Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about the Simpsons.

Aren't they also involved in making of the Simsons? This one looks more like older Disney cartoon. The style reminds me of Snow White or Bambi.

Herr Consoleman posted a link to a North Korean Anti-American cartoon and that was Campers reply. He thinks the Simpsons animation is done by the Norks?!?!?!?!?! Or does he think there is a North Korean cartoon called The Simsons? Just when you think Indcut is the biggest moron on Korea Sentry you have this post by Campers. What a fucking idiot.

I try to get away from posting about these idiots but their stupidity just keeps dragging me back. :)

Update July 1 2011:

Thanks to the info provided by Burndog I have to apologize. There really is a Nork cartoon called "The Simsons" which is meant to parody The Simpsons and be anti-American. Damn. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Shit Morons Say ... about gender imbalance.

Isn't there generally more women in Korea than men?

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't help laughing before starting any commentary. This comment was made by Indicunt ... or Indicut ... in a thread on KkkS about the shortage of Korean women in South Korea.

This twat tries to tell people what Korea is REALLY like and about. He tries to tell people who should or should not be allowed into South Korea. Yet he really doesn't seem to know much about South Korea.

The gender imbalance and the problems it has created already, and ones it will create in the future, has been around since I 1st went to Korea, and probably before. The big worry back then was what would happen in 10-15 years. But this idiot who likes to think he is a font of knowledge about Korea never knew about it. Even Herr Consoleman knew about it and he has been ensconced in his parents basement in Australia since at least High School.

What a moron.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... when they lose.

According to the coach for the North Korean World Cup women's team the reason they lost to the US team was because ... several of their players were struck by lightning while practicing in Pyongyang. (A tip of the hat to Korea Beat for this one.)

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! That is a pretty insane excuse. :)

Shit Morons Say ... about inventing.

Caucasians have invented too many things for the society of human beings.

So Caucasians are bad because they invented too many things that are useful? Seriously? That is one of the stupidest fucking things Indicut has written, and he has written some doozies. Of course he had to add a load of racist bullshit after that.

Other races like Hispanics and Blacks are nothing but cockroaches that only leech off the flourishing nations. If Korea were to let any race immigrate into Korea, I would only approve the entrance of Whites. Hispanics are decent for labor but they have that 3rd world mentality that just consumes their area of habitat into a ghetto filth.

His just one whackjob among the many whackjobs on Korea Sentry.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about rioting vs demonstrating.

Koreans don't really have riots. They don't burn down stores or loot or deface public property en masse. They may DEMONSTRATE and be loud, but that is a far cry from rioting.

Wideawake on Korea Sentry.

Wow, this twit really showed his lack of knowledge about Korea, and the difference between demonstrating and rioting. Google definitely isn't his friend.

I guess he had his head buried in the sand when the Mad Cow riots were taking place. While the Korean "demonstrators" don't loot en masse they do throw molotov cocktails, attack police, destroy public property. I guess to FastAsleep that is just being loud?

And that doesn't even start getting into the antics of the "demonstrators" at ones that don't turn into riots. Tearing a live piglet into quarters. Bludgeoning pheasants to death. Of course their politicians don't exactly set a good example do they?

Of course this is a person who claims KS isn't really a racist hate site.

AddedJune 28th 2011:

I figures I would add this link to one of ROKDrop's posts. It is about the 2002 accident where 2 Korean Middle School girls were killed and the subsequent fuckery and lies.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What the ... misperception?!?!?

Reading the lametations of the KKKluckers and their ilk makes me shake my head at the way they seem to perceive non-Koreans. Do they REALLY believe that people (non-Korean) approve of others in or from their home country acting like assholes or breaking the law? In the case of many of the KKKleagle at Korea Sentry they actually grew up and/or live in Western countries.

Look at the latest foreign idiots in South Korea that got the KKKlans juices flowing. First you have the mooks sitting on the floor of the subway drinking and playing cards. Then you have the uber-idiots stripping down at a baseball game. If I was to only go by what the folks at KS and their ilk said I would be left thinking that ALL foreigners approve of this behaviour. If I was to go by what one of the contributors on Marmot's Hole said I would be left thinking that it is common behaviour in Western countries. Their perception isn't just off, it is seriously flawed.

I don't know of anyone (ex-pat/foreigner) who says the behaviour of those people is acceptable. Sure, some may joke and laugh about them but they would also be quick to say they are a bunch of fucktards. A lot of foreigners I know in Korea would like to see the offenders identified, exposed (no pun intended), and punished for their behaviour. They believe, and I concur, that these idiots give foreigners a bad name in Korea and there is no excuse for what they did. In fact, it doesn't matter if they did it in South Korea, Canada, or Zimbabwe, they would still be viewed as assholes by most people.

Nor have I seen any foreign media coverage extolling the virtues of the idiot ex-pats. Or even websites doing teh same. If there was something like that out there then I could see where this perception MIGHT come from. But there is nothing like that out there. Sometimes perceptions are have some basis in reality but I haven't seen anything to support this one.

To actually believe that most if not all ex-pats and foreigners believe this is pretty fucked up. It doesn't say a lot about the intelligence of those (like the KS idiots) espousing that view. However, it does give you an insight into their bias, hatreds, and just how far they will go to grind that axe.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Travelling Abroad

"Do we really want to travel in hermetically sealed popemobiles through the rural provinces of France, Mexico and the Far East, eating only in Hard Rock Cafes and McDonalds? Or do we want to eat without fear, tearing into the local stew, the humble taqueria's mystery meat, the sincerely offered gift of a lightly grilled fish head? I know what I want. I want it all. I want to try everything once."

— Anthony Bourdain (Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly)

This quote really made me think of Koreans I know who travelled abroad. Most of them went on package tours where everything was prepared for them. For the most part they only ate at Korean style restaurants. They saw all the sites tourists are supposed to see, and had their pictures taken in front of them.

To me going to another country should be an experience of all your senses. Not some antiseptic prepared tour where nothing is really a surprise and all you experience is the familiar. I believe you need to experience all the culture and food is a major part of that. I would be gobsmacked when I talked with friends and students who travelled abroad but never sampled the food. In many cases they brought Korean rice and kimchi with them.

I would look at them as if they were insane when they talked about going to Thailand but not even trying Thai food. They would say it tastes too strong or too hot. But ... how the kimchi would they know? They never tried it! One of the biggest complaints I heard was about how all Chinese food is too oily, too greasy. Yet this would be said after telling you they have NEVER eaten it. They never even tried a nibble. Why? Because they were TOLD, by Koreans, that the food was like that. So why bother trying it? To which I would say why bother going abroad if you are just going to see Korean related or approved sites and only eating Korean food?

From the WTK Mailbag - Obsession

One of my readers emailed me and had this to say

Dear What The Kimchi

Why the kimchi do you pay so much attention to the useless cunts over at Korea Sentry? It seems like you are obsessed with them. They deserve to be shit on and ignored.

Yours sincerely
Long Time Reader

Dear LTR

You do make a valid point. A couple actually. I have been posting more about the KKKlan than normal and the twats over there do deserve to be shit on.

I am not one to ignore idiots though, I believe that when people are behaving badly it needs to be pointed out to them. A lot of times, not in the case of the KKKluckers though, people actually think they are doing nothing wrong and if no one points their behaviour out they will continue on that way. Take bad drivers for example. So, I like to point it out, and when I am wrong I hope it gets pointed out to me.

As to the recent flurry of posts ... I have an admission to make. I have a problem. :( I find myself with extra free time lately ... and I get bored easily. :( The morons, miscreants, and malcontents over there have been providing me with entertainment to relieve my boredom. So my posting serves two purposes. To expose their idiocy and alleviate my boredom.

Have I been giving them too much attention? Probably. Mind you most times they post they give a wealth of material to be mocked. I wonder if this is how Jon Stewart felt when George Bush would open his mouth? Except I am no Jon Stewart, and George Bush is more intelligent than most of the KKKleagle over there.

Your Humble Servant and Deviant ESL Tyrant

What the ... kkkluck?!?!?

It looks like some of the KKKluckers are turning on ChanHo because he thinks the racist BS at KS is too much at times.

It didn't take long for ChanHo's attempt to move things towards a more civil discourse at KS to turn into the KKKleagle attacking him and making the same old tired excuses, of other sites being nasty, to explain why their behaviour is ok. Grade school thinking from a site that often resembles a low grade soap opera.

Who is leading the attack on ChanHo? Indicut. You may remember Indicut from such racist nuggets as;

It would be so retarded if they allowed their country to be flooded with filipinos, mexicans, blacks, muslims, and indians, all of whom have average IQ's well below 100.


koreatown is full of wetbacks but alot of koreans still live there..wetbacks usually dont have the nerve to kill but they will try to steal from you while you blink. the niggers are also trouble because theyre crazy enough to kill without much reason..

Not surprise he would be against having a civil discourse instead of posting racist ramblings. His attacks started off lightly and quickly built up to name calling and questioning ChanHo's sexuality.

And if you believe I am damaging your image then so be it. That just shows how narrow your naive mind really is. I usually don't judge a whole nation of over a billion people on a couple of posts that anti Koreans make. So don't worry Chan-hoe I'm sure there are some people out there that think likewise.

The only person here that believes that this site is somehow keeping the entire of race of Koreans down is you. You're gonna come in here telling people many of whom have been around since 2008 to change the way we think and discuss. If you really wanna change Koreans for the better, I suggest you go down to AF and keep fighting for our beloved nation. You should go out in the streets and give money to Koreans that really need it. If you really care about Koreans, that is what you really should be doing.

You're not active on this site because of trolls? If that's the case I'm surprised you're still posting on AF like a b1tch. But to you, you're fighting for Korea rofl.

I'm doing what this fagg0t chan-ho wouldn't dare do.

Now didn't fastasleep say any attacks would be moderated? Damn Wideawake, here was your chance to show you were serious about keeping things civil at least amongst the KKKlan and you screwed the pooch. Am I surprised? No.

Indicut, if you really care about Koreans ... go live in Korea. Leave the US, move to Korea, try and find a job and establish a life there. To quote you,

If you really care about Koreans, that is what you really should be doing.

Then you can blog about how accepting der Fatherland is of you and how you now bask in the milk and honey of the promised land.

ChanHo, I said it in a previous repost and it bears repeating., you would be better off starting your own site and running it the way you want because things won't change on KS. You just make yourself a target for the hatred and bullshit of idiots like Indicut. Hell, feel free to send your posts and arguments here. I will post them for you as long as they follow the guidelines you are talking about.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about this site.

Site Admin

Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:04 pm Post subject:
On second thought, could be overseas Chinese, because the way they talk about us does have Han Chinese feel to it.

Wow, Herr Consoleman is REALLY obsessed with the Chinese isn't he? No matter what is said or done he somehow tries to twist it so he can blame the Chinese. He does this even more than he goes after the Japanese. So now he is sure that Stig and I, and anyone who posts here, are "overseas Chinese". What a fucking mook.

Like I said when talking about Hsa613 and Captain Corea being on their site, you just can't engage crazy rationally. Some of them are even turning on their own who try and be moderate. Which you could see if Wideawake wasn't FINALLY dong the job a moderator is supposed to do and taking down attack posts. (Cornhole ... err cornbiscuit's post telling Chan-Ho to basically shut the fuck up and leave the site.)

Mind you he is only taking down attack posts that make the whackjobs there look whacky against their own. I wonder if he will be moderating this nugget from Priceless12

The anti-Koreans' goal is to gain attention. Sure, we shouldn't be ignorant like mainland Koreans are. However, I think some things we do here are just as stupid since it's basically feeding the fire the haters started.

Nice to see her low opinion of "mainland Koreans". Isn't that anti-Korean? Of course, if FastAsleep took down all attack posts he would have to start moderating Herr Consoleman's posts. I am all for exposing crazy but actually trying to engage it in some form of rational discussion never works.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Year Three - The Weekend That Was

I was going through old emails I had set aside for possible WTK posts when I came across this one from the Winter of 2003-2004. In March of 2004 Korea got hit by a wicked snow storm. It was the worst snowstorm in Cheongju for March since they started keeping records. Nova Scotia had been hit a month or so before by White Juan. One of the worst winter storms to ever hit. Some of the drifts were 2 metres high.

While I had mentioned this in a previous I had never found the email talking about it. Until tonight.

Here is the email.



What a weekend. We ended up with about 38 cm of snow. Luckily there was no real wind so there was no drifting. I will throw my pics into a web site soon so you can see them.

I guess I played good Samaritan too much Friday on the way to and from work. Helping out all of those stuck cars left me in pain Saturday. My left shoulder and neck were F'd. As was my right shoulder and side, but not nearly as badly. It didn't bother me when I went out Friday night.

It didn't take me long to get a cab. Hilda however was hosed by the weather. Her 40 min bus trip ended up taking just over FOUR HOURS!!!!! The road was bad, traffic was heavy, and once she was on it she couldn't get off.

It wasn't as bad here Friday night transportation wise but Saturday was horrendous. Plus I was in pain. I was meeting Hilda for supper in SacheongDong. It took me 30 minutes just to get a cab! The cab ride took over 30 minutes, I was late for dinner, and it cost double what it normally would have for the ride. I was in pain from my shoulder/neck so I didn't stay out late. I called it a night around 10:30.

That is when the joy of waiting with umpteen million others to get a cab was revealed to me. People were literally lined up down the street waiting to hail cabs. Cabs were stuffed full. If they weren't full they would stop and get extra fares going the same way. Here I was in pain, cold, feet wet, wondering whether I should rejoin Hilda and the others or just go home.

A Korean guy waiting beside me started talking to me. His speech was SO fast I couldn't understand anything at first. He repeated himself and finally I made out was odie-gah, where go. I said YongAmDong. He said Ah.

He had been getting partially filled cabs to stop so he could see if they were going his way. After talking at/to me he started asking for me too. He got me a cab within 5 minutes. If it weren't for him I would have been there a LONG time. I thanked him in Korean and English. His kindness didn't just help me get home quickly, it made me feel a lot better about life in general. It is strange how just one random act of kindness can perk you up. I hope I had that effect on the people whose cars I helped push.

Sunday was rest day. I was a laaaaaaaaaaaazy bum. Rented some videos, made some chicken soup, and just lazed around. It was nice.

Saw the doctor today. Instead of pain killer pills he gave me a painkiller patch to use. You put the patch on the sore area and leave it. It leeches PK's into your over time, about 12 hours. you know it is working because you feel warm and tingling where it is on. (No, it isn't good enough to make you warm and tingly all over. :) )

While the snow we got was no where close to what NS got, it was a huge amount for here. As I mentioned, it was the worst March storm in 100 years. Most people say it was the worst they have ever seen for any winter. There is still a lot on the ground, and the government is still clearing streets. Now when I talk to students about real snow they know what I mean. :)

Take care

I am glad I ran across this email as I had almost forgotten about the guy who got me a taxi home that night. Sometimes when dealing with idiots like those at Korea Sentry, or just venting about shit that happened, I forget about the good people. I guess you could say that guy helped me out again.

It also had me thinking about how much I enjoyed Korean saunas. The day of the storm schools and hagwons CLOSED at noon. Some co-workers and I ended up going home and meeting at a sauna near our apartments. It felt so good after being wet and cold ... and sore from pushing cars. I miss saunas.

What the ... attempt at being moderate?!?!?

A reader suggested I look at a thread started on KKKorea Sentry by someone named Chan-Ho. I did and the thread evolved the way I figured it would. So, I started writing up a post about it. It was a long post, It was much longer than it deserved considering you can look at the thread if you want to.

In fact the thread can be distilled down to a few points.

1) Chan-Ho feels that the site (KS) goes too far and is too nasty at times. He thinks that does a disservice to the site and Korea because of the negative view it creates of Koreans. That sounds like a fair assessment in my book.

2) Then the KKKluckers started replying. Their main argument against the moderate veiw of Chan-Ho sounds like something out of grade school. Others do so it so that makes it ok if we do it.


If you want to see real hate sites filled with anti-Korean rhetoric you should check out english web forums and blogs about Korea created by white dudes, and one blackey named metropolitician whose been abusing good graces of the Korean people.

Herr Consoleman

Too bad this forum is being seen as Anti-China/Anti-Japan discussion board because most of our threads are seem controversial to Han Chinese/Japanese when their online chats and forums are full of anti-Korean threads. So we can't talk behind their backs when they can?

At least this website is called "Korean Sentry", not "Asian Sentry".

This discussion site is no different than Dave's ESL and Asiafinest at least it's called "Korean", notice only racial slurs against to Whiteys/Blacks/Jews get removed or warned, they still have racial slurs against to Koreans.


I like Korean Sentry. There's nothing wrong with this forum. It's the jjankaes, whiteys, an jokkbari's that pushed the Korean brothers to make a forum like this anyways. I'm sick of seeing people talk shit about Korean and when we try to counter, we get banned or some lame pussy shit happens to our accounts.


Sites like Asiafinest does more to spread hate and lies about Koreans than this site does against Chinese. The moderator over there has banned a lot of Koreans, however he doesn't ban any Chinese. It's funny because he's Chinese American himself.

I do believe that any racism and hate-talk is counter-productive to this site, but look at Asiafinest and other Chinese-based forums first before you say this forum is racist.

Yes, the other sites are bad when they are racist and discriminatory. They deserve to be exposed as such when they act that way. But that isn't what happens on KKKorea Sentry.

I hope they realize that by using that excuse they legitimize any and every racist or discriminatory site. KS does so it is ok if they do. If my site is the racist piece of shit they feel it is well that is ok by their logic. They are doing it. What a bunch of childish fucktards.

3) Then you have FullyAsleep ... I mean Wideawake ... try, and fail, to be a voice of moderation. On the one hand he agrees with Chan-Ho and belives the site goes too far. Then he passes the buck by saying it is up to Herr Consoleman to decide how things are done. He ends by saying

You guys know how much I criticize Chinese, but I have never used jjanke or any such slur and you know how much I dislike many ESL teachers, but I have never used "whitey". Post in a way that does not shame your family and culture. Post in a way that makes you proud to be Korean.

Considering his last thread about Captain Corea it is hard to see his attempt to be moderate as anything but hypocritical. Or should that be his last 2 threads considering how he went back and edited it rewriting/shaping the whole thread.

According to Wideawake Captain Corea's big crime was pestering the admins over trivial things, like letting the racist comments stay up. Wideawake started the post by saying

"He asked for it."

By asking the mods to DEAL with racist comments and personal attacks he feels Captain Corea asked to be banned. Wow, he sounds like the nutjobs who say women who were raped asked for it.

After mentioning some of Captain Corea's "real life information" he ended his post by saying:

"And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of.

Captain Corea's posts wherever I have seen them tended to be moderate. Yet, none of the moderators felt attacks on him deserved handling. Including the moderator who ended his post on Captain Corea with a threat.

Post in a way that does not shame your family and culture. Post in a way that makes you proud to be Korean.

Was Wideawake proud of what he posted there? If so, why alter it? If he had apologized for his own actions I might be more inclined to believe his attempt at moderation.

All in all it was an interesting post by Chan-Ho. I wish him luck but doubt it will change much there. He would probably be better off starting his own site and not allowing the bullshit that takes place on KS to happen there.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the ... dick-tator?!?!?

One of my readers joined Korea Sentry as Hsa613 and emailed me about some of his sojourn there. His goal seemeds to be to try and inject some moderation. Show how things can actually go both ways. While a noble try it violates one of my beliefs, you can't be rational with crazy. And the KKKluckers over there take crazy to new levels. Engaging crazy rarely ever leads to anything good.

He informed me that last week he posted 2 stories on KS. One was about a Korean man groping a Middle School girl on a city bus and nobody helped her. The other was about the KBO pitcher who killed a woman with his car.

Consoleman replied to the first story. Of course he had to tie it into his bugaboo about foreigners. His reply?

"At least he was arrested. In the U.S. they don't arrest whitey for groping girls."

Now, as far as I know, Herr Consoleman has never lived in the U.S., nor has he ever mentioned having traveled there. (There is a surprising amount of information on Herr Consoleman online. His real name is easy to find through a WhoIs, from there it is a hop skip and a jump to find his LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and other tidbits.) So, never been to the U.S. yet he KNOWS "whitey" is never arrested for groping girls there. What a putz. I wish I had this bit of info when I wrote my last Shit Koreans Say post.

Then Herr Consoleman, asked my reader if he was Chinese. Why? According to Herr Consoleman "because your English is not ESL level." Which caused my reader to wonder just what the kimchi that means? Hsa613 responded to Herr Consoleman by telling him

"to stop deleting my posts and how dare you critique someone on English when your own English is so awful."

At this point Herr Consoleman deleted Hsa613's posts and took things off board and into private messages.

From: consoleman
To: hsa613
Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:47 pm
Subject: Warning
Dear Chinese living in Seoul,

This is last waring from me and other Mods, you will be ban permanently if you post here again with your lowly Chinese attitude.

We Koreans don't like Chinese, Whiteys, Blacks and Japanese. So please retain your little frustration. This forum is called Korean Sentry, not where every trolls can join in for fun time.

KS Admin.

And just who has an English ability that isn't up to snuff?

Now Herr Consoleman did pretty much encapsulate the feelings of the KKKluckers in his message, although he was moderate in his choice of words. They hate Chinese, Whites, Blacks, and Japanese. The way they talk on KS using "don't like" is not being honest. In fact to be honest, based on what they have posted in his sty, they hate anyone who is not Korean, and any Korean that doesn't live up to their ideals. That is a lot of hate to go around.

It is kind of funny to see someone who used to talk about himself as being an Australian now purporting to represent Koreans. In fact, on Asian Finest, he identified himself as a proud Australian who was cheering for Australia in the Olympics, not Korea. He would end his posts with a hearty "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!".

It is also kind of funny to see him call someone else a troll. Considering his time on Asia Finest, JapanProbe, and AskaKorean where his posts were there mainly to attack the Chinese and Japanese.

Now I have to give Herr Consoleman a little credit. He did stop trolling so openly on other sites after setting up his own site to spread his message of hate. Now he has cronies to do it for him.

Strangely enough, Hsa316's named didn't appear in Sturmbanfuhrer Wideawake's thread for those banned or with posts removed. The thread that claimed to have a few troublemakers to expose but only had one, Captain Corea.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What the ... internet nutjobs ?!?!? 2

I don't know if this was in response to my post about his post on KS but the KKKlucker known as Wideawake altered the post. In fact he even changed the title and made it a sticky at the top of the index. It was:

Thread Title: The Story of Captain Corea

WideAwake Amhaeng'eosa
Joined: 07 Jul 2008 Posts: 830

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:15 am Post subject: The Story of Captain Corea
He asked for it. Basically, after pestering the mods on this forum for such trivial issues as not PREVENTING people from posting and the like, he got banned. And as a result of this ban, he decided to enact "revenge" by inviting all the trolls from Dave's ESL. This guy is a married man in his forties with a child living in Korea. Supposedly, he runs his own English school and conducts classes for business English. Anyhow, I believe that he got off way too easy for his trollish behavior, so this is a thread dedicated to him. And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of.

Now it says

Thread Title: A Warning to Trolls

WideAwake Amhaeng'eosa
Joined: 07 Jul 2008 Posts: 833

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:15 am Post subject: A Warning to Trolls

If you decide to troll this forum, your offending posts and others will be posted on this thread. Here are a few trolls and their offending posts:

1) Captain Corea - a top offender.

Captain Corea wrote:
Agreed. That place can be pretty bad on occasion. Good to see a place where people can (civilly) discuss Korea.

Last edited by WideAwake on Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:08 am; edited 1 time in total

I like how he says "here are a few trolls" but he only has one listed. This guys English is so bad he doesn't even know what a few means.

So, the first link, to Captain Corea's introduction contains "offending posts"? Comments like CC agreeing with Herr Consoleman that Asia Finest is not a nice place and saying this about Korea Sentry:

Agreed. That place can be pretty bad on occasion. Good to see a place where people can (civilly) discuss Korea.

Oh my god! How offensive! He said KS was a good place to talk civilly about Korea!!!! Ummm ... wait a sec ... that was him saying something good about KS. Man oh man Wideawakes English must be even worse than I thought if he took that as an offensive comment.

I guess I can see, if I try to look at teh world from Wideawake's warped view, how CC was offensive in the other thread. When attacked, CC fought back. When some of the KKKunts at the Klavern verbally attacked his wife and him ... he fought back. Yeah, I can see where a stupid piece of shit like Wideawake would get upset when someone stood up to the racist BS he supports. Of course, that doesn't make Wideawake right. It just makes him typical of the idiots at the KKKleagle.

So Wideawake tries to change the attack and THREAT aimed at Captain Corea he posted on the KKK site to a post to show why people are banished. And he failed at that. Damn that is pretty pathetic. Like I said in my initial post about this, the more these guys post the more they show the world just how moronic they are.

Rainy Day Food

It has been pretty rainy here lately. Mind you it is Spring and that is pretty much the norm for spring here. Except early spring when we sometimes get snow instead of rain. The rain had me thinking of Korea and missing some of the cuisine.

My friend SY introduced me to a Korean rainy day tradition in my 1st year. When it is raining you should eat pajeon and drink makkeoli. It was my 1st time trying makkeoli and I enjoyed the whole experience.

We went to a place across from my apartment called Jae Yu Boen. That is supposed to translate to Free Woman and was the title of a popular Korean movie 30-40 years ago.

The makkeoli was ice cold. A sheen of persperation covered the copper kettle it came in. While wisps of mist came off the kettle as the cold met the warm humid air. We had kimchijeon and hameuljeon (seafood) with it. Between the sound of the rain falling, the flavour of the food and drink, and the company it was a good relaxing time.

After that it became a rainy day tradition to go for mekkeoli and pajeon. Good times.

What the ... lack of justice system?!?!?

Surely this article must be mistaken. After all, AskAKorean and his cronies were all over me for talking about blood money, how it is abused, and how Korean officials (police, judges) try to force you to take it or take it into account when you are sentenced. I was wrong. I needed to be informed and educated on the matter.

If the incident with the bus driver wasn't enough to show those folks how wrong THEY were now there is a suicide where a settlement played a role. A woman was raped twice. Once by her rapist then again by the system in the form of the judge in the trial.

The note, which was released to the Dong-A Ilbo today after being sent to her family and the judge, runs six pages and says that “the judge insulted me when he sided with the man who raped me and pushed me to accept a settlement.” Ms. Byun also wrote that “the judge refused to believe me because he said ‘you didn’t graduate middle school and just lived as a helper in a noraebang’… I may have come from difficult family circumstances and not had a chance to study much, but I am absolutely not a liar or someone who would put blame on a stranger.”

Ms. Byun also wrote that “the judge said that ‘Mr. Jin is a nice young man who works in a company’ and that I was a slut who was ruining his life to make money… I have worked so hard in my life and made a lot of money so I don’t need money.” She then wrote that “if you can’t believe me then what are you doing in court… you think if a person in a noraebang is raped then they were a temptress?”

Nothing like blaming the victim for their situation. She was trying to get him convicted of rape. The judge was trying to force her to accept a settlement and the piece of shit said she was ruining the guys life for money? What the kimchi?!?!?!?

I can't say that I am sadly surprsied by the story. The Korean lack-of-Justice System has a history of bullshit like this. Whether it is accepting the excuse of rapists that they were drunk, taking the OFFER of blood money into account when sentencing, or the way rapist doctors DON'T lose their license to practice medicine after being convicted. It is a pretty fucked up system over there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Maeng Family to Stay!!!!

The government rescinded the order forcing the Maeng's to leave Canada. A rally to show support Sunday turned into a victory rally instead. It is nice to see the government act, finally, but the fact the Maeng's were put through this ordeal in the first place is inexcusable. Now the government needs to move to make sure something like this never happens again.

Part of what still sticks in my craw over the whole affair is what took place before the government rescinded the order. Last Thursday it was announced the government would rescind the order but they were waiting for a letter from the Province of New Brunswick. According to news reports they needed some more information about the Maeng's. This left me with two nagging thoughts.

First, the Maengs have been dealing with Immigration for eight years. What information would the Province have that Immigration didn't already know? If they needed more information about the Maeng's wouldn't they have needed it FROM the Maeng's?

Secondly, why the whole letter BS? "We can't act without a letter form the Province." Yes, you can. You are the government. You SHOULD have had all the information already. If you can't make a decision at the 11th hour you are piss poor leaders. It sounds more like a face saving measure than something that was actually needed.

Luckily, action was finally taken and now the Maeng's can breath easy and get on with their lives. They are now trying to get Canadian citizenship and I hope it goes smoothly for them.

Congratulations to the Maeng family!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

What the ... internet nutjobs?!?!?

Ok, I may have posted a tale of an internet nutjob on the wrong site but thanks to the folks at Korean Sentry (and the reader who emailed me about it) there is another one I can post about here. :)

Captain Corea has raised the ire of the KKKlan on Korea Sentry and got banished from there. His crime, pestering the mods for not preventing people from posting the type of bile that is normal on Korea Sentry. Considering that a lot of the stuff is posted by the twat that runs the site it does seem like complaining was an exercise in futility anyway.

I did find some of the comments made by Wideawake to be interesting.

"And as a result of this ban, he decided to enact "revenge" by inviting all the trolls from Dave's ESL."

Ooooh. He mentioned the KKKleagle on Dave's ESL and invited them to go to KS. Hmmm ... almost makes me want to go onto Dave's and see what the drones are yammering about. Almost. Not quite. Ok, it did make me check this out and unless Dave's Mods were up to the old deletion tricks I could only find the KKKlan being talked about in one thread and I didn't see Captain Corea "inviting" people to go to KS.

In fact the first mention of the KKKluckers of KS in that thread was by someone named Smartwentcrazy . He suggested people look at the drivel the twats of KS post.

"This guy is a married man in his forties with a child living in Korea. Supposedly, he runs his own English school and conducts classes for business English."

Which means??? That he has more experience in Korea than most of the basement dwellers that inhabit KS?

"Anyhow, I believe that he got off way too easy for his trollish behavior, so this is a thread dedicated to him."

He got off to easy? What, this kkkunt expected him to be drawn and quartered for daring to say when the Kkkleagle were being too racist? Really, dude, it is a website. Get over it and yourselves. Now they are free to wallow in their racist crapulence.

"And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of."

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! What, they will put a hit on him? They are going to go after his family? Damn those KKKunts are funny. The best revenge CC could have is to let them keep posting and showing the world just how moronic they are.

Internet Nutjobs

Sorry I had a brain fart and posted this on the wrong blog. While it did mention a K-Blogger it really wasn't Korea related so I put it where it was meant to be, on Flint's Follies.

Friday, June 10, 2011

What the ... ban order?!?!?!?

KRD seems to have gotten the KKKlan all riled up on Korea Sentry. Herr Consoleman and Cumdrop, oops Sejop, are now all hot and bothered about getting his blog banned.

Sejop said

He is worse the the average whitey. At least the average whitey comes to Korea and does his fucking and fighting, then leave. But David the Douche writes blogs and books about Korea. He pretend it is not him who is the bad one and instead everyone near him.

His blog needs to be shutdown.

Jeeze Sejop you and your cronies need to make up your mind. First you twits say KRD doesn't have a publisher now you say he has written BOOKS about Korea. God damn you guys just can't get anything straight can you? You definitely make it easy to ridicule you.

Then you have Herr Consoleman's call to arms

Can people start writing letters to to ban this loser? Because I'll looking for reasons to ban this idiot.

Yes, He'll looking for reasons to ban him. Hard to believe this moron was educated in Australia. (High School and University) Is the Australian education system THAT bad?

Maybe his hatred of ESL teachers comes from his inability to ever learn proper English? It can't be his fault, it must be theirs! That and the fact he can't seem to score with the ladies but "they" can.

I suppose when trying to get us banned fails they will fall back on the old tactic of trying to get the netnazis to make death threats.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maeng Family Update

I was just watching CBC The National and they had a story on the plight of the Maeng family. According to the report the Federal Minister of Immigration is willing to reverse the decision to deport the Maengs IF the Province of New Brunswick sends him a letter asking him to do it.

What the kimchi?!?!? Why in the blue hell can't the asshat just admit his boys (Immigration) screwed the pooch and the Maengs should never have been put through horse shit they have? Why can't he just man up and REVERSE the decision without adding even more nonsense to the equation? Oh yeah, he is a politician.

The CBC says the Province is drafting the letter now. Hopefully it is in the Ministers hand tomorrow and the Maengs can go on with their life.

At the same time the Minister reverses the decision he should also apologize to the Maengs and announce that something will be done to insure this never happens to a family (or person) again. It is a sad but true fact about our society that nothing ever seems to get done in a case like this without getting the media involved. Especially when dealing with the government.

Making Prime Steak

All the talk on 3gyubsal's about steak prodded my memory. Years back a friend gave me a link to a webpage that taught you how to turn cheap steak in prime steak. I never tried it but my friend did and he said it worked.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Maeng Family vs Canadian Bureaucratic Bullshit Update

Here is the latest news about the Maeng family in Moncton New Brunswick and the ordeal the Canadian government is putting them through.

The family has been getting a lot of support from their friends, neighbours, and local politicians. This includes an online petition (with 6000+ signatures so far) and a rally planned for this Sunday at 1 P.M. in front of Moncton City hall.

A Facebook page has also been set up for people to show support for the Maeng's.

Hopefully something can be done to stop Immigration from forcing the Maeng's to leave Canada June 30th.

Shit Koreans Say ... about the West.

Sometimes Korean's will make comments about Western culture or life which are meant to show their knowledge of it but actually shows how little they really know.

I remember reading a Letter to the Editor in the Korea Times, Worst in the Nation, around the time of the Mad Cow BS. It was written by a bizzy ditch named Kim Jin-Hyun in reply to a previous letter. Among the nuggets of stupidity in her letter was the following;

Now I ask Mr. Jackson how much he knows about Korean culture. I know most Americans eat only steak, but Koreans eat most parts of a cow.

Most Americans only eat steak? Really? She KNOWS that most Americans only eat steak? She then went on to say in Korea cows are part of the family and a sacrificial food. In the end she looked like she didn't know American OR Korean culture.

The following was written by one of the regulars on Marmot's Hole, YuNa. She was referring to the picture of the naked idiots at the baseball game. It made me think of Ms. Kim's letter to the editor.

It’s not so bad..they look like they are having a good time, and it’s just part of their (probably Anglo-Saxon) culture and heritage.

While I hope she was trying to be funny I am not so sure it was meant in jest. It just comes off as a stupid thing to say when talking about that kind of behaviour. It makes it look like she really knows nothing about Western culture. If she did she would know that behaviour, in the West, would have landed the people with at LEAST a Public Indecency charge.

Nothing like showing your ass when trying to make yourself look knowledgeable.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What the ... government stupidity?!?!?!?

I always say that stupidity is universal. It doesn't matter where you go you will encounter it. The Canadian Government, through the Immigration Department, is a prime example of that.

It was reported in the news yesterday that a Korean family that came to Canada in 2003 has until June 30th to return to leave. Why? Their youngest son is autistic with epilepsy and some asshole bureaucrat took 8 years to do a cost benefit analysis and decide that the boy cannot come to Canada. EIGHT FUCKING YEARS after they arrived! The family has a store, the eldest son is studying in University and the Government has decided that the whole family is not welcome because their youngest, special needs, son will cost too much. What a bunch of cold hearted money obsessed assholes!

I am disgusted by this. It is everything that is wrong with Governments and bureaucracies.

The families lawyer is trying to get them allowed in on compassionate and humanitarian grounds. Unfortunately, it is hard to expect compassion from the Harper Government.

Contact your Member of Parliament and tell them what you think of this stupidity! If you aren't Canadian feel free to contact our Embassy or Government and let them know what you think of this. Canada the compassionate society? Not if these folks are kicked out.

You can email the Prime Minister (or at least his office) or go to his website and send a message.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has a website you can visit as well. I found it funny in a sick way to see the headline on their website "Protecting Foreign Workers" when I opened the page.

No Reservations - South Korea

I made a post on Flint's Follies that really could have been posted here since it was about South Korea. Anothony Bourdain does a travel/food show called No Reservations and did an episode in South Korea. I will have to write about it more some time.

Anyway, there is a great quote about soju from that episode.

"You know, when I get back to New York I am going to be pouring that stuff on my cheerios in the morning."

I could picture him doing just that. :)

I try to keep this site to just South Korea related stuff but I do find there is some crossover, like talking about the Amazing Race episode in South Korea. I only posted it in FF, not here, but it is Korea related. Maybe I should have just stuck to one blog?

What the ... boycott?!?!?!?

KRD has managed to raise the ire of the KKKunts over at Korea Sentry. How, he wrote a book, not published yet still going through the process, about his time in Korea.

One KKKunt by the name of Sejop has started a blog to boycott the book. He invites the other KKKunts to come join him in boycotting the book. The site is a parody where he claims to have leaked copies of the book. Does the 'tard even know what a boycott is? It is not buying something, not making a parody of it.

This Sejop twat reminds me of MidwestInsahm82, another member of the KKKlan who seems to have vanished. MidwestInsahm82 was best known for his racist attacks on Blackchild and leading the net nazi attacks on Lousy Korea. He was constantly opening extremely racist blogs trying to mimic/parody those he didn't like. A little similar to what Sejop is trying to do.

So basically, these idiots are up in arms about what is said in a book none of them have read because it hasn't been published yet. And to attack the book they post pictures and make fun of poor people in China. Meh, about what I expect from the 'tards.

Some of their comments are funny in the stupidity.


Hmmm... Perhaps David loves totalitarian countries?

I guess he has too much free time and is dying of boredom. Or maybe he is mentally drunken.

What the fuck is mentally drunken supposed to mean? I think Myst is just drunk and stupid.

Herr Consoleman:

He should be sent to North Korean gulag where he spend rest of he's life eating tree bark and roots.

Of course Der Fuhrer had to chime in. I think Herr Consoleman should be kicked out of his parents basement in Australia and sent to SoKo where he can see what life in South Korea is really like.


I think China is a worse fate than a NK gulag! Lol. He gets what he deserve.

This was his reply to Der Fuhrer saying KRD should be sent to NoKo. I think Seejop is on to something. Sejop, Herr Consoleman, and the other KKKunts should be sent to live in a North Korean Gulag, then China and let us know which is worse.

I can't imagine which is worse. Scotland or China? I think the people in both would make me puke.

I would contribute to sending this stupid fuck to Scotland. He would probably last about 5 minutes before getting the shit kicked out of him. Unless he did what he most likely does offline, keeps his mouth shut and his head down because he knows he is just another internet tough guy. Tough online, cowardly piece of shit in real life.

Whiteys just want sex, I think.

Now there is a leap, he believes he thinks. Blindly defending a country that is so mysogonistic and with so much centered around sex means you shouldn't be so quick to complain about others who want it.

They hate there own fat women and come to Asia to steal.

And here we come to the nub of the KKKunt problem. They think everyone is out to steal their women. Not that his comment comes out and says that. Reading his comment you could assume he meant "Whiteys" come to steal ... anything. It is an obsession with the KKKunts that foreigners come to Korea to steal their women and it seems that no matter what the topic they will find a way to drag that into things.

So he move to China and soon even they will realize he is just a gay loser.

And KumDrop, err Sejop, finishes off with that line. Bwahahahaha .... sorry someone purporting to defend a country that loves Big Bang and G-Dragon should never ever complain about others being gay.

All in all, not much of an attack on KRD aka DW. A lot of childish prattling. Typical KKK fare. Funny to read to see their stupidity but basically pathetic.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... to diminish the experience of others..

While I was looking on Dave's for any reference to the naked idiots at the baseball game I came across a thread by someone going by the handle Lenker. It was typical of the way some foreigners, especially but not always the apologists, try to diminish the experience of others.

Lenker had an amazing time in Korea. Lenker had a wonderful year. Except for the 0.01% 0f Koreans who are bad Lenker met great people. Lenker had great students. Then Lenker left off with some advice.

Overall the post wasn't that bad. Some good points were made. However, I found it made it seem like those who talk about their bad experiences are just pessimists. It seemed to diminish, or even denigrate, their experiences. Especially when he made the statement

A lot of the negative people have nothing better to do than sit at home, spouting complete crap about Korea and it's citizens.

You spent a year there and loved it. Good on you. I spent 10 years there and experienced good and bad. Just because you didn't have the same experiences doesn't mean they don't happen. It doesn't make the experiences of others "complete crap".

Hell, just based on the what Lenker said about his experiences I could say he is full of crap. Most people don't experience as much love in Korea as he seems to have. The difference between him and I is that I can accept that he might have had a 99.9% wonderful time. Statistically speaking there have to be people who don't experience much of the bullshit. My bad experiences don't mean his wonderful life couldn't have happened. Lenker can't seem to accept that others didn't have THAT great a time without accusing them of "spouting complete crap". Kind of pathetic when you think of it.

What the ... One Night Blame Game?!?!?!?

A reader emailed me a link to a thread that started on Herr Consoleman's site. Apparently the KKKunt's have their panties in a bunch because a nightclub in Hongdae was having a One Night Stand night.

The club in question was supposedly offering to pay for drinks and the hotel if patrons hooked up for the night. It was supposed to be the second such party they held, and was cancelled after the Korean "media" got a hold of the story. (Think of how much money the club would have lost if all the guests hooked up? Makes me wonder if that was really offered.)

What did the King of the KKKunts Herr Consoleman have to say?

Good example how western influence is killing nightlife of Seoul, encouraging one night stand is utterly bad influence from Western world. One night stand is reason why so many Westerners are suffering from incurable sexual transmitted diseases. Condoms and contraceptive won't protect girl from accidental pregnancies and getting herpes and other common STDs.

Yes, because we all know Koreans would never have a one night stand unless the West used it's super power of horniness to infect them. I didn't know whether to laugh or hang my head at the stupidity of Herr Consoleman's comments.

One night stands are why Westerners have STD's not unprotected sex? Condoms won't protect people from STD's? I guess he subscribes to the bareback idea of most Korean men. As long as you eat your kimchi you are safe. What a fucking idiot.

A person posted a link to a site with statistics on AIDs and left a comment saying

I guess men should just stick to their room salons, an-mas, barber shops, singing rooms, kiss rooms, hug rooms, screen golf, da-bangs, sexy bars and straight up red light districts. That way they can be influenced by Korean culture instead of western culture.

(A comment the person later removed but it appeared in the responses of the KKKunts.) The response to that was mind blowingly insane.

A KKKunt by the name of Married_Busan said;

To be fair, I think those parts of Korean culture came from the Japanese.

To be fair, you are a fucking moron. There is a reason prostitution is called the world's oldest profession. And of course everything can be blamed on the Japanese.

Xcreaturex100, a Grand Wizard of the Klaven said in response to Married_Busan;

Yep, kinda true since the first red light district in Korea started when they established Japanese brothels in Busan.

Once again, everything has to be twisted to blame someone else. Nothing is ever Korea's fault. If this idiot really believes there was no prostitution in Korea until Japan invaded he is even stupider than Herr Consoleman.

Of course Herr Consoleman couldn't be left out. He had to reply and astound us with his stupidity again.

Interesting stats you got there.
Even Japan have over 30 million STD carriers out of 127 million, making around 23% range. It seems most countries have 23% STD carriers but I'm pretty sure countries like US and France have more than 50%.

Really? He is sure the AIDs rate is over 50% in the US and France? Then I am sure, based on the retarded belief Koreans have that Kimchi cures all and the disdain Korean men have for using condoms, that the AIDs rate in South Korea must be 100%. Luckily, we are both wrong. The difference is I was joking and he seems to believe the insanity he spews out.

You really have to wonder just how much these twats actually know about Korea let alone life. I have to chuckle at the power they seem to think other cultures have to FORCE Koreans to adopt things of a sexual nature. The way they whine about it you would think armed foreigners are forcing Koreans to have one night stands or to go to hookers. While at the same time ignoring anything bad about Korean society or trying to deflect the blame onto others. What a bunch of 'tards.

A while after posting this I was looking at some blogs and noticed that ROK Drop has a thread about this issue (but not the KS net nazis) too.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about the West.

Sometimes Korean's will make comments about the West which are meant to show their knowledge of it but actually shows how little they really know.

I remember reading a Letter to the Editor in the Korea Times, Worst in the Nation, around the time of the Mad Cow BS. It was written by a bizzy ditch named Kim Jin-Hyun in reply to a previous letter. Among the nuggets of stupidity in her letter was the following

Now I ask Mr. Jackson how much he knows about Korean culture. I know most Americans eat only steak, but Koreans eat most parts of a cow.

Most Americans only eat steak? Really. She then went on to say in Korea cows are part of the family and a sacrificial food. She ended up looking like she didn't know American OR Korean culture.

The following was written by one of the regulars on Marmot's Hole, YuNa. She was referring to the picture of the naked idiots at the baseball game. It made me think of Ms. Kim's letter to the editor.

It’s not so bad..they look like they are having a good time, and it’s just part of their (probably Anglo-Saxon) culture and heritage.

While I hope she was trying to be funny I am not so sure it was meant in jest. It just comes off as a stupid thing to say when talking about that kind of behaviour. It makes it look like she really knows nothing about Western culture. If she did she would know that behaviour, in the West, would have landed the people with at LEAST a Public Indecency charge.

Some Korean's are quick tell us that we don't understand Korean culture but think they know everything about the West. Nothing like showing your ass when trying to make yourself look knowledgeable.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about behaviour.

The following was said by someone going by the name Koradian on during the discussion about the idiots who stripped at a baseball game in Korea.

If Koreans came to Canada to teach Korean and act the same way some foreigners do here, I can just imagine that out image of Koreans and Korea would be tainted as well.

Dude if Koreans came to Canada and acted the way many of them do in Korea they would be "tainted". Which is why a Korean magazine put out a list of 50 things Koreans should not do when in Canada a few years ago. They needed to be told things like don't try to bribe the police and don't eat with your mouth open. The drunken fuckery of the adjosshi's alone would get them "tainted" if not hospitalised.

This kind of stupid comment reminds me of when the apologists and assorted idiots use the "When in Rome..." line.