Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No Reservations - South Korea

I made a post on Flint's Follies that really could have been posted here since it was about South Korea. Anothony Bourdain does a travel/food show called No Reservations and did an episode in South Korea. I will have to write about it more some time.

Anyway, there is a great quote about soju from that episode.

"You know, when I get back to New York I am going to be pouring that stuff on my cheerios in the morning."

I could picture him doing just that. :)

I try to keep this site to just South Korea related stuff but I do find there is some crossover, like talking about the Amazing Race episode in South Korea. I only posted it in FF, not here, but it is Korea related. Maybe I should have just stuck to one blog?

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