Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maeng Family Update

I was just watching CBC The National and they had a story on the plight of the Maeng family. According to the report the Federal Minister of Immigration is willing to reverse the decision to deport the Maengs IF the Province of New Brunswick sends him a letter asking him to do it.

What the kimchi?!?!? Why in the blue hell can't the asshat just admit his boys (Immigration) screwed the pooch and the Maengs should never have been put through horse shit they have? Why can't he just man up and REVERSE the decision without adding even more nonsense to the equation? Oh yeah, he is a politician.

The CBC says the Province is drafting the letter now. Hopefully it is in the Ministers hand tomorrow and the Maengs can go on with their life.

At the same time the Minister reverses the decision he should also apologize to the Maengs and announce that something will be done to insure this never happens to a family (or person) again. It is a sad but true fact about our society that nothing ever seems to get done in a case like this without getting the media involved. Especially when dealing with the government.

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