Sunday, December 26, 2010

Japanese Korean players choose ... Japan.

One of the latest bugaboos of the Kimchi Kamikaze Kommandoes is that ethnic Koreans in Japan are deciding to declare themselves as Japanese and play for the Japanese National teams in sport like soccer.

The KKKunts have their panties in a bunch over this. One in particular, Indicunt errr Indicut, asked if they were not traitors. (He seems to be the type of person who would declare someone from Australia who does something against American interests a traitor to America.)

So someone declaring their nationality, when they have a choice of two, is a traitor if they don't choose South Korea? Wow. How many traitors are running around in the US or Canada by that standard?

They tried to be "Korean" by South Korean standards, were treated like shit and outsiders, so they decided to declare themselves Japanese. Which was their CHOICE. And according to the KKKunts they are traitors. How dare they not accept being treated like shit and say they are Korean even though Korea doesn't want them.

Of course, when biracial Koreans do well South Koreans are quick to declare them to be "Korean." Look at what the bulls shit Hines Ward's mother went through which made her leave South Korea. She was treated like crap by her family and they were spat at because his father was African-American. Now that he is famous he is wanted.

Once Ward was the Superbowl MVP he was all of a sudden accepted and wanted in Korea. Even Roh MooHyun had to meet with him and acknowledge what a great Korean Hines now was. Not a superstar of some sort and "half Korean" you are scum. become a superstar and all of a sudeen you are Korean and loved.

They had a choice, to declare as South Korean or Japanese. They were treated like shit by South Koreans and choose Japan. Which means they are Japanese. Hard to be a traitor to South Korea when they are Japanese.

Yes, KKKunts, those guys are horrible traitors for choosing their "Japanese" side over their "Korean" side after they were treated like shit by Koreans and not by the Japanese. (Wish I could do an eye roll there.) You stupid fucking mooks. You wonder wonder why they would choose Japan over Korea? Fucking assholes like you! You wonder why people think Koreans are racist? Fucking assholes like you. You wonder why Hines Ward's mothers left Korea with him and still feels animosity to Korea? Fucking assholes like you.

So keep up the bad work and keep giving South Korea and Koreans a bad name.


  1. That has to be the lamest website on the web doesn't it? A circle jerk of 'Koreans' who don't live in Korea yet complain about Korea not being Korean enough anymore! There are only about 12 actual members and they just sit around getting each other angry all day! It cracks me up.

  2. They do entertain me when I am bored. If I mention them more than once a day ... I was bored. :)

  3. That's why when a Korean asks if I know who Hines ward is I ask them if they know who Will Demps is?
    Will Demps is Hines Ward without the Super Bowl MVP trophy. Shockingly Korean have never heard of Will Demps.

  4. I will have to remember that one. :)

  5. they are the traitor u are the racist

    1. and you are the fucktard

      koo koo kajoo