Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What the ... bureaucratic bullshit?!?!?

Just went through an experience that reminded me of dealing with KImmigration years ago. Typical bureaucratic bullshit.

I applied for a job with the government. It requires a security check. It took them 2 weeks to get a hold of me and inform me that I needed to submit fingerprints as well. No worries, cop shop is near home and I have no record. According to the HR person I spoke with the RCMP would send the prints to the address provided to me in an email.

I went to the cop shop bright and early, a little earlier than they opened. Got the prints no problem. When I mentioned sending them on , I had printed the email out and brought it with me, I was informed that the RCMP either sends the prints to their office in Ottawa or gives them to us. They have NO arrangement with any other government department. So I had to get them to give the prints in a sealed envelope and find the office in town to drop the prints off at so they could send them to their people in Ottawa. What a lot of convoluted bull shit.

Years back in Korea, when the Korean government was making the Criminal Background Check mandatory for E2 VISA holders, the KImmigration department informed foreigners that they could just go to their countries Embassy in Seoul and get it done. The problem with that was no one had actually asked the Embassies if they did or would do CBCs. The Korean government seemed to assume that because they said it would be done it would be done. They ended up having a meeting with Embassy officials and informing them that their Embassies would do CBCs to which they were politely told to fuck off the Embassies don't do CBCs, the police do them.

I don't know if I would classify KImmigrations policies back then as bureaucratic bullshit, arrogant bullshit, or a mix of the two. Hmmm .... yeah a mix of the two.

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  1. Hi there. Their system is still flawed. Since America does not have a central clearing house of crimes, all you have to do is change states. Also, I know of one Canadian that was deported from America for beating his ex-wife. He has a clean record in Canada, but has a criminal history in America. I also think it is funny they won't approve of people with parking tickets. This reminds me too much of my state's public school system of zero tolerance. Draw (as in art) a gun get suspended.

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