Thursday, September 17, 2015

What the ... top list?!?!?!?

Yet another top list about South Korea. :(

A friend sent me a link to The Top 7 Things South Korea Does Better Than Anyone Else. Against my better judgement I took a look at it. The author (who is never given any recognition) says it is 7 things that South Koreans are world champions at. That automatically had me shaking my head. It can only go down hill from there. And it did.

When I first read this post I had hoped it was a tongue in cheek one. But after reading and rereading it I don't think it is.

Here are the Top 7 and my thoughts on them.

#1 Flight Attendant For their service and beauty. Seriously? First off, that is subjective. Second off, everything I saw (experienced living in Asia for 10 years) and read had Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Singapore ahead of any Korean airline. While I would rather travel any Korean airline before Air Canada they weren't the best I experienced. Close but not there.

#2 Plastic/Cosmetic Surgery I always heard that was true. Is it something to be proud of though? Your kids all want to look "western" and get double eyelid surgery instead of being proud of who they are. Yeah. Something to feel great about.

#3 Working Hard & Drinking Hard First off I call bullshit on this. Having lived and worked in South Korea for 10 years this made me laugh. It should have said Seeming to Work Hard & Drinking Hard. They definitely drink hard. Work hard? Fuck off. They LOOK like they are working hard. My co-workers always looked busy unless you actually looked at what they were doing. Shopping online. Playing online games. If you wanted to LOOK like you worked hard all you had to do was have a LOT of photocopies to hand out to your students.

As for the drinking not negatively affecting productivity. Please fuck off. I guess I was just imagining those days after the drinkfests when my co-workers would show up late, INCLUDING my boss, and hung over. They couldn't do their job properly. But what the fuck do I know.

#4 Credit Card Transactions  Is that really something to be proud of? Credit card debt is a big problem in  South Korea.  It is a reason why people kill themselves and get divorced.

#5 Starcraft   Once again is that something to crow about? Not even Starcraft 2 which is more recent but the game that came out in 1998. Get with the fucking times, and for god's sake not The Korean Times!

#6 Cosmetics Yes they are obsessed with beauty. Is that something to brag about?

#7 Internet Connectivity FINALLY, One I can agree with. The internet in South Korea is fucking amazing. The cost is low and the quality is high. Canada can only dream of having the same level as South Korea.

1 out of 7 actually made sense as something to brag about. Wow. What a load of shit. Then I looked at the site itself. Koreaboo. What a load of shit. Even though the post wasn't meant as tongue in cheek it was definitely a joke. Much like the site.

There are a LOT of things Koreans should be proud of. This list and site isn't one of them.