Sunday, June 17, 2012

What the ... call to arms?!?!?!?

And yea, the racist fucktards did meet and decide that MBC needed their support. The call went out to start showing support. Brother Kaizen did spew forth the call.

"I suggest everyone to support MBC after releasing a documentary show about western foreigners acting like bunch of fucking morons. It seems like they are constantly getting criticisms from waygooks and their slut korean whore wives.

Support MBC. Support the truth.

Let the truth be supported."

(Note: The caller is Kaizen the Korean, also known as Kaizen the Incontinent. Not to be confused with Kaizen the Japanese who is known as "The Improver". Yes it is strange for a "Korean" on a site that very anti-Japanese (anti-non Korean) to be using a Japanese word for "continuing improvement" but then again no one said the KKKluckers were smart.)

And the call was answered by the Grand Wizard Herr Consoleman who rallied the troops with the battle cry:

"Is there any petition or supporting websites for MBC nightly report?"

(Note: Yes, stupid and lazy does seem to be the norm when talking about the KKKluckers.)

The faithful then mooked about waiting for someone to figure out how to use Google.


  1. Well, this should be entertaining. Nothing like a bunch of fucking mooks trying to find their asses with both hands and a flashlight.

  2. And with Herr Consoleman as their leader and guiding light who knows what hilarity may ensue. :)

  3. So....just what are they petitioning? I don't really understand what signing a petition would do in this case. They are going to sign a petition for support of MBC. Really, what is even going to become of that? Who are they going to give it to? What are the people who they give it to going to do with it?

    A: Hey Tae ho?
    B: What?
    A: I've got a list of names.
    B: Cool.

  4. It could be sold off to telemarketers looking to corner the racist fucktard market. ;)