Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about gender imbalance.

Isn't there generally more women in Korea than men?

Bwahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sorry, I couldn't help laughing before starting any commentary. This comment was made by Indicunt ... or Indicut ... in a thread on KkkS about the shortage of Korean women in South Korea.

This twat tries to tell people what Korea is REALLY like and about. He tries to tell people who should or should not be allowed into South Korea. Yet he really doesn't seem to know much about South Korea.

The gender imbalance and the problems it has created already, and ones it will create in the future, has been around since I 1st went to Korea, and probably before. The big worry back then was what would happen in 10-15 years. But this idiot who likes to think he is a font of knowledge about Korea never knew about it. Even Herr Consoleman knew about it and he has been ensconced in his parents basement in Australia since at least High School.

What a moron.


  1. Their ignorance is stunning isn't it? I mean...they've created this whole idea of some place called 'Korea'...a wonder world where men are honest, women are plentiful and nobody ever has plastic surgery (aside from the Japanese and Chinese tourists who want to look Korean...or the tsunami of westerners looking to get their tits done). Unfortunately, the Korea they defend doesn't exist...fortunately, most of the Koreans who live here are a nothing like the group of fucktards who 'defend them'.

    I am looking forward to visiting Herr Consoleboy in January.

  2. One of the things that always irked me was when you would get foreigners (apologists)who had not been to Korea in 10+ years or were only there briefly telling me what Korea is like and how wrong I am about it. Or people like the KKKleage members at KS who just show their complete ignorance about Korea trying to tell me what it is really like.

  3. What do you think the odds are that every member of that forum is a virgin?


  4. whitey esl only come to korea for women and drugs

  5. Why the blue hell would people go to South Korea for drugs when there are countries that are more drug friendly, I'm talking to you Netherlands, around?

    If you seriously think "whitey esl" goes to Korea for drugs you sir are on some pretty mind bending drugs yourself.

  6. actually 'anonymous whitey women on drugs only' makes a great point. (As he always does. When does his book come out?) There are loads of ways to get high in Korea; if you curl into a ball and 'sudetenland', sorry, I mean 'suddenly' stand up, you get a head rush.
    Rock and roll.
    And, errrr, you could drink 14 cans of coffee get a caffeine rush.
    Can you dig it?
    The Korean 'chicks' think that's totally cool.
    For me though, the best way to get Korean girls is to get my bicycle and to ride on just the back wheel with the front wheel in the air near the bus stop. Also, going really fast and then putting on the brakes and doing a long skid in front of them. They love that.
    Personally though, get an ice-cream wooden lolly stick and put that next to the tire to imitate a 'motorbike-sound.'
    You'll have all the girlfriends you want then.
    I tried posting this on KS but they said this was 'trolling' because I had made no anti-Chinese references.

  7. Ah , but anonymous didn't say get high he said drugs. ;)

  8. once again Flint, you are the soothing 'ying' to my tempestuous 'yang.'

  9. Drugs are pretty cheap there, but they only give you enough for a couple of days.

  10. your a lie man