Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What the ... stripping morons 2?!?!?

My last comment in the stripping morons post, about the lack of Korean media coverage, got me to start searching the web to see what I could find about the idiots and their actions. Except for Korea Sentry and Waygook.org I found ... nothing.

I couldn't find anything on Dave's ESL Cafe. Mind you, unless something is on the first coup-le of pages of posts you may as well forget about finding it. The search utility there is a piece of shit.

The Korea Sentry thread was started last Thursday. As was the Waygoo.org thread. But nothing in any of the Korean "media outlets? That strikes me as strange.

While I can EASILY believe there are idiots out there who would do this (strip at a baseball game) I find it hard to believe the Korean "news" hasn't picked up this ball and run with it yet.

Someone on Waygook.org said that according to Marmot's Hole the picture is 2 years old. I haven't found anything to corroborate that but if true it could explain the lack of "media" attention.

I found Marmot's post about it .... from last week not 2 years ago. Someone did claim in the comment section that the photo was from 2 years ago, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. Then it changed to 1 year ago with a link to site that a blurry picture that could have been the same ass hats.

Whether it was a week, a year, or a decade ago the photo is making the rounds now and will be used in conjunction with the latest fuckery by the subway 'tards to attack all foreigners.

Also, to digress a little, you find out in the comment section that even IF the search engine on Dave's worked you wouldn't find any mention of this incident. According to one commenter any thread that mentions the incident was being deleted by the mods on Dave's.

What the ... stripping morons?!?!?

First you had the idiots drinking and playing cards on the floor of a subway. Some morons decided to try and one up that and now we have ...

... fucking idiots stripping at a baseball game.

I find myself in the strange position of actually agreeing with the KKKunts at Korea Sentry. This kind of behaviour is unacceptable. They should have been arrested.

Mind you I think the KKKunts were too tame with the name calling. Calling this kind of classless moron a dumbass doesn't do justice to just how crude and rude they are.

I do find it strange though that the Korean "media" isn't going ape shit over this, especially in light of the subway dickheads. Maybe it is a busy news week or they have enough anti-foreigner shit to use.

Friday, May 27, 2011

What the ... idiotic expat rules?!?!?!? 2

What is it in Harry Potter about a name? People are afraid that if you speak Voldomort's name he will appear. Not to compare Chrissy Snowflake to Voldomort, the big V is much cooler, but I mentioned his name in conjunction with a horrible article on CNNgo and what do I find after that ... Chris responded to the article as well. A reader sent me a link to Chris' post. It turns out Chris wrote his with his own list of rules for expats to follow.

One of the things taht always irked me about Chris's style of writing is that he appears arrogant and condescending at the same time, dare I even say a tad pretentious. He starts right off with the arrogance by telling you that his list is THE list to follow. Or to quote him

If you’re coming to Korea to teach, work as a business person, serve the military, or otherwise hold a respectable position in Korean society, THESE are the 12 rules to follow.

Because only Chris can tell us what is right and proper. The way some people go about talking about rules makes me wonder if they actual know what a rule is. Personally, I don't like people, especially some internet mook, telling me what the rules are. If anything you giving GUIDELINES, tips, advice.

Let's look at some of his advice.

5. Along that same line, be aware of your surroundings – not because of safety concerns, but to avoid returning those unintentional bumps.

No, be aware of your surroundings FOR safety reasons asshat. You aren't safe from being hit by a vehicle even if walking on a sidewalk. If driving, you have to be uber-aware of pedestrians as well as vehicles. Talk about playing the importyance of something down.

Below he says you must respect Korean culture, even an aspect that leads to a lot of fuckery.

7. Respect the Confucian mindset – older above younger, etc. Your boss gets a bow (whether they particularly deserve it or not), and those younger than you should treat you with some deference.

He follows it by saying;

8. Tip – but only for good service. Despite the cultural mindset of ‘don’t tip’, I firmly believe it’s appropriate for good service.

Make up your mind. Are expats supposed to respect their culture or not? If it is cultural NOT to tip who the fuck are you to tell people they should? Not even getting into the fact that even in a tipping culture a person should only be expected to tip for good service. If you are giving out rules try to make them contradictory. Even if you are giving out guidelines it is bad form to have them contradict each other.

9. Get really good at one aspect of Korean life (at least!). There’s plenty to choose from – the sel-ca (self-portraiture), the jimjilbang (spa / sauna), the noraebang (singing room), etc. It’s a source of interesting anecdotes, and at least one area where the locals will compliment you on your effort to embrace culture.

Koreans will compliment you? Yeah, in a condescending manner by saying "Oh, you could be Korean!" as if that is the greatest compliment on Earth.

And how the hell does someone "get really good" at going to a jimjilbang? Korean's will compliment you on your bathing technique? What a fucktard.

He ends by saying

Wonderful readers, what did you think of the original CNNGo article? What other rules would you suggest for new expats coming to Korea.

Wonderful readers? Is he trying to land a blowjob or write a post?

Now I understand trying to match what the CNNgo article said point for point. Unless every point you have is good it is stupid to even try. In many cases you can't match point for point unless you are going for satire and just mocking the hell out of the article. Chris takes himself much too seriously to do that, and it doesn't look like that was his goal. I would have just said the guys article was shit. Pointed out some examples of why. Then maybe added some of the ADVICE or GUIDELINES I thought were important. Or just mocked the hell out of the writer's stupidity.

There really is no magic list of rules for people to follow to be a good expat because you can't make a rule for every situation people will encounter. It also implies that there are rules citizens of the country you are in always follow. Anyone who has lived in South Korea knows just how much bullshit that statement is.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What the ... idiotic expat rules?!?!?!?

For some reason, maybe commenting is locked or I am just too brain dead to figure it out, but I can't seem to post comments on What Would Fucktard Do. So, I find myself having to comment here.

The latest post, Fucktard would make up rules, had my laughing at the stupidity of it. That, is the stupidity of the rules some 'tard named Kyle Burton made up for an article in CNNgo. It was labelled as the definitive list to fitting in (in South Korea). What an expat needs to know and do to survive.

It was a piece of shit for the most part. I found it hard to believe it was a serious article and not just someone taking the piss. Burndog did a good tearing the piece apart. Not much else I could add.

I did wonder at first if the article was written by Chrissy Snowflake. It seemed like the kind of shit he would spew out. Like his great tips on beating the heat in South Korea. Such gems as turn off the heat or turn on the AC. It also reminded me of crap the Korea Times would print. What can you do when people are that stupid?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

What the ... violent crime?!?!?

A big tip of the hat to Korea Beat for reproducing the original Korean article from the Chosun Ilbo. The part that made me laugh yet wonder what the kimchi was going on was;

The violent crimes division of the Seoul Central Prosecutor’s Office announced on the 19th that it had arrested without dentention 33-year old Mr. M, the son of a former Israeli ambassador to Korea, on charges of smoking marijuana.

Mr. M is accused of smoking marijuana near a nightcub for foreigners that he operates in Itaewon at approximately 1 am on the 28th of last month after receiving 0.5 grams of it from another foreigner.

Really? That is it? He was smoking a joint near a nightclub that he runs? Yes Mr. Apologist and friends, I know Korea has a 0 tolerance policy towards any drug use and when in Korea I respected that. However, smoking a joint is a violent crime? THAT is pretty fucked up.

I can see it being dealt with by a myriad of departments. Organized Crime. Drug Crime. hell, even Foreigner Crime. But the Violent Crimes Division? That is some serious overkill.

Monday, May 16, 2011

What the ... globalisation and Dodko?!?!?!?

Yes, it has been a while so it is time for the Korean obsession with Dokdo to rear it's ugly head. (HT to Gusts of Popular Feeling for the post they did on it.) The Yonhap had an article titled "Dokdo is Korean land"...Native speaking teachers to visit Dokdo." It was about, surprise surprise, how 55 foreigners who teach English in Gyeongsangbuk-do have been selected for the "honour" of going to Ulleungdo and Dokdo. The purpose of the junket?

The aim of the trip is to give foreign teachers a correct understanding of Dokdo's past and present, and to promote the mysterious island of Ulleungdo.

That sounds suspiciously like what the nationalists and historical revisionists in Japan have said about their rewriting of history. A rewriting which get's Koreans in a tizzy. I remember the twats who revised what happened at Nanking saying something similar. They just wanted to educate people about the real (meaning their version) history of events.

Then you have the lectures that those on this tour will have to endure. I mean attend. One of them is titled "The importance of Dokdo and globalization."

How in the blue hell is Dokdo important to globalization? Unless your world view is that Korea and anything Koreans deem important is important to globalization this statement is so much bullshit. Or do they mean it is as important as globalisation? Also a load of bullshit.

This attitude that Dokdo is so important the world should know about it and if they don't we will inform them reminds me of the latest South Park episode that poked fun at the royal wedding and Canada. Whenever something was deemed good or bad for Canada by the commentator he would add "and therefore of course the world." (Hilarious episode, you should see it if you haven't. Being mocked hasn't been this much fun since "Blame Canada".)

Korea, c'mere. We need to talk for a second.

Fine, Dokdo is important to you. I get that. However, you REALLY need to get over yourself and stop expecting the rest of the world to care or even want to know about it. A lot of countries, including Canada, have disputes over islands and don't get their panties in a bunch a 10th of the amount as Koreans do over Dokdo. Your over reacting to things tends to make Korea look bad.

Just tell Japan "Dokdo is ours try and take it or fuck off." Then go back to life and move on.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

What the ... fucktard convention!?!?!?

I was going to do a big write up about the idiots drinking and playing cards on the subway in Seoul but someone beat me to it. I am not talking about the coverage by bloggers like Bobby of Marmot's Hole (who was the 1st I saw "covering" this) I am talking about the coverage by What Would Fucktard Do.

WWFD pretty much nailed what I would have said on the head. The foreigners in question are mooks of the nth degree. They deserve to be exposed, ridiculed, and are mocked.

Then you have the 'tard who took such great offense to it, Han. I loved his indignation and hypocrisy. If it was a Korean he thinks people would have done something. Odds are they would have done ... nothing. If they don't care to get involved when people are being harassed or attacked why would they get involved when people are drinking and playing cards? And don't even get me started on people drinking in public in Korea ... or going around being drunken asses. It is hard to top the adjossis, although these morons on the subway have managed to reach that level.

Does this make the mooks actions on the subway ok? Hell no. None of that takes away from the simple truth that the "louts" are a bunch of mooks and that in an environment like Korea they drag all foreigners down by their actions. It does make you take Han's indignation with a few grains of salt though.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Cheongju Cough

After being in South Korea for a month or so I developed what would come to be called the Cheongju Cough. Every foreigner I knew who lived in Cheongju had it at one time or another. It never really seemed to go away completely. It would vanish for a time and then come back. We just ended up calling it the Cheongju Cough but foreigners I knew who lived all over Korea had it.

I got sick a lot in Korea. Some of it can be written off to teaching kids. Other times due to environmental factors such as "yellow dust" or just plain old air pollution. I got a LOT of sinus infections living in Korea which my ENT Doctor blamed on the air pollution. Then there was cellulitis. I got that at least once a year my last 4 years in Korea. The 1st time was the worst because I didn't know what it was and ignored it for a long time. According to my doctor cellulitis is common in Korea. I blame the damn mosquitoes while my doctor blamed bug bites and ... pollution. No wonder so many Koreans wear surgical masks when they go outside.

I have been home almost a year now. It will be a full year a week from now. Since I have returned I haven't really been sick. I haven't had any major sinus infections. I haven't had any cellulitis. Hell, I even shed a lot of weight. Strangely enough, with my 1 year anniversary home looming, this is one of the first things that came to mind.