Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What the ... dick-tator?!?!?

One of my readers joined Korea Sentry as Hsa613 and emailed me about some of his sojourn there. His goal seemeds to be to try and inject some moderation. Show how things can actually go both ways. While a noble try it violates one of my beliefs, you can't be rational with crazy. And the KKKluckers over there take crazy to new levels. Engaging crazy rarely ever leads to anything good.

He informed me that last week he posted 2 stories on KS. One was about a Korean man groping a Middle School girl on a city bus and nobody helped her. The other was about the KBO pitcher who killed a woman with his car.

Consoleman replied to the first story. Of course he had to tie it into his bugaboo about foreigners. His reply?

"At least he was arrested. In the U.S. they don't arrest whitey for groping girls."

Now, as far as I know, Herr Consoleman has never lived in the U.S., nor has he ever mentioned having traveled there. (There is a surprising amount of information on Herr Consoleman online. His real name is easy to find through a WhoIs, from there it is a hop skip and a jump to find his LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and other tidbits.) So, never been to the U.S. yet he KNOWS "whitey" is never arrested for groping girls there. What a putz. I wish I had this bit of info when I wrote my last Shit Koreans Say post.

Then Herr Consoleman, asked my reader if he was Chinese. Why? According to Herr Consoleman "because your English is not ESL level." Which caused my reader to wonder just what the kimchi that means? Hsa613 responded to Herr Consoleman by telling him

"to stop deleting my posts and how dare you critique someone on English when your own English is so awful."

At this point Herr Consoleman deleted Hsa613's posts and took things off board and into private messages.

From: consoleman
To: hsa613
Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 6:47 pm
Subject: Warning
Dear Chinese living in Seoul,

This is last waring from me and other Mods, you will be ban permanently if you post here again with your lowly Chinese attitude.

We Koreans don't like Chinese, Whiteys, Blacks and Japanese. So please retain your little frustration. This forum is called Korean Sentry, not where every trolls can join in for fun time.

KS Admin.

And just who has an English ability that isn't up to snuff?

Now Herr Consoleman did pretty much encapsulate the feelings of the KKKluckers in his message, although he was moderate in his choice of words. They hate Chinese, Whites, Blacks, and Japanese. The way they talk on KS using "don't like" is not being honest. In fact to be honest, based on what they have posted in his sty, they hate anyone who is not Korean, and any Korean that doesn't live up to their ideals. That is a lot of hate to go around.

It is kind of funny to see someone who used to talk about himself as being an Australian now purporting to represent Koreans. In fact, on Asian Finest, he identified himself as a proud Australian who was cheering for Australia in the Olympics, not Korea. He would end his posts with a hearty "Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!".

It is also kind of funny to see him call someone else a troll. Considering his time on Asia Finest, JapanProbe, and AskaKorean where his posts were there mainly to attack the Chinese and Japanese.

Now I have to give Herr Consoleman a little credit. He did stop trolling so openly on other sites after setting up his own site to spread his message of hate. Now he has cronies to do it for him.

Strangely enough, Hsa316's named didn't appear in Sturmbanfuhrer Wideawake's thread for those banned or with posts removed. The thread that claimed to have a few troublemakers to expose but only had one, Captain Corea.


  1. He works for an Indian company for fucks sake! I'm gonna email his supervisor at his work...he used his work address to set up the account...and in Australia the forum breaches racial vilification laws. Let's get it on!!!

  2. I don't know. I feel like if they want to have a space where they can make ignorant assertions and trade in stereotypes they should be allowed that space. I mean it has been clear for years that they aren't interested in nuanced debate on the merits of Korean society. So commenting here and mocking them is cool but I don't exactly agree with engaging them on their board. It all most feels like bullying.

  3. OK, a great one...

    '...we need to hold these young Korean women from going overseas for educational purpose because most of them will end up with sleeping with whiteys...'

    I would like to think the use of 'hold' was just something a non-native English speaker might say or a Freudian slip but, I think he meant it...

    an earlier poster refers to 'southeast asian brides' leading to murder which he charmingly calls 'a social problem.'
    later women are referred to as 'stock.'

    hsa613 suggests they would all have enjoyed 1940 Germany.
    But the history goes over their head.

    slightly amusing is Vitamin200 who adds...'I will have a negative impact on the Korean identity'

    I've thought about following hsa613's route but your point regarding 'not engaging crazy' is well-taken.
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Dave:

    It is tempting but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

    Then I think about the death threats and bullshit that have come out of assholes from there directly or indirectly ... and it is even more tempting.


    Based on what they are trying to engage them civilly on any site is a waste of time. Trying to engage them in an adversarial way would be an equal waste too. Mind you it does give me something to write about. ;)

  5. Anonymous:

    If it wasn't for him talking about how Korean women shouldn't be allowed passports/ to leave the country before I might have thought it was a misuse of hold as well.

    Unless you blindly agree with them, cheer them on, or say nothing then you are not really wanted there. If you try to discuss (like Captain Corea) anything contrary to their narrative they attack you, or your family.

  6. I agree that is ok to mock them here. But interjecting yourselves into their conversation with facts and logic seems to be wrong it is like going to a group therapy meeting for anorexics and bulemics and saying but you guys really are fat. These are men with a deep seated inferiority complex. So they go to a message board to revel in the highlights(real and imagined)of Korean history and culture. They have no personal accomplishments and they worry that if in a head to head competition for women they will always lose to white men( Even within their own group). That board isn't an intellectual discussion of Korea it is group therapy for losers. So let them have that.

  7. Well I've been officially banned from there. I knew it was going to happen. I was just pointing out what racist idiots they are. This is one response I got from someone named campers when I asked about racism:

    "Yeah, keep harrasing Koreans about their deficiencies and weakness and how they are racists. No wonder so many Koreans are sick of people who are married to these white dudes. They become infected with these white dudes' vitriols against Koreans, especially Korean men, and spew relentlessly whenever they meet other Koreans. Shame and embarrasement might subjugate your past colonial subjects and non-whites, or insecure persons who can barely communicate with you, but it won't work with people who are knowlegeable about English speaking western countries. Yeah, that's right, we're gonna expose you to Koreans how you really are. Surprised Very Happy That's what you're afraid of, being EXPOSED about how you really are and Anglophone western countries' racism and marginalisation of Asians. "

    First off, What? Just a bunch of ranting B.S. Try having a point.
    Second, delusional a little. They are going to expose us to the Koreans. You and all 477 other members( actually only about 50 member are active).
    Third, trying learning how to spell before you start talking about how much you know western English speaking countries. One brave poster today by the name of Chan-Ho suggest today that people on that site should stop being so hateful and racist. Of course this was meet with a bunch of the idiots telling him : "If you love Chinese, I suggest you go to Chinahistoryforum".
    and "If you want to see real hate sites filled with anti-Korean rhetoric you should check out english web forums and blogs about Korea created by white dudes, and one blackey named metropolitician whose been abusing good graces of the Korean people. I know White dudes would like to paint this one, and the only one serious english forum that know of, as a hate site. And of course Chinese and Japanese would like to do the same. It must be unsettling for some white dudes that there are Koreans overseas in anglophone countries who are well-informed and fully understand what's going on in western countries unlike the oblivious native Koreans in Korea.

    Did Tom2011 in Jangkaefinest tell you or suggest that this sight is hate site? There's one white dude in there that's been using my forum name. I've never posted anything on that site but do follow it and amusingly saw my forum name pop up". And of course from Hitler himself, "So we can't talk behind their backs when they can?" Seriously, how old are you? Five!

  8. On reflection,'Blackchild' makes a very good point that balance, however well-intentioned, has no place there. Even amongst themselves they form the most nonsensical and yet passionate hatreds.
    It's like hearing your deranged shut-in neighbour, the one with newspapers and milk cartons going back 45 years, screaming at his cat because he caught it reading his diary. Again.
    Or something.
    I do have to admit to getting a vicarious kick from hsa613's antics and of course Flint's digests. But ultimately, as BC argues, what they do is fairly harmless and direct interjection is probably akin to abusing the mentally ill.
    A written version of 'blackout korea' perhaps?

  9. It makes me laugh, but it's also a little sad that people that awful exist... Oh well, at least they have their little playground. I try and ignore them (with a few recent exceptions) but as long as they stay in their little land of the doomed, all they do is make themselves look bad.

  10. Well..before I started What Would Fucktard Do? I had a different blog...and had a few death of which originated in I have my suspicions. Whilst I know that none of those dickless wonders would ever follow through with such a threat (they threatened my kids...I don't have kids!!) still pisses me off. Especially when Consoleboy lives in my home town but thinks he can threaten me! Well...when I go home...I plan on visiting his workplace and asking him for a man to man chat. These keyboard warriors shit me to tears.

  11. If he lived here I would be interested in having a chat with him. If he lived here he could also (as you said the law is like in Australia) be in trouble for hate speech. So, I fully understand what you are saying and why.

  12. That forum is out of control. This post was deleted, thank god, but is still floating around:

  13. It is kind of funny to see the folks who were all hot to get the Korean nutizens to tear apart people's real lives get pissy because I pointed out how easy it is to find out who Consoleman is.

    Campers pampers are all filled up because of it and he had to post

    "Consoleman, it might be best if you remove any personal info. There are some crazy ass white dudes. Sometimes, I think they're worse than Chinese or Japanese because they have no boundaries that they wouldn't cross."

    Heh ... if there was no boundary I would cross Consoleman's personal information would be posted here along with his picture. And it would be all over the net. Unlike them, that is a boundary I won't cross, not even by proxy. I don't want to be like ... them.

  14. Anonymous:

    The poll/post doesn't surprise me. I would like to think it was taken down for being too much but we are talking about Korea Sentry. Odds are, a la Wideawake altering his posts, it was taken down because they realized how stupid/racist it made them look.