Sunday, June 19, 2011

From the WTK Mailbag - Obsession

One of my readers emailed me and had this to say

Dear What The Kimchi

Why the kimchi do you pay so much attention to the useless cunts over at Korea Sentry? It seems like you are obsessed with them. They deserve to be shit on and ignored.

Yours sincerely
Long Time Reader

Dear LTR

You do make a valid point. A couple actually. I have been posting more about the KKKlan than normal and the twats over there do deserve to be shit on.

I am not one to ignore idiots though, I believe that when people are behaving badly it needs to be pointed out to them. A lot of times, not in the case of the KKKluckers though, people actually think they are doing nothing wrong and if no one points their behaviour out they will continue on that way. Take bad drivers for example. So, I like to point it out, and when I am wrong I hope it gets pointed out to me.

As to the recent flurry of posts ... I have an admission to make. I have a problem. :( I find myself with extra free time lately ... and I get bored easily. :( The morons, miscreants, and malcontents over there have been providing me with entertainment to relieve my boredom. So my posting serves two purposes. To expose their idiocy and alleviate my boredom.

Have I been giving them too much attention? Probably. Mind you most times they post they give a wealth of material to be mocked. I wonder if this is how Jon Stewart felt when George Bush would open his mouth? Except I am no Jon Stewart, and George Bush is more intelligent than most of the KKKleagle over there.

Your Humble Servant and Deviant ESL Tyrant

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