Monday, June 18, 2012

What the ... waning star?!?!?

And then Redwhitedude's star starts to dim. He caves to the majority and tries to suck up.

"I don't really understand those people either. They come to Korea and they post anti Korea stuff. Either way better checks to prevent clowns like this going into Korea. It is a reflection of their character or lack of it. Keep out the wrong type of people."

But it is too late. Herr Consoleman has already set his sights on redwhitedude.

"So you're blaming Korean on this? this is typical white trash respond."

He then goes on to say:

"You're not making any sense here, you're just here to argue with us. Please don't waste your & our time on who's fault was it because it's clearly the misbehaving foreigners caused the problem. Abusing the relaxed laws is the main problem. So you're suggesting if there was strict laws and screening this wouldn't have happened, basically you're blaming Korea for allowing misbehaving foreigners, it's like thieves blaming victim for easy robbing."

Or like when a group of KKKunts actually blamed a rape victim for being raped?

Yes, in Herr Consoleman's world Redwhitedude calling for stricter laws and checks is his way of blaming Koreans for foreigners acting badly. It looks like Redwhitedude isn't the only KKKlucker not making sense. Then again we are talking about the Klan at KS so it really isn't surprising.


  1. I think the fact that somebody else thought of it is what really rankles.
    But then, the KKKunts should be used to EVERYONE thinking of something before they do.
    Fucking mooks.

  2. Heh .. so true. They are racist, obnoxious, mookish, and moronic ... but they can make a body laugh.