Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the ... lies?!?!?

Interesting article on Korea Beat about the discussion of Hangul in Korea.

If you have lived and worked in South Korea you have been exposed to "Hangul Nationalism". At times the fervor borders on the insane. Then you have the penchant for the Korean media to make up stories and sources.

Once again with an issue the Korean "media" have show their lack of integrity. The "sources" cited by the Korean "media" and Hangul groups have turned out to be ... fake. After seeing the lengths that the Korean media has gone to portray foreigners as evil I can't say that I am surprised to see lies told about this.

The "Oxford Story" actually reminds me of one of the South African assholes I used to work with. He had no degree. His Aunt bought him a fake one in Seoul. Rather than just tell people who asked about his degree that he had a degree from X University in English or something basic he would create even taller tales. He told me and a few others he had a degree in Business Leadership from Oxford University. The guy was so toxic and annoying that some of us actually checked it out. All it took was a simple visit to Oxford's web site to see that they have no such degree. Someone actually emailed Oxford and asked them whether the degree existed or not and was told it did not.

The "Oxford Story" in the article is about how Hangul promoters say that the Foreign Language College at Oxford University picked Hangul as the world's greatest writing system. There is no Foreign Language College at Oxford University. There is a linguistic department but they had never heard of this supposed decision about Hangul. Yet this story has been cited in print and online as an example of how great Hangul is.

The Korean media and "Hangul Nationalists" have the same kind of mentality as the asshole I worked with. When in doubt lie and the bigger the lie the better. In the end, none of the sources that have been quoted in the past to show how great hangul is, how admired it is around the world, could be found or confirmed. Like I said, I am not surprised.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What the ... justice 2?!?!?

I just finished reading an article on Korea Beat. It was an update on a previous story about a bus driver in trouble with the law. His crime, he stopped someone from molesting a student and attacking an older woman on the bus. Oh, and evidently not paying blood money to the boys family.

He was actually sentenced to prison time in the original case. It was a good example of why you don't get involved in anything in Korea.

On appeal the prison time was tossed but the judge still sentenced him to 6 months of prison time and 2 years of probation. The judges reasoning

The trial judge sentenced him to six months in prison and two years of probation, saying that “although there are mitigating circumstances the victim was badly injured and no settlement has been reached with his family.”

Yes, the judge actually said part of the reason for the punishment is that the blood money wasn't paid. What doesn't pay in South Korea is to help others when they are being attacked or raped. Mitigating cirumstances ... the "victim" was sexually assaulting a girl and then attacked a woman who stopped him. Mitigating circumstances ... what the kimchi?!?!?

Blood money and the way the courts and cops try to actually enforce it make South Korea look like a country of fucktards who care more about money than what is right.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What the ... bureaucratic bullshit?!?!?

Just went through an experience that reminded me of dealing with KImmigration years ago. Typical bureaucratic bullshit.

I applied for a job with the government. It requires a security check. It took them 2 weeks to get a hold of me and inform me that I needed to submit fingerprints as well. No worries, cop shop is near home and I have no record. According to the HR person I spoke with the RCMP would send the prints to the address provided to me in an email.

I went to the cop shop bright and early, a little earlier than they opened. Got the prints no problem. When I mentioned sending them on , I had printed the email out and brought it with me, I was informed that the RCMP either sends the prints to their office in Ottawa or gives them to us. They have NO arrangement with any other government department. So I had to get them to give the prints in a sealed envelope and find the office in town to drop the prints off at so they could send them to their people in Ottawa. What a lot of convoluted bull shit.

Years back in Korea, when the Korean government was making the Criminal Background Check mandatory for E2 VISA holders, the KImmigration department informed foreigners that they could just go to their countries Embassy in Seoul and get it done. The problem with that was no one had actually asked the Embassies if they did or would do CBCs. The Korean government seemed to assume that because they said it would be done it would be done. They ended up having a meeting with Embassy officials and informing them that their Embassies would do CBCs to which they were politely told to fuck off the Embassies don't do CBCs, the police do them.

I don't know if I would classify KImmigrations policies back then as bureaucratic bullshit, arrogant bullshit, or a mix of the two. Hmmm .... yeah a mix of the two.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What the ... hypocritical mook?!?!?

I was reading the latest post on Blackchild when I saw a link to one of his previous posts I had missed. Back then I was subscribed to a blog run by someone that tended to make a lot of inane posts. Thus causing a lot of spam and I would miss posts by others. But I digress.

Mike's post was about some of the BS foreigners face in South Korea. It was a good post, funny in parts. Especially how he dealt with the old mook on the bus.

In the comment section an Anonymous poster made some comments that had me writing a reply too lengthy for a comment section. So I am putting it here.

The anonymous Mook said

"ur so lucky that people pay attention to u. "

Evidently someone doesn't know the difference between good and bad attention. Pointing, staring, and harassing someoen isn't considered good attention by most people. From later comments of yours YOU didn't appreciate it.

Mr. Anonymous also seems to have missed the fact that when assistance was needed Koreans DIDN'T pay any attention.

"as an asian living in states i didnt have my native language conveniently posted everywhere or people try to speak my native tongue."

Be happy you didn't have hordes of people saying hello to you seemingly at random in the States. Shouting it repeatedly. Or people stopping you to practice their English by asking the same stupid questions the last 20 idiots asked and the next 20 will ask.

As for English being posted everywhere ... thanks for the laugh. Yes, there is a lot of English out there. However, there is a lot of BAD English out there too.

" people in states look at u funny automatically judge u bc dont speak perfect english."

Sounds like Koreans dealing with non-Koreans. I would guess you didn't appreciate that behaviour in the states so why should foreigners in Korea like it? When it comes to using Korean I have found a lot of Koreans do NOT want to speak Korean with you, they want to practice their English.

When you do use your Korea, no matter how good or bad your accent is many don't seem to understand you. I remember going to the corner store to get some bug spray. A Korean friend told me that all I have to do is ask for "combat", or as he said it "com bat uh". So I did. I asked about 20 times and the guy still didn't understand. So I called my friend who said exactly what I said but this time the guy understood. Or taxi drivers that don't understand when you say left or right in Korean. But if you say "leftuh" or "rightuh" they understand.

"dont expect koreans to adapt to ur ways. if your going to stay in korea u should learn their culture and language."

It is always funny to hear a Korean lecture about that. When in doubt blame the foreigner for not understanding Korean culture. What always made me laugh was when students went to study abroad and only left the Korean community to go to class. Which meant the only time they had to use English was in class. When they came back and would make comments like yours, how important it is for foreigners to learn the Korean Culture and language I would laugh at them.

For the most part foreigners aren't even asking Koreans to adapt to their ways. They want to be treated as a human being, not an animal in the zoo. They want to be treated politely. According to any Korean I asked it is rude to point at people in Korea. It is rude to stare. Yet, if you are a foreigner it happens all the time but it is ok because you aren't Korean. Like I told my students if it is rude to do it to another Korean it is rude to do it to anyone.

I love history and learning about other cultures. So I made a point of learning about Korean culture. Of course whenever anything came up I would be told "you don't understand Korean culture". Even when you were right.

As for learning the language, I learned enough to get by. However, the more I learned Korean the more I realized just how fucking rude so many of them were when they didn't think we understood them. (And to the apologists yes, Westerners do this too ... and when they do it around me I tend to tell them off. Two wrongs don't make a right.)

For a while this led me to actively stop learning Korean. Mike's reasoning was pretty close to mine. I wasn't out to learn Korean just to get in a woman's pants. Nor was I impressed with the way so many Koreans would not want to use Korean but insist on English, a lot of the time it felt like they just expected a free English lesson. More than a few times it was actually expressed that way ... "I practice Englishee on you."

So, Mr. Anonymous, your comments were kind of disjointed bordering on hypocritical. You complained because you were treated badly in the US but expect foreigners to just suck it up when in Korea. You sir are a fucking mook.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about expats in Japan.

Consoleman Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:39 pm
This is exactly why S.Korea don't need foreigners and Whiteys (mainly ESL), look at these Whiteys desperately trying to flee when hardcore Japanese nationals are suffering and even volunteering to save victims and cleanups. If this happened to South Korea, all these 20,000 Whitey ESLs and foreign nationals would have vacuum out of Korea.

Ah, leave it to Herr Consoleman to twist the disaster to suit his racist narrative. It was interesting to follow his links and read the articles which weren't so much focused on those fleeing Japan as the disaster itself. Those fleeing were mentioned but were not the sum of the articles. I particularly liked the following passage from the India Times;

The US and Britain chartered flights for their nationals trying to leave Japan, China moved thousands of its citizens to the capital for evacuation and France assigned two government planes to pull its people out.

Look at all those "whiteys" fleeing. Because as you know all Americans, British, French, and Chinese are white. No "non-whiteys" in those countries. This prompted me to see what the CBC had to say on the subject.

Countries including Britain, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany have advised their citizens to leave Japan because of radiation from damaged nuclear reactors.

God damn. look at how many more "whiteys" are fleeing. What a bunch of fucking cowards. Add Australia, Germany, and South Korea to the list of "whiteys" abandoning Japan. What was that? South Korea?

South Koreans’ rush to leave Japan after an 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami hit its northeastern coastal areas Friday continued Sunday though the pace slowed a bit.

Many tourists and students flocked to Narita and Haneda airports, which reopened after a one-day shutdown following the earthquake, in order to secure airplane tickets back home.

Hundreds of people who were unable to obtain tickets had to remain at the airports, hoping to find seats on planes bound for Korea in the coming days.

But the situation turned a bit better on Sunday. “Passenger are having no major difficulty buying tickets to Korea,” an Asiana Airlines spokesman said.

The government is also taking all steps to transport Koreans seeking to leave Japan without any setbacks.

Many Koreans heaved a sigh of relief after their return home.

Say it ain't so ... using Herr consoleman's lack of logic the South Koreans are a bunch of cowardly whiteys abandoning the "hardcore" Japanese nationals. (What the kimchi is a hardcore Japanese national? Someone involved in lots of bondage and bukkake?) The "cowardly whitey South Koreans" even had the temerity to sigh in relief when they reach home! The article went on to say

Meanwhile, many Japanese tourists here, particularly those from earthquake-hit regions, have canceled tour schedules to return home early.

Oh no ... Japanese Whitey Cowards? They don't want to return home to the devastation. I guess they aren't "hardcore Japanese nationals."

Seriously though, this how pathetic a twat Herr Consoleman is. You don't even have to try hard to make fun of him just post what he actually says. Someone needs to send Herr Consoleman to Japan, although that would be a mean thing to do to the Japanese after all they have had to deal with.

Every person who leaves Japan frees up some potential space for those who lost their homes. They free up resources, like food and water, for those who need it. Yet this piece of shit sitting safely in his parents basement in Australia will try and twist things to suit his racist desires. What a waste of space.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What the ... Website Management?!?!?!?

I guess the comments made by askkorean1 and another tard that take up most of the 4 pages of comments made don't fall under the title of bad language, discriminatory, or offensive.

Ah yes, the Korea Times, always out to prove why they are Worst in the Nation.

What the ... tasteless tards 2?!?!?

And just in case you thought the KKKunts couldn't get any lower or moronic ...

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:47 am
Post subject: thank God Korea doesn't get earthquakes.

Japan is the most earthquake prone country in the world. They get many earthquakes for all the past sins they committed.

Just in case you forgot that Korea has an unhealthy number or religious freaks this twat had to chime in.

"master "kaizen
Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:44 pm
Post subject:

China celebrates the natural disaster in japan
(Links to cnn and a post about how the reaction of some Chinese shows their bigotry towards Japan.)

Kind of ironic that one of these KKKunts is pointing another people's bigotry towards Japan.

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 8:30 am
Post subject: thank God Korea doesn't have earthquakes

China, Japan, Taiwan are some of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Korea is at a very good geo location regarding earthquakes, tsunamis, ect..

After having it pointed out that Korea is NOT earthquake free the tard posted.

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:58 am
Post subject:

korea never had a major earthquake that even killed more than 5 people throughout it's history so it is safe. God gave the geo location a blessing on that one.

Then another Tard chimed in.

"master" xcreaturex100
Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:22 pm
Post subject: Re: thank God Korea doesn't have earthquakes
Napkilla wrote:
"China, Japan, Taiwan are some of the most earthquake prone countries in the world. Korea is at a very good geo location regarding earthquakes, tsunamis, ect.."

Thank Fuck for that.
China has been hit by tsunami and also earthquake too. Korea was safe from all this.

For people who consider themselves protectors of Korea they really don't know a lot about it do they? They need to get out of the basement and experience life, maybe even actually go to Korea and live there for a while.

Then you have the morons who troll around The Korea Times, Nations Worst, website.

askkorean1 ( 03-12-2011 18:55
This is what happens if your arrogant and fck with Koreans. Korean God will destroy and punish Japan.

askkorean1 ( 03-12-2011 17:39
Korean God Punished Japan!!! A Nation that still worships " Hidiyoshi Korean Grave Tomb". Bunch Island Monkey Mother Fckers!!!!

ensoninoue ( 03-12-2011 06:26
nature is punishing japan with earthquakes because of all the past sins and atrocities they committed

ensoninoue ( 03-12-2011 03:32
it seems like japan will sink like atlantis pretty soon because they are the most earthquake prone countries in the world

I wonder if they are the same people? They definitely have the same type of crazy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

What the ... tasteless tards?!?!?!?

I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not. I figured I would take a peek on the KKKorean Sentry to see what they have to say about the quake that hit Japan. Of course there was a thread opened about it. The first post reported the magnitude of the earthquake. the second reported that there are warnings in Taiwan and the Philippines. The third ... was about as tasteless as I expect from these assholes. Some KKKunt going by the name of Kaizen, with the title "Master" said

Well, at least they acted as a barrier for korea.

What a fucking tool. One of the worst quakes in a century, devastating tsunami that will affect parts of Asia and North America. And that is the best these assholes can say. Talk about your wastes of space.

It reminds me of how popular the disaster movie "Japan Down" was in South Korea. So many students went on about how great it was because Japanese died and as more than one said "monkey's can't swim".

I understand where their hatred of Japan comes from but there comes a time when you have to let go. And you shouldn't be teaching your kids to hate like that.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about Korean gender relations.

What ever we have done wrong to Korean girls/women??? Why are they so eager to go out with non-asian/Korean guys?

Herr Consoleman started this line of thought after whining because he saw a Korean woman with a Mexican man. He could answer his questions quite easily if he went back and read the shit he says on his site, or if he read Shit Herr Consoleman Says over here. Gems like;

What a putz.

Shit Foreigners Say ... about living in South Korea.

"You can get (insert product name here) everywhere back home. Why not here?"

"The law back home says I can do this!"

"This isn't like home."

How many times have you heard some asshat, usually fresh off the plane, drone on about what they can get back home but can't get in Korea? Or better yet go on about how they have the right to do something because they can back home. Guess what junior, you ain't in Kansas anymore!

Yes, you will encounter things, some would say many things, that are stupid but you don't go to another country expecting it to be exactly like home. (Ok, going between Canada and the US you can to a degree.) You are in another country on another continent. You should have done SOME research before going so you have at least an inkling of what to expect. (There is this great things called the inter-web or something like that which can help you.)

Friday, March 4, 2011

Visa Runs

There are many ways to obtain the standard E-2 visa necessary to work as an English teacher in Korea. The Korean government has added many weird and wonderful prerequisites before they will allow you in. Some of the things they check out (drugs, HIV, perversion) are not asked of Koreans, of course, but regular readers will already be acquainted with my and Flint's rantings about this.
I received my education about the whole process the hard way. The first time I went to Korea, I went without a visa, and was stopped at the check-in at Vancouver.
A person can get a visa before they go to Korea, but I didn't know that. The recruiter neglected to mention the fact that I should keep my visa status on the q.t.
I did get to Korea and finally obtained my E-2 through what is known as the "visa run." My school sent me to Fukuoka in Japan, where South Korea has a consulate that handled the application.
There are a variety of ways to get to Fukuoka. There's an overnight ferry from Busan, as well as a hydrofoil that makes the trip before you can even blink. This time, I took the train to Busan, and a plane from Busan to Fukuoka. Daegu has an airport, but the reason why I just didn't fly from there was never properly explained to me.
My school paid for everything: train tickets, plane tickets, visa fee, and about $500 for expenses. Not bad. They even gave me a map of the city, so I'd know where to go.
It was a very interesting trip. I had to get up about 3 AM or some godawful hour (on a Thursday, returning Friday) in order to make the train. My doofus of a rommmate, who couldn't give directions out of a paper bag, didn't tell me that there were two train stations in Daegu. One was simply Daegu Station, while the other was Dongdaegu (East Daegu) Station.
Dongdaegu was fairly big, and not hard to miss, but thanks to my idiot roommate, I was looking for Daegu Station, which at that time was hidden behind an outdoor market. I wandered around, looking for the entrance to the station, being stared at by all the people getting their stalls ready.
I did find it, and I made my train. The ticket guy looked at me kind of strangely, no doubt wondering why I wasn't at Dondaegu.
Babo waegookin.
One of the things I loved about getting around Korea was riding on the train. They're fast, cheap, and relaxing. It was a nice easy glide down to Busan. Hmmmm, reminds me of Arlo Guthrie's "City Of New Orleans." Maybe Flint and I can adapt the words for Korea...
Anyway, I got to Busan, and even got off at the right station (Gupo). I had to take a city bus from there to the airport, and then made the short hop across the Tsushima Strait to Japan. History buffs will recognize this body of water as the place where the Imperial Japanese Navy took on the Russian Navy in 1905, and blasted it out of the water.
From Fukuoka Airport, I took the subway to a station near the Korean consulate. There was about a half-hour walk between them. After coming out of the subway, you see a foot-wide creek, which widens out as you follow it to the coast.

I arrived at the consulate about noonish, and submitted the necessary forms, photos, and fees. The visa would be ready for pick-up the next day, at which time I would reverse the trip I'd just taken.
I remember when I made a visa run to Osaka in '07 that the visa was ready the same day, but I still got a two-day trip out of it. Time enought to visit Osaka Castle even.

And I got a great picture of this neon bat sign from my hotel.

Fairly close to the consulate was the Fukuoka Dome, where the local baseball team, the Hawks, play.

There's a shopping mall and a hotel attached. The complex is called Hawks Town.

Just down the street is the Chinese consulate.

According to the map, Fukuoka is lousy with consulates, probably catering to thousands of teachers like me, getting visas for all the countries in the area. The ones I saw at the consulate were all doing the thing where they ignored everybody else, so I didn't have anybody to talk to at all during that trip. That's cool. I'm solitary by nature, and I don't feel right about inflicting my company on someone who doesn't care for it. Their loss.
As it was deep December, there wasn't a lot to do or see outside. I wandered down to the beach, but there wasn't a lot to see if you didn't like just staring at the ocean.

I did go on up the Fukuoka Tower, which is not as impressive as it looks or sounds. It's mainly an elevator and some observation decks.

But it does give you a nice view of the city and the bay.
There was an old fortress I wanted to see, but I ran out of time and money.

These photos are from a later trip.

I stayed at the Mimochi Twin Towers hotel. Very nice, and cheap, about $40 a night. I got to experience a Japanese bathroom, which was very economical about the space. Its shower was very similar to the showers in Korea. The spray hits you about mid-chest.
I ate at a Japanese version of a steakhouse (across from the hotel) and turned in fairly early. There wasn't much on the television for the English speaker.
But all in all it is an enjoyable trip, and a bit of a break from teaching, which at that time was torture for me and my poor students.
Japan is very different from Korea. The cleanliness is on a level far above Korea, and the people are polite. They don't stare, and they don't noisily clear their throats and then spit.
I made two, maybe three trips to Fukuoka for different E-2's, and another run to Osaka. The others I got in Canada before I went to Korea. Once I even went to Vancouver to submit the paperwork (I combined the trip with a visit to my sister).
After you get your visa, your hagwon can register you with the government, and arrange for things like your health care. I remember in my second year, the director's second in command Charlie, took me down to register me, and we got laughed out of the office. I had gone to Korea figuring I would do the visa run, but my recruiter and the school had expected me to come with the E-2 already in my passport.
SNAFU, eh?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about weight loss.

I need to diet.

I don't eat after 5pm because I am dieting.

My parents say I am fat so I am on a diet.

While being weight concious may not be a bad thing Koreans do tend to take it to extremes. Their idea of a healthy size isn't just different, it often borders on anorexic. It is bad enough when adults get that extreme but I lost count of how many of the kids I used to teach were forced to diet by their parents. Kids who didn't need to diet.

One of my elementary school students, she was in grade 5 at the time, always comes to mind when I think of this insanity. She was tall for her age and a skinny. A beanpole. One day she was distracted in class, it was in the evening, and seemed out of sorts. When asked she told me that she was dieting because her mother says she is fat. Dieting meant you eat breakfast and lunch. Come 5pm she wasn't allowed to eat anything. So if she didn't get supper by then she was shit out of luck until the morning. Bloody insane.

Fine, you are an adult and want to show everyone your ribs, it is your perogative to be stupid. But to force that insanity on your kids? You should be smacked up the side of the head.