Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the ... attempt at being moderate?!?!?

A reader suggested I look at a thread started on KKKorea Sentry by someone named Chan-Ho. I did and the thread evolved the way I figured it would. So, I started writing up a post about it. It was a long post, It was much longer than it deserved considering you can look at the thread if you want to.

In fact the thread can be distilled down to a few points.

1) Chan-Ho feels that the site (KS) goes too far and is too nasty at times. He thinks that does a disservice to the site and Korea because of the negative view it creates of Koreans. That sounds like a fair assessment in my book.

2) Then the KKKluckers started replying. Their main argument against the moderate veiw of Chan-Ho sounds like something out of grade school. Others do so it so that makes it ok if we do it.


If you want to see real hate sites filled with anti-Korean rhetoric you should check out english web forums and blogs about Korea created by white dudes, and one blackey named metropolitician whose been abusing good graces of the Korean people.

Herr Consoleman

Too bad this forum is being seen as Anti-China/Anti-Japan discussion board because most of our threads are seem controversial to Han Chinese/Japanese when their online chats and forums are full of anti-Korean threads. So we can't talk behind their backs when they can?

At least this website is called "Korean Sentry", not "Asian Sentry".

This discussion site is no different than Dave's ESL and Asiafinest at least it's called "Korean", notice only racial slurs against to Whiteys/Blacks/Jews get removed or warned, they still have racial slurs against to Koreans.


I like Korean Sentry. There's nothing wrong with this forum. It's the jjankaes, whiteys, an jokkbari's that pushed the Korean brothers to make a forum like this anyways. I'm sick of seeing people talk shit about Korean and when we try to counter, we get banned or some lame pussy shit happens to our accounts.


Sites like Asiafinest does more to spread hate and lies about Koreans than this site does against Chinese. The moderator over there has banned a lot of Koreans, however he doesn't ban any Chinese. It's funny because he's Chinese American himself.

I do believe that any racism and hate-talk is counter-productive to this site, but look at Asiafinest and other Chinese-based forums first before you say this forum is racist.

Yes, the other sites are bad when they are racist and discriminatory. They deserve to be exposed as such when they act that way. But that isn't what happens on KKKorea Sentry.

I hope they realize that by using that excuse they legitimize any and every racist or discriminatory site. KS does so it is ok if they do. If my site is the racist piece of shit they feel it is well that is ok by their logic. They are doing it. What a bunch of childish fucktards.

3) Then you have FullyAsleep ... I mean Wideawake ... try, and fail, to be a voice of moderation. On the one hand he agrees with Chan-Ho and belives the site goes too far. Then he passes the buck by saying it is up to Herr Consoleman to decide how things are done. He ends by saying

You guys know how much I criticize Chinese, but I have never used jjanke or any such slur and you know how much I dislike many ESL teachers, but I have never used "whitey". Post in a way that does not shame your family and culture. Post in a way that makes you proud to be Korean.

Considering his last thread about Captain Corea it is hard to see his attempt to be moderate as anything but hypocritical. Or should that be his last 2 threads considering how he went back and edited it rewriting/shaping the whole thread.

According to Wideawake Captain Corea's big crime was pestering the admins over trivial things, like letting the racist comments stay up. Wideawake started the post by saying

"He asked for it."

By asking the mods to DEAL with racist comments and personal attacks he feels Captain Corea asked to be banned. Wow, he sounds like the nutjobs who say women who were raped asked for it.

After mentioning some of Captain Corea's "real life information" he ended his post by saying:

"And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of.

Captain Corea's posts wherever I have seen them tended to be moderate. Yet, none of the moderators felt attacks on him deserved handling. Including the moderator who ended his post on Captain Corea with a threat.

Post in a way that does not shame your family and culture. Post in a way that makes you proud to be Korean.

Was Wideawake proud of what he posted there? If so, why alter it? If he had apologized for his own actions I might be more inclined to believe his attempt at moderation.

All in all it was an interesting post by Chan-Ho. I wish him luck but doubt it will change much there. He would probably be better off starting his own site and not allowing the bullshit that takes place on KS to happen there.


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