesn't look like a painted clown most wouldn't be caught dead in public without make-up on.

(I wasn't sure if the thread should be labelled Shit Koreans Say or Shit Morons Say ... it does bring the 2 issues into focus. A moron thinks Korean women don't wear make-up which makes him WAY out of touch.
Conversely showing how out of touch he is brings up the Korean obsession with women wearing make-up especially in light of my last Shit Koreans Say post. I decided to compromise and use both labels. :) )

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dokdo Is Ours: A Culture of Copying

The blogger known as Dokdo is Ours departed from his usual style of posts and posted a commentary. It is about the culture of copying in South Korea. I urge you to give it a read.

Shit Koreans Say ... about looks.

"You are too ugly to teach here."

Hilda's niece ran into this kind of shit from the director of the hagwon she went to work for. He didn't like her looks, didn't think she was "pretty enough", so he would constantly tell her she wasn't a beautiful teacher.

One day, after she had been there a 6 months, he actually told her that she was too ugly to teach at his school and that he was looking for a replacement for her. Then, after she pulled a runner, he was shocked that she didn't like working there and would do that. Fucktard.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What the ... Q&A?!?!?!?

I was at work the other day dealing with a customer from Korea. One of my co-workers pointed out to her that I lived in South Korea. (I don't usually mention it because I know the kind of stupidity that can follow.) She immediately started going about how I must miss Korea because Koreans are so kind. Korean food is the healthiest. Blah blah fucking blah.

It reminded me of so much of the propagandist BS that Koreans spouted while I was living there. Korea is the greatest. Kimchi cures all. I bit my tongue because I was at work. 

While I did encounter good (kind) Koreans while living there, I encountered a LOT more rude and obnoxious Koreans. Koreans who believed in fucktardery such as kimchi cures all.

Today I was perusing David Wills blog catching up on posts and comments. I read some of the comments on one post and it caused me to go back and reread the entire post. Part of what he wrote REALLY resonated with me in light of the customer I had dealt with.

Don’t tell the truth. Don’t speak your mind.

Unfortunately, when a Korean is asking you what you think about Korea they don't want the truth. Much like the customer I dealt with didn't really want to hear what I thought about Korea. She wanted to tell me what I thought. If you give them an honest answer that doesn't say Korea is great it won't go over well.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

What the ... vengeance?!?!?

I read a post on Gusts of Popular Feeling today that had me shaking my head and chuckling. The author had been emailed by a friend warning about a phone number, 010-4878-4040. According to his friend the police were telling people not to answer calls from this number or they would be charged 250,000 Won. Of course it was a hoax. Yet another bullshit story that rubes across the world are willing to by into and spread.

What I found amusing was the reason why this was started. Someone pissed a guy off. To get revenge he started this rumour hoping no one would want to accept the other guys calls anymore.

On one hand, that is quite the revenge. I can kind of admire the depths the instigator was willing to go to for revenge over an argument.  I always thought I was vengeful but I have to take my hat off to this guy.

On the other hand just how fucking stupid are people? Oh yeah. Pretty stupid. The rumours of this nature that get bandied about thanks to the internet is insane. I think we all have had someone forward us a message/warning they got about a virus or something that turned out to be BS. Or gotten similar nonsense on FaceBook by someone who believed it enough to pass it on.

Morons, miscreants, and malcontents. At least they sometimes provide laughter with their bullshit.      . 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Game of Death

A big big thank you to Gusts of Popular Feeling for the post about "Game of Death". As he mentions it is in a Top Ten list of greatest movies never made.

When I first saw this I was all agog. It was a great story. An unfinished movie that could have been epic! Damn! Then I remembered watching Game of Death and the elation waned. Was this BS? Did someone screw up and think a movie that was made wasn't? What the kimchi?!?!? I was perplexed so I consulted that cornucopia of movie knowledge the Internet Movie Data Base.

Lo and beheld, there WAS a Game of Death film released, with Bruce Lee, somewhat, in it. Six years after Lee's death director Bruce Clouse took what Bruce had filmed in 1972 and made a movie around it using new cast members. This included two stand ins, whose faces are never fully seen. Footage of Lee's actual funeral was used in the movie. I knew I had seen it! But it wasn't the film Lee planned on making.

The film was originally planned to be filmed at Beopjusa. SongniSan is one of my favourite places in South Korea. I went there, and Beopjusa, many times.  I loved the video link from YouTube GoPF provided. It was interesting to see how the movie was planned to be made . And the views it was supposed to represent, such as No Style v.s. Style.

It is a shame that Clouse made that mash up. I wish we could have seen the movie Lee wanted to make. Now I am going to have to have a Bruce Lee festival next weekend.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Responding to comments.

I wrote a little post about some of the fucktards who comment on my blogs. (Said fucktards being the ones who like to post death threats, fuck off's, etc.)  It is over on Flint's Follies if you want to take a look.

If, like I often am, you can't be arsed to follow the link I will provide a brief synopis of the post below.

Thanks for helping relieve my boredom and showing that while what you say means nothing to me my words get your panties in a bunch. :)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Slurs, sneers, and stares.

"If you're a Jhereg and an Easterner, you have to expect to be insulted from time to time.If you want to live, you have to learn not to take offense at every slur and sneer. But this was beginning to get annoying."

I was recently re-reading the book Taltos, by Steven Brust. (I highly recommend his books.) When I came upon the above quote I chuckled. It SO fits the way foreigners are treated in Korea. I would paraphrase it like this;

If you're a foreigner in South Korea, you have to expect to be insulted. If you want to live, you have to learn not to take offense at every slur, sneer, stare, and rude comment. But sometimes it can be too annoying and you may need to vent in some way.

If I had responded to every major slight, REAL ones not imagined, I would have been in way to many fights. That isn't even considering the smaller slights that happened pretty much daily. One thing South Korea helped me with was to learn to control my temper better than I did before I got there. It just wasn't worth getting physical or even vocal with the idiots most of the time. I am not saying I was perfect and never slipped but for the most part I was able to control my temper. Blogging helped a lot as did venting with friends. It gave me a release for the anger that built up.

For those who complain about bloggers who bitch about the stupidity they encounter in South Korea I have a question. Would you rather people vent and get it off their chests? Hold it in and just go postal one day? Or start attacking every asshole they encounter? I would prefer people do the former but that is just me.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have always been punctual. It is something I pride myself on. I would rather be 30 minutes early than 1 minute late for anything. A lack of punctuality on the part of someone is a sure way to raise my ire. Before I went to Korea I would always be at work around 15 minutes before my shift started. I was never one of those people who would show up at the last minute. It meant that I never had to rush.

I found myself showing up even earlier at my 1st job in Korea. It became my routine to be there when the doors opened at 6AM. Our first class was at 6:30. I would use this time to prep anything I needed, which rarely happened, drink coffee, and read the paper. It allowed me to actually relax before starting the day.

At my second and subsequent schools I would usually show up an hour before classes started. I would use my laptop to catch up on email, read some news from home, and anything else I needed/wanted while having coffee. If something was going on that the foreign teachers hadn't been told about, which happened WAY TOO OFTEN, I would sometimes find out about it then and not be caught completely by surprise.

When it comes to my punctuality, my time in Korea served me well. Now that I am home I find that I like to be at work 45 minutes to an hour before my shift starts. I can find out what has been going on, read the paper, drink my coffee, and catch up with co-workers. Sometimes I have even picked up an extra 30-60 minutes of work when they were short and would ask me if I could start right away.

Now if only more of my co-workers were punctual. Or even just on time.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What the ... shuttle cock?!?!?!?

Another day and another Olympic controversy. 8 badminton players have been kicked out of the Olympics for poor sportsmanship. They basically threw their games so they would face weaker opponents in the next stage of the games.

Wow, to read this article you would think it was only the Chinese team that did this. Even though TWO South Korean teams were kicked out for the same thing. Which makes what the South Korean coach a double hypocrite for saying the following.

After the match, South Korean head coach Sung Han-Kook reportedly said: "It's not the Olympic spirit to play like this. How could the number one pair in the world play like this?"

You tell them coach! And at the same time why not tear a strip out of YOUR four players who did the same thing instead of ignoring it?

Added August 3rd 2012 12:46 PM

And thanks to the actions of a British cyclist and the governing body of cycling the South Koreans have more fodder for their paranoia.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

And it begins.

The latest Olympic Games have started and it didn't take long for the Korean Cult of Victimology to start up.   It can be seen in the headlines in the Korea Times, Worst in the Nation.

A series of judging controversies for South Korean athletes at the London Summer Games has marred the credibility of the Olympics.

Three athletes fell victim to controversial decisions by judges, which triggered an enormous outpouring of public outrage in the country. 

Yes, of course. How silly of me to think otherwise. THREE "controversial decisions" against South Koreans calls into question the credibility of the entire Olympics. The first example they cited kind of left me shaking my head wondering what the kimchi they were talking about.

Swimmer Park Tae-hwan experienced a controversial decision that first eliminated him from the 400-meter freestyle finals and then reinstated him several hours later to compete in the finals.

Now, correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't Park resinstated and allowed to compete? Hmmmm, the Times actually mentions that don't they? If that is the case doesn't that show that the process actually worked? A bad call was made and it was rescinded in a timely fashion so as not to affect the athletes ability to compete. Isn't that a good thing?

Then the batshit "we are victims" chant became louder.

Sources in Seoul said that in the international sport arena, there have been moves to keep South Korea in check. For instance, the International Archery Federation changed its rules four times as Koreans have dominated international archery competitions for the past decades.

Anonymous sources who may or may not actually exist. A trademark of the Korea Times and Korean "journalism" in general. Then you have an actual source brave enough to spread his batshit.

Professor Lee Jeong-hak of Kyung Hee University in Seoul said: “The West has made most sports rules. They might strongly believe that as the host they are entitled to do so. As they feel depressed because of the current euro economic crisis, there could have been jealousy against Korea. 

Yes. They are all trying to keep you down. The Korean badminton players didn't show poor sportsmanship. The man is just keeping Koreans down. 

The solution? 

A senior official at the Korean squad said: “More Koreans should make inroads into the governing bodies of the International Olympic Committee and international sport federations to prevent a recurrence of similar judging controversies for the country in international events.”

Infiltrate the various governing bodies of sports organizations so Korea can control everything ... errr protect themselves from being picked on. Of course, if it is all a conspiracy to keep Korea down wouldn't "they" keep them out of the various bodies? Hey, a new conspiracy for Koreans to promote!

What a fucking joke. Should be interesting to see what happens when South Korea hosts the Winter Games and decisions go against them.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What the ... Police Request?!?!?!?

I was perusing the Action Against MBC Facebook page when I saw something that made me shake my head. It is the perfect example, as if we need another, of why it is so easy to say South Korea is not foreigner friendly and how it is racist.

A guy posted about an article on Busan News. The gyst of it is that Busan Police are telling employers not to allow their foreign workers to go to Haeundae Beach because there have been some sex crimes committed there by foreigners.

Wow. Using that lack of logic and the Virginia Tech shooting the US should be asking all Universities to not allow Korea students.

What a bunch of fucktards.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What the ... work ethic?!?!?!?

One of the things I find lacking here in Canada is some of the work ethic I encountered it South Korea. I am not talking about the coming to work even though you are coughing up a lung and will infect everyone else BS. I am talking about the not calling in sick for petty and/or selfish shit.

A co-worker here wants a 3 day weekend. S/He calls in sick. They want a day, or days, off and didn't get them ... call in sick. They don't give a shit how it will fuck over the rest of us. As long as it is good for them.

I miss working with people who didn't pull shit like that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What the ... excuse?!?!?

I was reading an article David Wills wrote in Busan Haps and the subsequent comments from readers. A couple stuck out, especially one by a person going by the name AnESLteacher.

It's a good article.

I agree... every time a foreigner screws up, it sets all of us back. It's a normal reaction. It happens everywhere. 

We must also always show respect to the locals, we are guest here.  Even to the @$$hole ajoshis.

I do believe that things are changing, with every year fewer and fewer people point at me.

And with time, once all these kids that we are presently teaching grow up, racism will become less of a problem.

An interesting comment. There is some truth to it but part of it left me shaking my head. 

It's a normal reaction. It happens everywhere. 

Really? If that is true, that people react that way every where, why was there no outcry against Koreans in America over the Virginia Tech shooting? From what I have seen the over reaction to the deeds of a few foreigners gets blown up more in Korea than in the US or Canada. A lot more.

Monday, July 16, 2012

What the ... interesting coincidence?!?!?!

What an interesting coincidence. You remember back in February when I posted a copy of an email death threat I received? The one that turned out to have been rehashed by an unimaginative asshole?

It arrived around January of 2012. Two things blog wise were going on in the months preceding that. Anonyjohn was off licking his wounds and trolling David's site. Douchey D, Doctor Thiessen, or someone pretending to be him, was trolling around my blogs. Both of them got smacked around on the blog by me. My eyes were aimed more at DD when I mentioned then that it could be a coincidence but I am not a big believer in coincidences.

I have a new email, with some extras added, from some Anonytard using AOL.com this time.

Isn't the internet great. It allows shitheads like yourself to say shit that would, in real life get your head cracked open.

Hopefully you'll suffer the same fate fucking cunt.

Please turn to the loaded gun in your drawer, put it in your mouth, and pull the trigger, blowing your brains out. You'll be doing the whole world a favor. Shitbag.

I would love to smash your face in until it no longer resembled anything human, faggot.

Can you please remove yourself from the gene pool? Preferably in the most painful and agonizing way possible? Retard

Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped out of their sockets. Fucking bitch

I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It'd be hilarious to see you begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head, leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. Faggot

Shut the fuck up f aggot, before you get your face bashed in and cut to ribbons, and your throat slit.

 It is kind of interesting that this one has appeared after I slammed Anonyjohn for being the idiot that he is. Coincidence? As I said, I am not a big believer in coincidences.

Regardless, I don't feel honoured this time. I am sad. It is sad that the best the fuckwit could do was rehash something else other anonytards have used to try and intimidate people. Something that was used months ago to try and scare me. It just goes to reinforce the idea that these fucktards are pathetic.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What the ... assumption?!?!?!?

It doesn't always pay to be nice.

I was at Road King one night enjoying an R&J (Romeo and Juliet) Churchill and some rum with friends. A waitress, also a friend, came up to me and started talking about a foreigner she had just served at the bar. He is so nice and so good and so pure. I quickly deduced he was pretty typical of Western men.

Why would I think that? She told me how she served him with a smile. After talking with him for a few minutes she had asked him if he would like to meet for coffee the next day. He was very enthusiastic about it.

Why would that make me think anything but positive thoughts? She smiled at him and treated him like a person. Ergo, in his mind, she must want him. Why else would she have been nice to him? Why else would she have asked him out for a coffee? When I told her this she didn't want to believe it. So she went back to the bar and talked to him again.

When she came back to my table she was pouting. I was right. He took her kindness for interest in him. When she asked about coffee that confirmed it for him. She must want him.

I don't know what it is about a lot of guys in the west, or at least Canada and the U.S., most are just that full of themselves. If a woman smiles at them and makes eye contact they take it to mean she wants him.

I haven't been able to find a link to the story but I remember a news story about a year before the above happened. It was probably around 2006 or 7. A chain of stores in the U.S. was forcing it's cashiers to make eye contact and smile at all customers. The cashiers were PISSED. 

Why? Because most guys would assume the cashier was interested in them. The company ended up backing off from the policy after the shit storm of complaints that it caused.

Sometimes, with some people, it just doesn't pay to be overly nice.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I was in Sobey's a week ago and what did I see ... ramyon from Korea. Holy fuck ... kimchi ramyon!!! That is what I am talking about baby!

It has been over 2 years since I had any ramyon. After looking at the sodium levels on the packages here in Canada I was turned off. When I saw the stuff from South Korea, especially the spicy one I always got when I lived in Cheongju, I had to get it.

I added some veg and some jalapeno sausage. Gourmet fucking ramyon! Damn!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What the ... solidarity?!?!?!?

And now for something completely different. A post not about the usual suspects (AnonyJohn, KKKorean Sentry, Korea Times).

The brother of one of my co-workers lived and taught in South Korea. P, my co-worker, went to Seoul 5 or more years back to visit his brother. Last night we ended up talking about life in South Korea.

He was not impressed with Seoul or Koreans. Overall, he found Seoul a fairly dirty city and the citizens rude. Which I can't fully disagree with. Compared to Halifax Seoul is pretty dirty. Hell even Cheongju is. If you can't block out the staring, pointing, spitting, and such behaviour people do come off as rude.

Another co-worker had joined and was listening to our discussion. He asked why the ESL teachers didn't form a union so they wouldn't get screwed over. P, who is one of our shop stewards, couldn't stop laughing for a while. He knows how that would end up.

I mentioned ATEK to them. Now, I am NOT an authority on the life, times, and fall of ATEK. (Here are some links you can check out if you want to find out more.) When I first heard about it I reserved judgement. Part of me hoped they would do well. Part of me was pretty sure they would fail. Part of me just didn't give a shit because I wasn't part of them even though they claimed to represent me.

For me, the certainty that ATEK was doomed came about during the Swine Flu BS of 2009. People were exposed to H1N1 at an EPIK (or was it GEPIK?) get together that summer. The Koreans were sent home to be self-quarantined with their families. The foreigners were all put in a hospital. Some were whisked away from their apartments by ambulance to be quarantined. They were stuffed in rooms with few creature comforts to while away their time. 

A group of ESL teachers on the internet got together and organized help for the "prisoners". They rallied people to donate books, games, food, anything that could help the "patients" while away their time. It was a great idea and the organizers still deserve a tip of the hat for their efforts. What does this have to do with disappointment in ATEK? Everything.

This was the perfect opportunity for ATEK to show that they were there to help ESL teachers regardless of the problem. They did jump on the bandwagon many days after the aid was started but for me it was too little to late. (AnonyJohn has decided to be my own little Grammar Nazi. Did I use the right "to" AnonyJohn?) They should have been there for these people from the start and they weren't. If ATEK couldn't be there at a time like this when would they be? At that point I figured they were doomed to failure. Unfortunately, time would eventually prove me right. 

It is kind of funny when I think back. I had held back any criticism of ATEK before that moment. When I mentioned on another blog that I thought ATEK had screwed the pooch this time the reaction from some of the ATEK pushers was funny. One of them told me to get off my high horse. Seriously?  An organization that claimed to be there for ALL ESL teachers, except F VISA holders, whether they accepted the representation or not, was NOT there for some ESL teachers in need. It was the perfect moment for ATEK to shine. And they were no where to be seen until they started to ride the coat tails of the few who started to help the people in quarantine. To me that was very telling. ATEK went for the big headlines (human rights complaints) instead of helping the little people.

It wasn't even just ATEK itself that had me thinking it would fail. My own dealings with other ESL teachers had a hand in that. When the owners of Ivy School were screwing Spock and myself over it was the perfect time for the foreigner ESL teachers to stick together. After all, if they would fuck one person over they would, and did, fuck everyone over. But that isn't how the others saw it. They were more worried about themselves than anything else. So they paid lip service to Spock and I but did and said nothing else. Immediate self-interest and preservation trumped anything else. but I am starting to digress. :)

It was an interesting conversation with some co-workers that brought back some memories of my time in South Korea.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

AnonyJohn ... alive and trolling.

I don't feel like spamming up David's blog with comments about or to John so I figured I would write about it here instead. John, aka AnonyJohn aka Johnny Boy aka What a Fucktard, still trolls around David's blog.

When David wrote about Creationist Corea John had to chime in. (It still feels strange to call him David and not KRD.)

john / June 16, 2012

I see Flint still likes following me.

Mental problem? Yikes. I bet the two of you get all uppity and upset when theists “unfairly” judge atheists. Yet, here you are disrespecting billions of people based on their beliefs.

The true pointlessness is in the fact that atheists like you are absolute hypocrites. It’s sad that you cry about the disrespect you “suffered” from Christians (although I imagine no Christian has ever gone to you and treated you badly for your beliefs), but can’t care to respect others.

Everyone things they’re smarter than the other, and you’re no different. You’re still an immature child.

I had thought about just ignoring him and not feeding the troll. But ... I was bored. :)

Flint / June 20, 2012

What to do? What to do? Feed the troll or not? Engage the zealot or not? Oh what the hell, I am bored right now and have a few minutes to kill.

Anonyjohn there you go again making assumptions. Who ever said I was an atheist?

And where exactly in my 8 word comment did I say you had mental problems? Or is it just your poor writing style showing through again? I remember past comments where you would start off talking about a couple of people. Then when called on it you would say “I wasn’t talking about you.”

See the mention of John's poor writing style? Did I call it or what? He actually tried to use the old "I wasn't talking about you excuse." again. He is sadly predictable.

Some things to keep in mind. The OP was written by David. The 1st comment was mine. The second David's. Then JohnnyBoy made the above comment. So, before John there were only two people who commented. In John's 3rd sentence he talks about "the two of you". Which anyone would think was directed at David and I. Anyone except John in his latest comment.

john / July 4, 2012

Notice how I refer to David in the second person “you,” while I refer to you, Flint, in the third person? That post wasn’t addressed to you. I know David is an atheist. In my post, I never called you as an atheist. Read it again.

Also, David calls religion a mental problem in his “article.”

Finally, if you’re not a creationist, based on your earlier post, then you are probably atheist. The way you word it also indicates that you’re probably not agnostic.

I see John is still trying to change reality to suit his narrative. Before he even suggested that I read what he posted again I had. I read it a couple of times. You have to when John writes because his style is lacking and the bat shit is strong. Every time I read it I saw the same thing. A comment aimed at me followed by something aimed at "the two of you" not a single "you" like Johnny claimed. He did use that form of "you" in his third paragraph. I guess he is the one who needs to go back and read what he wrote again. Or he could just keep denying reality like he usually does.

You have to love his attempts at logic. They are good for a laugh. He never said  I am an atheist but if you aren't a creationist you are probably an atheist. Which would mean he is now basically saying I am an atheist. David called creationism a mental problem. Using John's twisted logic that equates to calling religion a mental problem. Wow. What leaps. What an ... AnonyJohn.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

WSJ Commenters 3

4:50 am June 8, 2012

Expat Hypocrisy wrote:

“South Korean media, as happens in other countries, tend to scapegoat, deride and criticize foreigners for a variety of reasons, some real but many exaggerated. English teachers, in particular, get an outsized heap of criticism from the South Korean media, owing in part to the fact that, as elsewhere, scary stories about children get lots of attention.”

In the same way that foreign bloggers “scapegoat, deride and criticize” Koreans? I have a problem with this criticism especially when it comes from expat bloggers who have no qualms about disrespecting their host country. I don’t believe anyone should be scapegoated, but work on your own house first before criticizing others.

Ah yes, the old "don't disrespect your host country" line. A favourite of apologists second only to the "it happens in your country" excuse. Which the fucktard manages to cram into his last sentence.

I love it when they try to equate complaining about poor treatment with showing disrespect to your host country. It is just so bat shit.

Why the wouldn't people complain when they are treated badly ANYWHERE? Especially when they are actually living and working in the country in question! Paying taxes. Contributing to the economy. It is happening to them where they are living and working NOT in their home country so of course it would is relevant.

When people encounter racist behaviour anywhere they should speak out. I complained about the stupidity I encountered in South Korea and on my other blog I complain about the stupidity I encounter at home in Canada, and anywhere else I encounter it. 

What a fucking moron.

Friday, July 6, 2012

What the ... top headline?!?!?

What is the TOP headline story in the Korea Times for Wednesday, July 4, 2012?

Yes, that is actually what they put as the top headline. Beauty contestants believe 'leg line' most important: survey. What the kimchi?!?!?

The leg line is more important than anything else going on in South Korea or the world. What are the number one headlines at some other papers?

The International Herald Tribune: Pakistan Opens NATO Supply Line as Clinton Apologizes

The National Post: Amid cabinet shuffle speculation, Bev Oda finally calls it quits.

The Times: Barclays adrift as scandal sucks in Bank of England.

How about another Korean English language paper the Joongang Daily: Lee’s elder brother queried in bribe case This was actually Korea Times 2nd headline.  What was Joongang's number 2 headline? Provisional pact with Japan already signed in April. How could they have missed the leg line story?!?!??

Thank you Shin Na-Yun and the Korea Times for bringing this "important" story to us and maintaining your the tile of Worst in the Nation.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says about ESL wages.

Why ESLers able to live like King in Korea
by Consoleman » Sun Jul 01, 2012 11:08 am

S.Korea spent about $6 billion dollars per year in ESL education and have scored 121st place (2009 data - 157 countries) in speaking test.
So how did $6 billion with 20,000 naive English speaking teachers only able to scored 121th place (even worst than North Korea - who learned English from N.Korean teacher and worst than most African countries).

There's gotta be something wrong with education system, and ESL teachers as well.

One would think from the title of Herr Consoleman's thread and what he wrote that ESL teachers in South Korea are personally getting the $6 Billion a year. Of course, what he says has nothing to do with actually explaining why ESLers can live like kings.

Did I live like a king when I was in South Korea? Hmmm ... small ConApt hardly seems like a castle. Part of your pay scammed in some way by the school. (The favourite method of doing that seemed to be charging you double or more of the income tax rate, which they pocket.)

Now to be fair I did live well. I did save some money, but spent the bulk of it in South Korea. Thanks to the lower cost of living I was able to do more within Korea than I would at home. Go out more often. Travel more, when I had time off.

The funny thing is he has a point but his batshit obscures it. There IS something wrong with the education system in South Korea, not just the ESL part of it, and the teachers are part of the problem. They just aren't the part of it him and his fellow KKKlan members think they are.

The SYSTEM allows hagwons to hire people whose only claim to fame as a teacher is being born in an English speaking country and having a University degree. Hagwons prefer to hire younger teachers, fresh out of Uni. One might even call them NAIVE  English speaking teachers because most haven't travelled abroad, let alone worked in another country. Not because they are skilled but because they are easier to screw over than more mature and experienced people.

Which would jibe with some of what he says later in the thread.

These ESL Hagwons aren't that stupid, they're using mainly North American to grab market share of $6 billion dollar a year industry.

Yes. The hagwons are a big part of the problem. All they care about is making money and not educating the students. Which is why students will be in classes that are too high a level for them. It keeps the parents happy. Low marks aren't sent home. Shit that drove me crazy at times when I worked at hagwons. They aren't stupid. They are just fucking greedy and will screw over the teachers as quickly as the students/parents to make a buck.

Having been exposed to Herr Consoleman's written English the last few years I think he should be complaining about the English education system in Australia. After all, he spent at least High School there, plus University, and his written English is bad. Just look at some of his sentences in this thread starting with the title.

Why ESLers able to live like King in Korea

It should read: Why are ESLers able to live like kings in Korea? or even How are ESLers able to live like kings in Korea?

So how did $6 billion with 20,000 naive English speaking teachers only able to scored 121th place (even worst than North Korea - who learned English from N.Korean teacher and worst than most African countries).

Where the hell do you even start with that clunky sentence?!?!? He makes it sound like naive English speaking teachers scored 121st place on a test. "Worst" than? Really? Fuck Herr Consoleman ... ewww didn't mean it that way ... you should see about suing the Australian Education system because they definitely didn't teach you proper English. How in the fuck can he communicate at work?!?!?

Oh well, at least he is entertaining in an insane kind of way. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What the ... health report?!?!?

Once again the Korea Times, worst in the nation, has lowered the bar of stupidity. A friend pointed out an article titled Korean food better than Western one against weight gain: research. It is hard to decide what to talk about first, the article overall or the poor English.

Let's go with English first. The article is so poorly written it could have been a Herr Consoleman production.

"Korean food better than Western one against weight gain: research." 

It left me wondering what one Western food Korean food is better than? 

"A research team announced on March 28 that Korean food helps people not gain weight as its actual absorption of calories is about 10 percent lower than meat-oriented Western food of the same calories." 

Wait a minute! Hold it! Korean food absorbs calories? What the kimchi?!?!?

"Scientists presume that Koreans has absorbed low calories  ... " 

Ok, enough of beating that horse. You get the point.

Then you have the gist of the article. My friend Bald Flint said it best and I will paraphrase him.

What genius! Foods made from rice and vegetables are healthier than fried chicken and Coke! Thank god for the scientists who figured this stuff out and The Korea Times for reporting it! Is it any wonder that there was no reporter named as being responsible for the article?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Shit Herr Consleman Says about Immigrants.

"Koreans have right to say "Go back to your country" to any foreigners specially these from North America."

Herr Consoleman wrote that nugget in response to a discussion about American racism towards Asians. Considering the fucktard has decided to settle in a foreign country, Australia, yet still spew out his racist bullshit one has to wonder how he would feel if Australians exercised a similar right and told him to go back to Korea? Or better yet, forced him to return to the Fatherland to live.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WSJ Commenters 2

The commenter known as NN really left herself open to ridicule.

2:23 am June 14, 2012
NN wrote:

I’m a Korean woman with a fluent English, 

Whoa! Stop right there! If she really believes her English is fluent she is living in a fantasy land. Just the 1st part of this sentence, let alone the rest of what she wrote, puts the lie to that.

but I think there are really ‘some’ Korean women who rather lacked proper communication skill, but wanted to take an advantage of ‘foreigners’ as well as some ‘foreign men’ (especially white) who try to take reflected advantages from those women and satisfy their fantasies about Asian women. I often felt that they are often deluded by this misunderstanding even if they knew it was wrong. On top of that as those foreigners are mostly short-term visitors, so two groups seem to take this as an ‘adventure’ or ‘escape’ rather a serious reality or commitment. However it is not well accepted here, Korea, where has really closed and narrow society with high moral standard.

Heh ... thanks for making me laugh. I can agree with the closed and narrow society but high moral standard? What the kimchi?!?!?!?

I do have several white-foreign acquaintances who married to Korean women and do not think all of them are the same as the below Korean man claimed. However it is still true that there are really lots of ‘scumbags’ here, too. They came here to find a job as a short term English teacher something but do not take their work seriously. Also they just have fun and leave soon when they enjoyed enough with some money. This is not bad at all and entirely their freedom, but the problem is that there are really some socially wrong and irresponsible people. I personally met some like this, but ‘they’ warned of me this and confessed they are doing some ‘rubbish’ jobs when they met some ‘easy’ Korean women. Personally I really could not get this, because some of them are fine as an acquaintance or coworker, but I think they still do so even if they know it is wrong.

Hmmm ... so she is saying that they are scumbags because they are white-foreigners, they come to work for a short term (a couple of years? a few years?), don't take their work seriously, want to have fun, and leave after making some money. Interesting definition of what makes a scumbag.

Or is it the ones who meet those criteria AND are socially wrong and irresponsible that are scumbags? And what the hell does socially wrong mean?

I think no matter wherever I go, I could find those people. If this happened between the same Korean people, or even American, this would not be such a big problem. However this could be serious because this is not just ‘personal issues’ but could be some ‘diplomatic issues’, too. Also it must be clear here is obviously Korea, not other countries. I think some foreigners should respect (precisely ‘aware”) of the difference before they come to here, rather than trying to apply their rules here.

Overall, she makes sense in places but her "fluent" English turns some of that into gibberish. Her last paragraph really wants to make sense but she just can't pull it off.

If NN hadn't started off by prattling about how fluent her English is I probably would have just ignored the shitty writing job she did. But she didn't.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

WSJ Commenters 1

I read through the comment section for the Wall Street Journal article "MBC Producer What's the Fuss About?". There were some interesting ones, both good and bad, which bear commenting on.

The first one that stood out  was from a commenter going by the name "Welcome to the Real World". He addressed a topic dear to me, apologists.

9:37 am June 8, 2012
Welcome to the Real World wrote:

Apologists for this piece need not raise their voices here. Korean culture gets slammed for xenophobia, racism, fascism, etc, because it deserves it, plain and simple. If Koreans didn’t act this way daily to foreigners of all colors, races, creeds, and nationalities, then the “rumor” (fact!) of racism in this culture wouldn’t be deserved. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Far too often, the significant others of Koreans in mixed relationships must endure disgusting behavior that is entirely based on the insecurity, incivility, and ignorance that exists in Korean culture.

Apologizing for it and quieting it over, deflecting, or outright denial about it won’t make it go away. It was only the intolerance of this type of behavior in other cultures that has suppressed and made these inhumane actions unwelcome there. The same intolerance is expressly deserved and long overdue here as well.

This was very well said. In fact I will probably use this in the future when responding to Korean apologists.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What the... kimchi?!

Our friend Bald Flint posted an article from The Korea Times, Worst In The Nation, on Facebook. You can find it here: http://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/news/nation/2012/04/113_108291.html
As Bald Flint pointed out, it is Genius!
Rice and vegetables is better than fried chicken and coke!
Thank God for the scientists who figured it out, and the KT,WITN for reporting it in their usual poor English.

What the ... identity crisis?!?!?!?

by Shockwave » Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:19 pm

I see. You are right. I guess they really don't care about NK refugees... They are really selfish "Made in China". Then... I dislike the idea of ethnic Koreans immigrating (from China) to South Korea. Since my dad, his family and many Koreans in br@zil!!! were NK refugees (they are SK citizens now). I know NK refugees' pain. All they really hate NK gov. Only retarded communist br@zil!!!ians love Kim Jong mentally-ill & Co.

Yet his tagline reads

br@zil!!!: “n’est pas un pays sérieux”. I love br@zil!!!: the eternal country of the future...

Wow. This guy exemplifies the fucktardery of KS. He hates Brazil. He loves Brazil. Brazil is the eternal country of the future yet South Korea is the best.

It reminds me of Herr Consoleman. South Korea is the best place on Earth. South Koreans are the master race. No foreigners should be allowed in South Korea. Yet he doesn't actually live in South Korea and hasn't for a long time.

Shockwave definitely deserves his place among the KKKluckers at Korean Sentry.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Korea Times Strikes Out Again!

'Dead kid died again after asking for some water'

Dead toddler woke up and said before lying lifeless at his coffin once again during funeral.

Kelvin Santos, 2, was dead due to complications from bronchial pneumonia at a hospital in Para, Brazil, June 1, according to local media reports. 

The next day, the boy suddenly woke up in the coffin and asked his father for some water. “I thought my son revived as a miracle,” said Antonio Santos, the boy's father.

But, the happiness was a moment. Kelvin passed away after drinking a cup of water. The family incidentally moved him to a local hospital, but the kid was completely pronounced dead because there are no signs of life. Miracle didn’t occur though his family expected Kelvin woke up once again. 

“Doctors didn’t thoroughly examine my son,” his father said. “It was definitely medical malpractice so I will make the hospital take legal responsibility.”

However, “Kelvin was already pronounced dead from heart attack in a hospital,” said a police officer.

Wow. What horrible English. What a short report lacking information. Where the hell would you start tearing it apart? The poorly written title? The first sentence which is pretty bad? Overall, a short and badly written article. 

The story is about  what happened to a boy in Brazil. Read the Korea Times article again and then go and read this one.

No wonder there is no "reporters" name attached to the article. Who the hell would want to be associated with such a shitty report? Evidently, no one working for Korea Times, Worst in the Nation. 

What the ... waning star?!?!?

And then Redwhitedude's star starts to dim. He caves to the majority and tries to suck up.

"I don't really understand those people either. They come to Korea and they post anti Korea stuff. Either way better checks to prevent clowns like this going into Korea. It is a reflection of their character or lack of it. Keep out the wrong type of people."

But it is too late. Herr Consoleman has already set his sights on redwhitedude.

"So you're blaming Korean on this? this is typical white trash respond."

He then goes on to say:

"You're not making any sense here, you're just here to argue with us. Please don't waste your & our time on who's fault was it because it's clearly the misbehaving foreigners caused the problem. Abusing the relaxed laws is the main problem. So you're suggesting if there was strict laws and screening this wouldn't have happened, basically you're blaming Korea for allowing misbehaving foreigners, it's like thieves blaming victim for easy robbing."

Or like when a group of KKKunts actually blamed a rape victim for being raped?

Yes, in Herr Consoleman's world Redwhitedude calling for stricter laws and checks is his way of blaming Koreans for foreigners acting badly. It looks like Redwhitedude isn't the only KKKlucker not making sense. Then again we are talking about the Klan at KS so it really isn't surprising.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

What the ... call to arms?!?!?!?

And yea, the racist fucktards did meet and decide that MBC needed their support. The call went out to start showing support. Brother Kaizen did spew forth the call.

"I suggest everyone to support MBC after releasing a documentary show about western foreigners acting like bunch of fucking morons. It seems like they are constantly getting criticisms from waygooks and their slut korean whore wives.

Support MBC. Support the truth.

Let the truth be supported."

(Note: The caller is Kaizen the Korean, also known as Kaizen the Incontinent. Not to be confused with Kaizen the Japanese who is known as "The Improver". Yes it is strange for a "Korean" on a site that very anti-Japanese (anti-non Korean) to be using a Japanese word for "continuing improvement" but then again no one said the KKKluckers were smart.)

And the call was answered by the Grand Wizard Herr Consoleman who rallied the troops with the battle cry:

"Is there any petition or supporting websites for MBC nightly report?"

(Note: Yes, stupid and lazy does seem to be the norm when talking about the KKKluckers.)

The faithful then mooked about waiting for someone to figure out how to use Google.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about MBC and Foreigners.

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them"

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had that to say about the "report" MBC showed. Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think. He also considers himself an authority on America as well. Later in the thread he posted a couple of pics of drunk (white) foreigners. One is staggering around and the other is passed out on the street. Then he says :

"Americans are hypocrites - they don't behaves like this in America but behaves like idiots when they come to Korea."

Really Herr Consoleman? You REALLY don't think that Americans act like that in America? Canadians in Canada? Mexicans in Mexico? Native-of-Country-of-Choice in Home-Country? I didn't think it was possible but you are more of a moron than I thought you are.

Also, I really have to wonder about the efficacy of the Australian education system if Herr Consoleman, who was educated there, still believes the party line from Korea that all whites are American. You would think  someone who has lived a large portion of his life in Australia would know better. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What the ... KS BS?!?!?

No racist bullshit out of Korea would be complete without the KKKunts at Korea Sentry chiming in. Are they worried about the varacity of the "report"? About alleged "damage" to Korean women? Of course not, they are racist whack jobs after all. They are worried about the children, but not in the way normal people would be. (Plus we already know what they think about Korean women and IR dating/marriage.)

Jejuislander wrote:

"All half-breed children created by these type of casual sex ought to be deported back to the US, or some liberal lefty western nation."

Herr Consoleman, safely ensconced in Australia had this to say:

"the truth is these foreign trouble makers should really think about their reputation because local Koreans are getting fed up with them" 

Because living and working in Australia makes him an authority on what local Koreans back in der Fatherland think.

There was a rare glimpse of intelligence on Korea Sentry when redwhitedude posted the following in the thread:

"This is just silly stupid reporting on the part of MBC. They should have known better than to broadcast something like this."

I don't expect he will last long on Korea Sentry. Of course he was quickly shouted down by xcreaturex100:

"It's the truth that areas like Itaewon is infested with crimes and rapes. You haven't been there?"

Which begs a question for xcreaturex100, who is probably safely tucked away in his parents basement in suburbia USA. Have YOU actually been there?

What is Jejuislanders solution?

"I hope Korea forms some kind of Ggangpae group to hunt down these western pervs. Kind of like how Russia has skinhead groups that target stupid ass foreigners mistreating women in their own country."

Is that your final solution Jejuislander? Think that is harsh? One of these kkkunts, responding to Herr consoleman, ACTUALLY hopes there is a holocaust against the Chinese.

Damn these KKkunts just make it too easy to mock them. The thread runs 7 pages at the time I wrote this. It started sounding old and stale after the first page. I got bored with it by the 4th. Too many prime examples of the racist stuipidity of the kkkluckers at Korea Sentry to waste any more time. At least for now.

*** Update June 14th 2012  8:34PM AST You know these idiots are really the gift that keeps on giving. There are so many spin off threads that I can make from this. 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Shit Morons Say ... when lying.

The Wall Street Journal, Asia posted about an interview with an MBC Producer. The producer in question works on the "news magazine" that aired the piece of tripe called Shocking Reality but didn't want to be named.

For some reason the producer just can't understand why the foreigners are upset. He went on to lie and claim that the report adequately pointed out that problems occur in only a few cases. Something which WSJ was quick to point out wasn't true. Someone from the Korean "media" lied. What a shocker.

I was going to write more about it and vent my spleen but decided not to. The Dokdo Times did a much better job than I would have. :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shit Foreigners say ... about Korean BS.

"I can't believe MBC would air this."

"I am surprised to see them (MBC) air this."

I know I have talked about this already but I think it bears repeating. Lately I have been reading posts and comments on various sites discussing the latest racist BS to come out of MBC and I encountered several comments like those.

I am surprised that people (foreigners) who purport to live in South Korea are surprised by the drek MBC put out. Have they lived in a fucking bubble their whole time there? Do I have to steal Bill Maher's life Inside the Bubble schtick to talk about these people?

I lived there for 10 years and racist crap like this came as NO surprise. The year before I left there was similar crap painting all expat's teaching English as evil drug using rapists who are there to corrupt Koreans and screw around. There was the CYJ English ad claiming most foreigners have aids, many are gay, they want our women.

For people to be actually surprised about this they have to have been living in a bubble. Talk about it made the rounds on expat websites. I even heard about it from Korean co-workers. You had to have your head buried in the sand pretty deep not to hear something about it.

Then you have the people who start rambling on that "Not all Korean's think that way." Of course not all of them do. But a LOT of them do. I would be willing to bet my own money that it is a majority of them.

If the whole Mad Cow bugaboo showed us anything it is that Koreans are extremely susceptible to what the media, or authority figures, tell them. Even when it flies in the face of reality.

I can remember butting heads with students, both adult and younger, over things they believed that denied reality. One episode that sticks out most in my head is how vehement many were that there are only 6 continents. It didn't matter how much proof you showed them that there are 7 continents they REFUSED to believe it. Why? A Korean teacher taught them that there were only 6. I was just a foreign teacher and therefore not as reliable. When I talked with some Korean co-workers about it they held the same belief for the same reason.

That is just the reality of life in Korea. Hopefully it will change over time but I wouldn't hold my breath while waiting.

The Layover: Los Angeles

God Damn! I am watching The Layover: Los Angeles, the latest Anthony Bourdain show. He is in Korea Town being taught where to go by Roy Choi. (Korea Town LA has the LARGEST number of Koreans outside of Seoul.) They met at Ham Ji Park and my taste bud's memory started to go into overload.

The banchan looked good, but like Chef Choi said it isn't the same as being in Korea. The samkyubsal brought a nostalgic tear to my eye. But the kamjatang was a kick in the balls to remind me of something I miss. :(  I REALLY miss kamjatang.

He then went on to have chicknangmyoung. Now I never really got into nangmyoung. Something about the texture turned me off. But it tasted ok.

They even show pojangmachas and drink makkeolli!!! I am seriously missing Korea right now. Yeah, I admitted it. There are things I miss. :) The slurping, I didn't miss. ;)

I ate at a Korean restaurant in Halifax almost 2 years to the day I returned home. That will require another post. Anyway, I digress. Watch the show if you haven't. If you have, watch it again! ;)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lousy Korea

It is kind of funny. Thinking about MBC's racist BS got me thinking about Lousy Korea.

Lousy Korea basically did what the Korean media does to foreigners. But she did it to Koreans. She took things that aggravated her about Korea and Koreans, focused on them, and exaggerated them to pursue her narrative.

At times she was hilarious. At times she did cross the line into making racist comments. Unlike the media you knew she was doing it tongue in cheek. You knew it was meant as comedy, as well as some heavy duty venting, and not to take it all seriously. Well, anyone with a brain and the ability to understand sarcasm knew it.

That left some "foreigners" and a lot of Koreans out. Her blog drove the KKKlan at Korea Sentry apeshit. Which is a big part of what eventually led to her shutting down the site. Death threats from whack jobs.

If you are reading this LK I hope life is treating you well.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Way of the Bow

Korean Adventure (May 16, 2003 Chautauqua)

   In the past few weeks, I have been trying to find something to do with my spare time. I thought that this week, I would examine the possibility of emulating Robin Hood.

    Korean archery is called "Gungdo," or the "way of the bow." It has its roots in the Hwarang Knights of the Silla Kingdom (57 AD - 935 AD) and was an art practiced by aristocrats to cultivate mental and physical discipline.

    The martial art is governed by nine precepts that emphasize Korean Confucian philosophy and proper decorum, such as having a mind and body as straight as an arrow. This kind of clear mental focus is required to hit a target positioned 145 meters away.

    Before firing an arrow, a student is required to learn how to brace the bow and to hold it with the proper grip. The correct procedure is to draw the bow as if "pushing a high mountain and pulling a tiger's tail."

    Two types of bows are used: the modern laminated bow and the traditional Korean composite horn bow.

Two kinds of arrows are used: carbon and bamboo.

A teardrop shaped thumb ring is used in the technique of the "Mongolian draw." 

A bow cover is used to protect the bow while in storage, and it doubles as a waist sash/quiver.

    Before firing the first arrow of the day, tradition dictates the archer bow to the target and say, "I am learning the bow." The other archers reply, "Have many hits." The first hit is of special importance. The archer receives congratulations from the other archers, and is required to provide refreshments and drinks for all.

    A perfect score is to hit the target with five consecutive shots. The achievement is recorded as to time and date, and the archer receives his "muho," or archer's pen name during a ritual ceremony.

    The process of making a bow is very involved, and can take up to a year. Traditional materials include water buffalo horn, bamboo, mulberry, oak, sinew, birch bark, and fish bladder glue. Each procedure has "a season."

    Like other martial arts in Korea, the "dan" system of ranking is used. Competitions are held several times a year, so that rankings, or "dan" levels, can be determined. The first dan level that a person can reach is when he hits the target 25 out of 45 tries, and only two levels of advancement are allowed each year.

    The competitions are held in a pavilion hall decorated with a sign (of Chinese characters) that means "righteous room." The shooting positions are in a covered area. The plywood targets are covered with hard rubber and are 2.67 metres high and 2 metres wide, tilted back 15 degrees.

    It is possible to compete in both team and individual events. If you hit the target, and your arrow doesn't go past the target, it's a hit. Judges determine just what kind of score you receive, and trophies and certificates are awarded.

   So, to recap, I can spend my spare time learning to fight with a sword, I can play with dolls, I can watch movies all day, or I can pretend to be William Tell. Next time, I will discuss the option of getting married.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What the ... Shocking Reality 2?!?!?!?

It didn't take long for someone to do up an animation poking fun at MBC and their shoddy reporting.

Well done stvwrd. Well done. :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The DVD Room

Korean Adventure (May 2, 2003 Chautauqua)

   So far, in my quest for something to do with my free time, I have considered hacking up defenseless bamboo with a sword, and playing with dolls. I now turn to a more passive form of recreation, that unique Korean creation, the DVD room.

   I think I have informed you before of the PC room, where young Korean males go to play violent computer games, and smoke their brains out. Adjacent to many of them are DVD rooms, where they take their girlfriends to enjoy... a movie.

   They are found on the upper floors of any average office building. Instead of a single space, the area is divided up into a number of (nearly) soundproof cubicles.  The fee for the movie rental is about $5.00. There are snacks available, including popcorn.

   Customers can view their selection on a flat screen that takes up one entire wall, while relaxing in huge comfy chairs or sofas. There is a central area with all the choices, and a desk where the attendant keeps an eye on all the players for the various rooms.

   One of the attractions of the DVD is it makes it possible to view Korean films. They only have English subtitles, but some Korean films are well worth it. They alternate between "art house films" and other, more mainstream, selections.

   The former are described as "fairly realistic films about ordinary people's lives." The latter genre includes comedies, romances, and (above all in recent times) gangster films.

   Korean gangster films differ from what westerners are used to in such features as "The Godfather" or "Goodfellas." Korean gangsters are seen as "less educated," and so "it's easy to make fun of them," says fan Anna Park, a Seoul University student. The typical offering is more of a "madcap screwball comedy," than a gritty depiction of the violent predator of the western versions.

   One aspect of the DVD room should be kept in mind, though. They are generally associated with, in popular imagination, activities that go beyond simply watching movies. According to the Pusan Pop Culture Guide (www.pusanweb.com), "video rooms are notorious in Korea as a place where young couples go to have sex."

   I am always careful about where my eyes are when I go from the lobby to my room. The possibility of being confronted with an embarrassing situation is only a small drawback once the movie has started. Big comfy chair, Dolby surround sound, and a huge screen to see it all. What more could any male couch potato want?

   Stay tuned...

   Some of the information in this article was obtained from a "Korea Herald" article by contributing writer Jeremy Garlick.