Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Shit Koreans Say ... about Dokdo.

"Do you know Dokdo?"

How many times, and in how many ways have you heard Koreans go on about Dokdo? They seem to think that the world must not just know about them but must fanatically agree that they are Korean. Whether I believe the Korean claims or not, it does make them sound like a bunch of whack jobs the way they go on at times.

One of the best examples is a song about Dokdo I found on YouTube. Some of the things it says are ...

"Everybody wants to be there 'cause of the holy Sights
Everybody wants to be there hoping to meet Seagulls."

"Foolish men start to say silly empty talks."

"Yes, nobody is greedy for them 'cause of the holy Sights."

"Dokdo Dokdo I'll keep it for my sake."

I could go on and on. The song is pretty much crap with a lot of nonsensical English.

The Liancourt Rocks, errr Dokdo, is another one of those topics that you just can't talk about logically with Koreans. Nutizens have stalked and harassed people who said they believed the rocks belong to Japan. I remember hearing about one foreigner working at a University who made a web page looking at the issue and saying he believed Japan's claim. The nutizens tracked him down, posted his personal information, and started calling his university complaining. While he wasn't fired ... for "some reason" he wasn't re-hired.

A group of protesters wanted to show the world how evil Japan is to claim the rocks. So, in front of invited media, they bludgeoned pheasants to death, slurped up some of their innards, and threw the carcasses at the Japanese Embassy. This showed that who was evil?!?!?!?

So, if you are in Korea and are asked about Dokdo it is safer to just blindly agree that it is Korean than to actually try and discuss the issue. Unless you want a confrontation that you just can't win with reason.

"Do you know Dokdo?"

"Yes, and I don't really give a shit. I call them the Liancourt Rocks. Now fuck off."

A lot of countries have disputes over places but I know of none who go to the lengths Koreans do over them. At times shooting themselves in the foot in their drive to prove they are in the right.


  1. They just don't get it that the rest of the world doesn't care about the Liancourt Rocks.

  2. Think of the money the spent on ads and signs that just make people think there IS a dispute which means maybe it SHOULD go to the world court. Which is what Korea does NOT want to do.

  3. Haha... This is a decent site!! I think the korean office of education would LOVE to see this site! lol and realize what kind of teacher they have in korea lol good luck with your career!

    1. Have you contacted them yet? Want me to do it for you? :)