Friday, March 11, 2011

What the ... tasteless tards?!?!?!?

I wish I could say I was surprised but I am not. I figured I would take a peek on the KKKorean Sentry to see what they have to say about the quake that hit Japan. Of course there was a thread opened about it. The first post reported the magnitude of the earthquake. the second reported that there are warnings in Taiwan and the Philippines. The third ... was about as tasteless as I expect from these assholes. Some KKKunt going by the name of Kaizen, with the title "Master" said

Well, at least they acted as a barrier for korea.

What a fucking tool. One of the worst quakes in a century, devastating tsunami that will affect parts of Asia and North America. And that is the best these assholes can say. Talk about your wastes of space.

It reminds me of how popular the disaster movie "Japan Down" was in South Korea. So many students went on about how great it was because Japanese died and as more than one said "monkey's can't swim".

I understand where their hatred of Japan comes from but there comes a time when you have to let go. And you shouldn't be teaching your kids to hate like that.


  1. I don't even understand their hatred at this point. The vast majority have no personal recollection of mistreatment by the Japanese. You'd have to be 65 plus just to remember occupation.

  2. and I said the only people in the world that would be happy about a tsunami in Japan would be Koreans.

  3. Exactly BC ... they are actually teaching their kids to hate that hard. I was thinking about it after I posted the thread and it is scary the degree the kids are taught to hate Japan. I remember seeing "art contests" Elementary Schools in Cheongju had. They would post the art on the walls outside for all to see. Most of the winning art consisted of pictures of Japan covered in shit, or burning, or being nuked, or sinking, with a spattering of anti-American artwork thrown in for shits and giggles. The teachers don't just allow the BS to happen they encourage it.

    I am not saying they should ever forget what happened ... but there comes a time when you have to move on or just seem pathetic in your hatred.

  4. And then, after spewing their brand of bile, the assholes at KKKorea Sentry whine and wonder why no one likes them.

    Another "Master" KKKunt named xcreaturex100 has posted

    "Thank god, the Japanese islands acted as a barrier."

    What a bunch of pathetic twats.

  5. The disaster in Japan is a terrible event, and my prayers are with the Japanese people at this time.
    I remember commenting when that "Japan Down" film came out that for most of the world it would be a disaster film, but that in Korea it would be fantasy wish fulfillment.
    To have that half-joking comment realized after an event of this magnitude just shows how bad things are.
    If KKKoreans spewing this bile are allowed to continue without being punished, then it says something about what kind of people Koreans want to be perceived as.

  6. I remember you saying that about "Japan Down".

  7. I should say that the website "Cute Korean Girls" has posted on Facebook: "The team at Korean Girls wishes a speedy recovery for Japan & beautiful Japanese girls."

  8. The vast majority have no personal recollection of mistreatment by the Japanese. You'd have to be 65 plus just to remember occupation.

    You could be 16 and still have heard stories from family members who survived that. How would you feel if your grandmother was raped and your grandfather was experimented on?

    I'm not defending their behavior, and I think Korea should make an effort to reconcile with Japan and become an ally to one another. They're certainly not making the situation any better, but I think a lot of people are being ignorant when they arbitrarily say that Koreans need to let it go.

  9. There comes a time when you have to move on or you are just going to wallow in your hatred. No one, at least no one I know, is saying they should ever forget what happened. While you may feel that you aren't defending their behaviour you are making excuses for it.

  10. Again, Flint, it's really not as easy you make it.

    I loved my grandfather, and hearing the stories about his life in occupied Japan does really boil my blood at times. I don't hold any grudges towards the Japanese because I know most of the people (like 98%) there were never involved in WWII and would never do the horrendous things their ancestors did. However, I am incredibly sensitive about Japan and their political actions involving Korea and other nations affected by their WWII imperialism.

    Don't make it seem like it's the easiest thing. I know it looks simple when you're looking from the outside, but in here, it's not that easy. It's a terrible type of anger when you know a loved one has been wronged in the most awful ways.

  11. *NOTE*

    I'm still not defending the behaviors of the Koreans who are happy about the earthquake. I think that's really fucked up, and I also think most Koreans feel bad about it and want to help. While a lot of Koreans hate Japan, I believe most don't hate the Japanese people.

  12. *Nod* I understand you aren't defending it .. and you are right, it is easier to talk about something than to solve it. But the change needs to start somewhere and teaching young kids to hate, or condoning it when the do it, doesn't even start to solve the problem.

    My impression from 10 years of interacting with Koreans is that most Koreans do not like Japan.

    In relation to the disaster in Japan I think most Koreans have responded well. They are willing to help Japan. Hopefully it helps get rid of some of the animosity.

    Unfortunately, just as the Christian Fundamentalist assholes in the US and Canada make us look bad (ESPECIALLY if we don't speak out against them) the morons like those on KKKorean Sentry and the Nutizens have the same effect on Korea.

  13. "But the change needs to start somewhere and teaching young kids to hate, or condoning it when the do it, doesn't even start to solve the problem."

    This is the area in which I agree with you completely. I understand the need to remember history, but not with hate. Even if I hated Japan, I would not teach my children to do the same, and will not when I do have the little ones. Like I said, it's easy to understand why Koreans may dislike Japan as so many of us have living family members who survived the occupation, but it needs to end with us and not let it pass onto younger kids.