Sunday, October 31, 2010

What the ... pathetic moron?!?!?

Either the head KKKunt at Korean Sentry is making a pathetic attempt to try and get Canadians angry at the Japanese or he is making a pathetic attempt to make fun of Canadians. Either way, as usual for Herr Konsoleman, he doesn't do a very good job.

Considering how poor Herr Konsoleman's English ability is I am not surprised he thinks it was the Japanese who wrote the articles. If he could read English, and take his blinders off, he would have seen that the Blog he linked to was started by Americans and is mainly run by Americans with 2 Japanese and a Canadian contributor. The post was based on ... a Canadian news report. No where does it mention the Japanese thinking Canadians are stupid because of this. Unless you drink the haterade of Herr Konsoleman it is pretty much impossible to attribute that to the Japanese.

Unlike Herr Konsoleman and many Koreans, a piece of crap post like his isn't going to get Canadians over reacting ... or one could say acting out like Koreans. Not every one gets their panties in a bunch every time someone criticizes their country. Especially when the criticism is true. That tends to be a Korean trait.

That is the best you can do? I am sure you could find much greater and more recent Canadian cock-ups if you really tried Herr Konsoleman. God knows our current government provides enough examples.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Blog bites the dust.

Hat Tip to Superfantabulous for reporting it first ... An Idiot's Tale is gone.

Yesterday, in a post no longer accessible he said;

"Recently, I received a threat from a Korean netzien claiming that he and his buddies are going to track me down and run my name through the mud because they don't like *An Idiot's Tale*. "

I don't know what came after it because the Blogger: Dashboard only shows a snippet of the post and the site is now locked down.

Lousy Korea, which I have to admit did have racist tendencies but was fun to read, went down because of death threats against herself and others they thought were her. Koreans and thinking ... an unusual combination. Odds are it was Koreans and drinking.

Korean Rum Diary shut down because of these Korean Kimchi Kommandoes. He decided it wasn't worth the aggravation.

Superfantabulous almost shut down. She stopped using the term roundheads to refer to Koreans so they decided to leave her alone. Now she is out of the Land of Confusion.

Now, An Idiot's Tale is gone.

It is kind of sad how eager these assholes are to go after people who criticize Korea, even when they are right, yet they do nothing about the problems in Korea. (And threatening people doesn't solve the problem.) They will perpetuate the attacks on foreigners when it is their own people who are actually raping kids in Korea, raping or molesting students in Korea, spreading aids in Korea, beating students in Korea, threatening to kill people because Korea loses at a sport, and the like. You know, the stuff they blame others for doing. And then they wonder why many people see them as a bunch of backwards ass country fucks.

*** UPDATE 29 October 2010 ***

An idiot's Tale is back up. According to Mr. Wonderful he turned the blog back on for shits and giggles. Which might make you wonder if that was the real reason he shut it off.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What the ... placebo?!?!?

I wasn't going to chime in on the subject of the Korean government deciding to not require HIV tests for "entertainers" while still require it for E-2 Visa holders, aka English teachers. What could I add that hasn't been said? Tharp42 said it best when he called them 'fuckwitts'. I might have dared the ire of the morons and said ricetards but other than that what else could be added?

Then I read this post on Extra! Korea about a 19 year old Korean girl (19 Western or Korean I don't know.) who had unprotected sex with 20 KOREAN men even though she KNEW she is HIV positive. Why unprotected sex? Because the men DID NOT want to use condoms! What the kimchi?

I can't recall how many times I have heard this about Korean men. They don't like to use condoms and will INSIST on not using them when asked. Whether by girls friends or hookers. I have heard it from men and women. Whether in Korea or on sex junkets to other countries. It still boggles my mind. (Mind you when you have Korean doctors saying kimchi prevents STD's you know where some of the stupidity is coming from.)

Then I read another post by Extra! Korea. It talked about a survery by the Women's Human Rights Commission of Korea that showed that nearly 1/3 of Korean teenagers (female) asked would consider exchanging sex for money.

“Wonjo kyoje” more commonly known in English as compensated dating is how most of these girls find their "John's". or should I say "Kim's"? The girls use the internet to find "clients", usually in chat rooms or internet dating sites. This is a problem in both Korea and Japan, and has been in the news off and on as long as I was in Korea.

Guess how the HIV positive girl mentioned above found her 20 "Kim's"? You got it, through these sites.

The Korean government will focus on E-2 Visa holders as being problem, perpetuating the vilification that is going on in the Korean "media", in the name of placating parents while the REAL problem goes ignored. How do we know it is meant as a placebo? Some fucktard from the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology said;

"The continuation does not mean the government regards foreign teachers to be HIV positive or have the potential of transmission ― it is just intended to assure the parents."

We don't think the foreign teachers are a problem but we are doing it anyway to keep the parents happy? It isn't the foreign teachers that are cruising the internet picking up your daughters to fuck for money. It isn't the foreign teachers who are giving or contracting HIV from your daughters. It is KOREAN men! MinGuk please! Wake the fuck up!

Somehow Tharp42 saying "Can Kim Jong-il just go ahead and nuke this place once and for all?" doesn't seem as harsh as it first did.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Korea Times - Worst in the Nation

The Korea Times is keeping their status as a piece of shit paper alive, While they have moved their UFO reporting out of the Nation section of the paper and put it in the Special section that curious lack of quality and journalistic skill we have come to know and expect from them is going strong.

I searched the net for a while trying to find the article they stole this story from. I wasn't able to find one. Mind you that still doesn't mean that it wasn't lifted from another paper/site. It could just have easily been lifted, put through a translation program, and then "cleaned up a bit". South Korean students are good at doing that so it isn't far fetched to believe a "reporter" at the KT would do that.

As regular readers know the Korea Times has a history of stealing stories verbatim with no attribution. In the past these stories, usually about issues that have nothing to do with Korea, appeared in The Nation section of the rag.

Now we have yet another UFO article appear in the Korea Times. It comes with no attribution which would normally lead one to think it was written by a reporter smart enough not to want his name associated with it. However we are talking about the Korea Times here and smart is rarely an option.

There is an email address tagged at the bottom of the Korean translation of the article. I emailed and asked where the article was lifted from this time. I won't hold my breath waiting for a reply.

One thing is clear, it is time that the Korea Times changed their title. No longer should they claim to be First in the Nation they should acknowledge that they are Worst in the Nation. Unless of course by First in the Nation they mean first in shitty reporting.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What the ... brothel?!?!?

Brian in Jeollonamdo aka Blian Golden Balls to those who follow An Idiot's Tale, graced my comment section with his presence.

Brian had this to say;

"Right, apologist.

I'm not saying love motels don't attract prostitutes and johns, or that they don't have condoms or vending machines. But it's lazy to call them brothels, when you're not going to find brothels in Yeongam and Mokpo."

I didn't say Brian was an apologist. There was something about a "cunning stunt" in the comment section being either Korean or an apologist. That wasn't a poke at Brian ... unless he is also that poster. When it came to Brian I simply asked the question if someone calling a love hotel (which may or may not have hookers or order them for you) is a moron what should I call someone labeling them a moron? An apologist? I did say, in the comments that it made me wonder if Brian was on his way to becoming an apologist. Maybe I just should have said he was a moron himself?

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would hear a reply so ... moronic from him. You aren't going to find brothels in Mokpo?!?!? What the kimchi?!?? Has he been smoking that whacky tobaccy?

If he had just said it is lazy to call them all brothels I could have agreed with him. It was lazy because not all of them are brothels. They could have and should have qualified their comment. But then Brian went on to make that insanely stupid statement about Mokpo.

I have been in much smaller cities than Mokpo and there were double barber poles around. Reading what was said in A Year in Mokpo would make me think there are massage parlours in Mokpo. You know, the ubiquitous Korean massage parlours where you go for a haircut, shave, and a happy ending. Those aren't brothels of a sort?

I was visiting friends who lived out in the rice fields several years ago. The love hotel I stayed in offered women through room service. Plus there were massage parlours around ... as I said you can't miss the double barber pools. Mokpo is HUGE compared to that town and you are trying to say they have no brothels there?!?

I guess Brian doesn't follow Korea Beat. Or else he doesn't consider Room Salon's, a place that provides prostitutes, a type of brothel. If so he has a strange definition of what constitutes a brothel. Oh wait, he has links to Korea Beat AND A Year in Mokpo on his site.

I decided to do a google search to see what I could find about Mokpo and Brothels. Once you got rid of the current articles about the F1 there was some stuff to be found. A Year in Mokpo's site, Korea Beat, even a poster on Asia Finest talked about brothels/hookers in Mokpo. He said in 2007;

"I live in Mokpo, and there are anmas and full-service barbershops on every corner. Why would it be different in other places with a large Korean male population?"

Was he lying? Exaggerating about every corner maybe, much like calling every Love Hotel a brothel is exaggerating ... but lying? After all you won't find any brothels in Mokpo. Right Brian?

Which brings me back to his comment that you won't find brothels in Mokpo. If the people calling love hotels are morons for being lazy what the kimchi does that make Brian for his statement about brothels in Mokpo?

Is he being disingenuous, moronic, or maybe he drank too much kool aid and is trying to pass it on? Having followed his blog for years I don't think he is a moron or an apologist. That leaves disingenuous. Maybe it was just a momentary lapse of reason?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Who's the moron?

Wow First we get to see Bobby get his panties in a bunch over Banksy and now Brian in Jeollonamdo is getting a little bent out of shape over reality. His latest post has him calling anyone who thinks a love hotel is a brothel a moron. ( Oh and Bobby did post about this too, but without any of his Blansky bile.) While I agree most love hotels aren't brothels ... in my experience many of them are.

I went to the blog that offended Blian's sensibilities so much. I was expecting it to REALLY rip into Korea and Love Hotels. It didn't. While it did call them brothels and reprinted comments by people about finding used condoms or rooms that had been rented out for an hour or so it also contained comments talking about how nice the room was and the amenities that came with it. Hardly a blistering piece of blogging.

One cunning stunt who posted in the comment section was fun to read. He is either Korean or a Korean apologist. Why? Well, he droned on about Love Hotels being cultural. He threw out the old "The people writing these articles know nothing about Asian culture." Then he went on about how they are used to take girlfriends to, which is true, but he completely ignored their other use. He even threw in a Japan comparison while ignoring that other aspect of Korean culture, men using hookers of all sorts.

Now a hotel that supplies a room with dildo machines, condoms, sex toys, and/or porn doesn't make it a brothel. Nor does renting rooms out by the hour. There are "No-Tell" Motels all over the world. Love hotels do make a cheaper alternative to regular hotels and are usually well kitted out. Huge beds, TV's, some have whirlpool bath tubs. Most of the ones I have stayed at have been very clean and modern. Better than higher priced main stream hotels.

However, I would class many of the love hotels I have stayed at or seen as brothels of a sort. Why? You can order a woman, and I don't mean with an ad for a coffee girl although you will see them around too. Many of the love hotels I have stayed at have a menu by the phone. You could order food, drink, or a woman. Prices were shown for the food and drink but not for the woman. Several of the hotels had a norae bang (singing room) in the basement, with a lot of "partners" waiting for guys to cum sing or they had their own low end Room Salon. And a Room Salon is a kind of brothel.

The same sort of comments and problems turned up during World Cup 2002. The Korean government actually forced owners to label their hotels "World Inns" to get away from the love hotel image. My biggest problem with Love Hotels during World Cup was the way they doubled or tripled their prices. We ended up paying 70-80,000 won for what would have been a 30,000 won room in Ulsan for the Denmark vs Uruguay match. Bloody gougers!

A hotel with singing room hookers, room salon hookers, or a hooker you can order up to your room over the phone. I have no problem with someone calling a place like that a brothel. Is someone calling a place like that brothel a moron or is the person doing the labeling being an apologist?

Friday, October 15, 2010

What the ... cheaters?

I read an interesting post on Prestige Korea about dating. The blogger talked about some of the women he dated in the past.

It got me thinking about some of the ones I dated. There was a common theme to some of mine, they all had Korean boy friends at the same time and they lied about it. To me that is a big no-no. It seemed to be a very common thing for Korean women to do, especially if their boy friend was doing his military service.

I had a girl friend who cheated on me before and I never wanted to be THAT person. It is a relationship ender for me. I just couldn't trust someone who cheated on me not to do it again. Nor am I stupid enough to believe that they wouldn't do it again.

I had heard other foreign guys saying that "we don't count" to Korean women but never put a lot of stock in it. Then an ex, when we were breaking up, flat out said it. She told me that I am a foreigner so I don't count. I can't be her boyfriend. Don't count for what I am not sure, she was no virgin.

Having that happen to me a few times and seeing it happen with friends made me a lot less trusting of Korean women. Kind of the way we don't count in their society affects the way I see Korean society.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

What the ... registration?!?!?

I decided to see how hard it would be to register for the Korea Times in English. If it worked I was going to leave a link to the original 2008 Daily Mail article they pilfered. Considering it IS an English language newspaper it should be user friendly when it comes to foreigners registering in English. Of course, I also know I am talking about the Korea Times, let alone a Korean website, so I expected it to be a pain in the ass.

When you hit the register button you are given two options. One in Korean and one in English labelled "Foreigner Register". Not "Registration for Foreigners". Not "Foreigners Register Here." Not even "Foreigner Registration". Just the poorly worded "Foreigner Register".

After trying five times the registration page for foreigners STILL wouldn't load. I tried loading other pages, even other KT pages and had no problem.

The Korean language registration page loaded with no problem the 1st try.

But going back immediately for a 6th try at loading the "Foreigner Register" still ended in failure. Everytime it failed on a time out error.

Error 118 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT): The operation timed out.

What the kimchi?

The Korean language registration page is useless not just because it is in Korea but because it requires a Korean ID number. Unless you are a foreigner working and living in Korea with an Alien Registration Card you can't use this. Mind you that is ONLY if they accept the ARC number, not many Korean sites actually accept the number even though the Korean government will tell you they do.

I switched to Internet Explorer, I had been using Google Chrome, and tried again. Again it was a big FAIL. According to Microsoft troubleshooting

Problem found: resource ( is online but ins't responding to destected connection attempts.

I tried a couple more times and still had no joy. So 10 attempts to register all failed because the "Foreigner Register" page won't load while at the same time the Korean language one loads easily. Seems like the Korea Times doesn't REALLy want foreigners to register and comment on their craptastic site.

Am I surprised? Of course not. A site/rag that seems to like to villify foreigners, fake stories, fake statistics, plagarise, and ignore reality doesn't really seem like one that would want to hear what foreigners have to say.

What the ... UFO?!?!?!?

Once again the Korea Times is trying to prove just how crappy it is. When it isn't making up stories with fake data, printing racist cartoons and comments, or providing shoddy journalism it is stealing stories from other papers. Yes, the Korea Times is once again proving that plagarism is alive and strong in the ROK.

The latest is a story from 2008. Yes, they lifted a story from the Daily Mail and have printed it as if it is their own. They even lifted the graphics. A total steal.

The story? Of course it had nothing to do with Korea or even Asia. It is about a police helicopter in Cardiff having a close encounter with ... a U.F.O. And yes it is a story from 2008 not 2010. They went back 2 years to steal a story. Maybe they thought no one could find out?

The story is a condensed version of what appeared in the Daily Mail Online. Some comments were copied verbatim from the article. Plus, the graphic they used comes straight from the Daily Mail article with no attribution.

This isn't the first story, or even E.T. related story, the Korea Times has lifted from a foreign media source. We can at least say the Korea Times is consistent. Consistently a piece of crap.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What the ... racist cartoon?!?!?

It is kind of funny how no matter how hard you try to ignore something it always pops up. Take the Korea Times. I tend to ignore it unless REALLY bored or, more usually, a friend sees something and passes it on to me. You would think that it would be hard for a rag like the Korea Times to keep showing their ass but somehow they always seem to find a way.

How have they done it this time? Cartoons again.

This cartoon depicts a Westerner sticking his "big nose" in Chinese affairs. A "big nose" is a pejorative in Asia for Westerners.

In some respects it reminds me of how the "Jewish nose" was used in Nazi propaganda. How it is still used today. "All Jew's have large hooked noses." "All Westerner's have big noses. "

I wonder how South Koreans would have liked a cartoon about Kim DaeJung bowing down to North Korea, kowtowing to the Dear Leader or the Japanese? Would they like to Koreans caricatured as buck toothed, coke-bottle glasses wearing, dog eating farmers? They would find it racist and insulting. Odds are they would react the way Koreans usually do. Badly.

Of course, any such depiction of Kim DaeJung would have been extremely racist using racist imagery of Asians to denigrate someone.

Is it surprising to see racist cartoons in Korean papers? No. Just like it isn't surprising to see racist shit on Korean television. Or to encounter it in their society.

Yes, there is racism everywhere in the world. I just find that it is more pervasive and tolerated in South Korea. Where racism is usually espoused by fringe elements (tea baggers, KKK, etc) in the West it is fairly main stream, open, and tolerated, in South Korea. Look at CYJ English Academy in Seoul and their ads which have been up for years. Cultural tips put out for EPIK that actually tells you Koreans are racist. Then you have such overtly racist bullshit as Koreans using blackface ... can you say Bubble Sisters?

I read on the net about one person who saw similar sort of shit over the Chuseok holiday on Korean TV. A Korean comedian done up in black face eating watermelon. It was supposed to be a parody of Michael Jackson. (Too soon?)

Korea Times thanks for once again showing your insensitivity, stupidity, and racist ways. No matter how high you have raised the bar of stupidity you somehow always find a way to raise it higher. Fucking mooks.

Speaking of bad reactions ... I wonder if this will get as visceral a reaction on the Marmot's Hole as the opening of the latest Simpson's Episode got?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What the ... fuck you?!?!?

Wow, I actually didn't expect such a visceral reaction from The Marmot's Hole over the opening of the last Simpson's episode. "Hey, Fuck You, Banksy"?!?!? What the kimchi?!?!?

I expected Korean's and some others to over react to it like that but not the Marmot. Jeeze Bobby, maybe you have been in South Korea too long? You seem to have lost the ability to understand satire and to read everything as a dig at South Korea. Maybe Stig and I need to bastardize "Turning Japanese" into "Turning South Korean" and dedicate it to the Marmot?

When I saw it I immediately thought of ... China. The Panda kind of reinforced that for me. I didn't even think of North Korea. Just China. Most of the people I know thought of China or the Norks too. Or that is was just a statement about sweat shops in general. Not a poke at south Korea.

I don't remember Marmot getting his panties in this much of a bunch (or any type of bunch) any other time the Simpson's took a direct dig at any other country. And I still don't think this was a direct dig at South Korea or an attempt to "defame " the artists who work at AKOM.

By the way Bobby, IF it was supposed to be aimed at AKOM, and not a general statement on sweat shops or even one aimed at china or the NorKs, how would it be defaming the artists who are portrayed as sweat shop slaves? Wouldn't it be defaming the company and the people who run it? And Fox? And Groenig? And anyone associated with Simpson's Merchandise? How would it be defaming the artists? Interesting leap of logic there.

Hell, as some of Bobby's own readers pointed out, this isn't the first time the Simpson's has shown the cartoon being made in a sweat shop. It was shown being made in a sweat shop in an earlier episode, complete with a "South Korean" soldier prodding a slow cartoonist with a bayonet if my memory doesn't fail me. (And it didn't fail me. One of Marmot's readers mentioned it too (it was a 1992 episode) and provided a link to a screencap.) That didn't raise Marmot's ire but something with Panda's (China), Dolphin heads (Japan?), and unicorn's (there are no unicorns in South Korea Bobby, they are a fantasy creature) does? Wow.

I wonder if he is equally upset with their OBVIOUS insult to South Korea over calling things the "something of the something"?

Much ado about nothing. Like I said, I expected over reactions from South Koreans but not the Marmot. I guess he turned into an adjosshi. If it could happen to him could it happen to ... you?!?!? (Oh wait he left South Korea didn't he? Damn it has a residual efffect!!!!)

Monday, October 11, 2010

What the ... something of the something?!?!?

It is kind of funny that people are talking about the opening sequence of the latest Simpson's episode and South Korea. I associated it more with China or North Korea than South Korea. It wasn't even the 1st time the show has spoofed labour in South Korea. I forget which episode it was but they showed the Korean animators being forced to work at gun point. There was something that struck me as a perfect comment on Koreans though.

Marge: Sweetie, you can still go to McGill. The Harvard of Canada.

Lisa: Anything that is the something of the something isn't really the anything of anything.

How often have you heard Koreans, whether it is individuals, the government, or the media, say something is the something of Korea? I have heard it way too many times.

I think the most worn out ones I have heard are;

Jeju is the Hawaii of Korea
Pajeon is pizza of Korea

It is hard to remember just how many times I have heard those. Whenever you talk about Jeju that one tends to get throw out.

Brian in Jeollonamdo provided an interesting list. Here are some of the highlights.

Kim Gyeong-ah the Korean Paris Hilton (Why the hell anyone would be proud to claim to have a Paris Hilton is beyond me.)

Cheongnyangni is Korea's Amsterdam

Rain is Korea's Usher

Yeouido is Korea's Manhattan

The Jindo Sea-Parting Festival is Korea's Moses Red Sea Miracle. (Who is the Charelton heston of Korea?)

The Namdaemun arson is Korea's 9/11. (I find that one disgustingly stupid. As if you can compare a drunken asshole burning down Namdaemun with what happened on 9-11.)

The list goes on and on. The next time a Korean tell's me something is the something of Korea I will have to use Lisa's reply. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What the ... turnabout?!?!?

As with the Korea Times, I don't bother with the KKK site Korean Sentry much. In fact, I can't remember the last time I checked their site out. Since I had a few minutes to kill and had checked out any site worth checking I popped in there tonight.

As I read one of their recent threads the hypocrisy and stupidity of these morons made me laugh. The thread was not a laughing a matter, it was pretty disgusting. It was about a 5 year old girl being raped in a Chinese hospital by a 13 year old Korean boy. It was started, as are most threads there, by the mook called Consoleman who runs the site.

The FIRST thing he does is call the story questionable. Then he immediately starts to question the ethnicity of the 13 year rapist. Why does he question the story? Well that is where some of the hypocrisy and stupidity comes from.

First he doubts the veracity of the story because it comes from China. The story actually comes from Hong Kong which when it was pointed out caused Herr Consoleman to stammer and back track a little. Hong Kong news is more trustworthy than Chinese news.

BUT ... and this was particularly laugh worthy ... he then says in his bad English

" ... if there was any kind of news then won't have missed many Korean newspapers."

If it was REAL news it would have been in Korean newspapers? I don't know what Herr Consoleman smokes but if the Korean government finds out he can be arrested when he returns there! Because it didn't appear in the Korean papers it probably didn't happen? What a fucking moron!

The Korean media, especially the English language jokes that try to pawn themselves off as media, rarely if ever report Koreans acting badly in Korea let alone in other countries.

Does this lack of logic extend to any bad act done by a Korean that hasn't appeared in Korean papers? Was the the 19 year old Korean exchange student that molested a 6 and 4 year old in the US in 2008 mentioned in Korean papers? If it wasn't then based on Herr Consoleman's lack of logic that probably didn't happen.

It is kind of funny when he queries;

"Can anyone check the source for this story to confirm why the hell Korean boy was at that hospital at first place? "

Did you read the article that you posted a link to? It is a pediatric hospital. Why would he be at that hospital? It is a kid's hospital and 13 is still a kid. But hey since Herr Consoleman was too lazy to see if there was anything else on the story he wouldn't know that would he?

According to another story BOTH kids were there being examined for sexual abuse, for different cases. The story was also reported on several other web sites, some news related some not, as well as being reported by the Associated Press. But hey it wasn't in a Korean paper so it probably didn't happen. Just listen to Herr Consoleman and discount it.

Then Herr Consoleman compounds his hypocrisy by whinging about Chinese bloggers who are calling for the death penalty for the rapist. Dude, you ever read some of the shit that people have posted on your site? Some of the things you have written? Pot you are complaining about the kettle again!

What never fails to make me shake my head is the reaction of Koreans like Herr Consoleman to shit like this. Normal people would be disgusted that it happened and hope the guilty party was punished. They wouldn't be worrying about race and ethnicity. Look at the reaction of most foreigners to the video of that asshole beating up the old man in Itaewon. Most foreigners were disgusted by it.

When the Virginia Tech shooting happened no one except for Koreans dwelled on the fact the shooter was Korean. It was barely mentioned by the non-Korean media and was never a major part of the story. The focus of the media was on the fact someone with obvious mental problems, who had been reported as dangerous, still managed to get a gun and murder people. No one was howling for the heads of all Koreans (and you know that if an American had shot up a Korean University it would not be safe to be white in South Korea) or threatening them. The only ones even making stupid statements about things like that happening were ... Koreans.

(As an aside, it is kind of funny how quickly Koreans latch onto ethnic-Koreans who are famous but quickly divorce themselves of the infamous. Oh Hines Ward is Korean!!!! Oh VT shooter moved there when he was young and is not a real Korean. But I digress.)

Herr Consoleman is pretty much typical of the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes. Reactionary and nonsensical with an unhealthy dollop of racism thrown in.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What the ... clothing?

A reader emailed me this picture. It is from a sign on the side of the New Core Outlet at Boemgye Station in Anyang. It is for a new line of clothes called ... Mook.

Damn. they even have their own brand of clothing. What is next? Cologne and perfume? Mook ... by Faberge.

Monday, October 4, 2010

What the ... bigoted BS?!?!?

A tip of the hat to Marmot for first posting about the stupidity of Korean mothers making Perez Hilton's blog. Yes, Korean mothers hit it big when they announced they are forming a union to protest a gay storyline on a Korean drama.

A popular Korean drama called "Life is Beautiful" has a storyline concerning a gay couple. What is the reaction of these Korean mothers? A protest. Why? The show may turn their children gay. What the kimichi??!?! There are still people that stupid? Yes, and they are proud to let you know they are in the Land of the Moronic Bigot. One of these stupid bitches with too much time on her hand said;

“If my son becomes gay and dies from AIDs after watching ‘Life Is Beautiful’, SBS must take responsibility! ‘Life Is Beautiful’ has glamorized the culture of gays against what is realistically, healthy and proper for the citizens of Korea.”

Ah .... and there you have it ... the secret reason is ... blood money. If the show turns their kids gay they WILL die from aids, because as all bigots know that all gays have aids, then SBS MUST pay them blood money.

And of course we all know that having gay people on TV will send gay waves through the TV that can convert watching it into a flaming homosexual. So SBS must be deliberately trying to turn Koreans into homosexuals! Must not be any blood money in that theory or these fuckwits would be pursuing it.

Next they will be using the logic of Robertson and Fallwell to blame homosexuals for the typhoon season.

I liked the response of Hong Seok Cheon. Especially when he said

"The people that put out this ad not only demolished the human rights of gays but of AIDS patients as well. This is such an amazing country, allowing such ads to be put out. This ad being released is a more severe problem than the fact that gays are shown on a public broadcast drama. Anything can be released as long as money is involved, I suppose."

I am not surprised that the ad came out. After all, look at the BS that CYJ English put out about foreign teachers. I still have to shake my head in amazement at the Korean Human Rights Commission telling one person who complained about CYJ that while the ad was discriminatory it wasn't discriminatory enough. Using that lack of logic neither is this one.

Considering how much Koreans hate bad press about Korea, and how well read Perez's blog is, it could be interesting to see if Koreans come out against this group or blindly defend it

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mook of the Week

Here is another tribute to Delivery Mooks.

They really do exemplify a good part of what makes a mook a mook. A complete disregard for others. They park where they want, when they want, regardless of how it may inconvenience others. Even when there are better spots to park that won't block things, or at least won't block them as much, they still take the path or most resistance.

This mook was making a delivery to a bar by the benches where Stig and I often had after dinner cigars and drinks. It is a very busy 2 lane street. Thanks to people parking wherever they want it often seems like a one lane street.

Along comes this delivery mook. He sort of double parks, blocks both lanes of traffic getting out and mooking about his truck. He actually spent more time mooking about his truck than in making his delivery. At first he blocked traffic getting shit out. He LEFT the door to the refrigerated trailer OPEN while he went in!

Then after making the delivery he fucked around the side of his truck again for a while before leaving.

Needless to say there was more than a bit of horn blowing and posturing going on from the other mooks this mook inconvenienced.

Aish! Delivery mooks!!! Ah shepal!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Stig Goes To Korea

Well, since Flint started his reminisces about how he came to Korea, I've been brooding on my early years. Since I'm not there anymore, with no plans to return, maybe I'm in a position to go back and sort some things out. Maybe make some sense of it all.
Since I've been back home, I've been going through my papers and other assorted memorabilia I had stored at my folks' place. The process sure has brought back a lot of memories, not all of them bad.
My journey to Korea started back in the 90's.
After I graduated university (with a degree in History), I drifted for a long time. My plan had been to go on and get a Bachelor of Education degree, but my marks weren't quite good enough for the faculty to seriously consider accepting me as a student. There were other, more deserving applicants.
I made a half-hearted attempt to bring my marks up to snuff, but lost interest and didn't even finish out the semester. I had been working part-time as a security guard, and I drifted into a full-time position at a bank data centre.
I liked security work, especially the night shift, because it gave me plenty of time to read. Mostly it was quiet, and I didn't have to deal with too many people bothering me. It was a lazy decision, and appealed to the idle side of my nature.
My folks were pushing me to do something more with my life, but I had difficulty getting motivated. But I gradually became aware of overseas jobs, teaching English, that might provide something of a challenge.
I applied to teach with a U.S. Christian school in Hungary, and considered going to Africa, when I met another guard who told me about Korea. He explained to me the part about only needing a four-year degree, receiving training on the job, and especially teaching private lessons for some extra income.
He left me with a xeroxed brochure with some FAQs and a contact number for a recruiter who might find me a school. This was 10 years ago, and I was only just becoming computer literate, but I managed to correspond with this fellow, send in my resume, and start fielding offers.
Most of the schools needed someone RIGHT NOW, which I hadn't anticipated. I needed time to fold up my life here in Canada and put my things in storage. I calculated how long this would take and gave the recruiter a tentative start date for November of 2000.
He came back to me with a school in the Korean town of Uijongbu, which is siuated a little north of Seoul. Anyone who doesn't recognize the name might be interested to know that this town was the setting for the fictional characters in the book, movie, and TV series "M*A*S*H." I was excited to hear this, being a big fan. This was where almost all I knew about Korea had been learned.
I learned more courtesy of the Canadian government, which has an extensive article about teaching English in Korea on their website. When I received my passport, it was accompanied by a booklet entitled "Before You Go," which has a lot of useful information like that.
I read a generally positive view of going to Korea, with some warnings about things like the fact that Koreans view contracts as subject to negotiation, even after you have signed them. Anyone who has worked in Korea has no doubt become aware of an employer's... "freedom" with the terms of a contract.
There were a great many things I had to learn about Korea and working there that would come as rude shocks, starting with checking in at the airport.
My parents saw me off on my flight early one morning, and I'm not ashamed to say that I was nearly overcome with emotion on the short hop from Calgary to Vancouver. I was stepping off into a great unknown, leaving everything I had known and loved behind.
Transferring planes in Vancouver, I met up with my sister and niece, who came down to the airport to see me off. They accompanied me to the check-in, where the first bump in the road very nearly derailed everything.
The ticket agent asked me the purpose of my visit to Korea, and I forthrightly answered that I was going to teach English. She noted that I had not yet obtained a work visa ( for most foreigners an E-2), and that without one, I wasn't going any further.
My recruiter had told me that I would obtain my visa after I had arrived in Korea, but had neglected to tell me that not only was this technically illegal, but that I should keep quiet about it until I was actually in country, and even then not to go noising around about it.
Luckily, I could stay with my sister in Vancouver until things got sorted out, but it almost looked like my Korean adventure was over before it had even started.

Year 2 - Doctor Doctor

Another old email I found. I remember how frustrating it was to deal with the doctors. My first year I didn't deal with them, mainly because my insurance was fly by night with no card.

Ivy School was over a clinic and my new fly by night insurance company didn't have a card but I had a boss that would send them my receipts.



Well, I ended up coming off the Oriental medicine and going back on Western. After taking the new stuff for 2 weeks I hadn't improved, and then I had another bad bout. It was a sinus infection. Again. I knew it 3 months ago, and I knew it then.

So this time I went to the "regular" doctor and told him what was going to happen. a) I have a sinus infection. b) My doctor in Canada gives me 3 weeks of meds (antibiotics) and if it is bothering me in 2 weeks I see him again. If not I keep taking the meds until they are gone. None of this here is 3 days worth and come back or not telling you anything else shit. c) He was going to do something similar.

So then he tells me, surprise surprise, I have a sinus infection and should be on constant meds for 2-3 weeks. He gave me a weeks worth, and I went back every week for 3 weeks. The meds have been working, slowly since the infection had 3 months to entrench itself, but I am finally feeling normal.

Because of the infection I haven't done a hell of a lot except stay home, read, watch movies, and veg out. I haven't even been on the computer much either.

I have read about the snow storm hitting the east coast. As strange as it sounds to say I miss that weather.

Take care


It still boggles the mind that I had to fight and argue just to get more than 3 days meds. Of course you know why the doctors want you back every 3 days. They get more money from the insurance companies.