Friday, March 18, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about expats in Japan.

Consoleman Posted: Fri Mar 18, 2011 6:39 pm
This is exactly why S.Korea don't need foreigners and Whiteys (mainly ESL), look at these Whiteys desperately trying to flee when hardcore Japanese nationals are suffering and even volunteering to save victims and cleanups. If this happened to South Korea, all these 20,000 Whitey ESLs and foreign nationals would have vacuum out of Korea.

Ah, leave it to Herr Consoleman to twist the disaster to suit his racist narrative. It was interesting to follow his links and read the articles which weren't so much focused on those fleeing Japan as the disaster itself. Those fleeing were mentioned but were not the sum of the articles. I particularly liked the following passage from the India Times;

The US and Britain chartered flights for their nationals trying to leave Japan, China moved thousands of its citizens to the capital for evacuation and France assigned two government planes to pull its people out.

Look at all those "whiteys" fleeing. Because as you know all Americans, British, French, and Chinese are white. No "non-whiteys" in those countries. This prompted me to see what the CBC had to say on the subject.

Countries including Britain, the United States, South Korea, Australia and Germany have advised their citizens to leave Japan because of radiation from damaged nuclear reactors.

God damn. look at how many more "whiteys" are fleeing. What a bunch of fucking cowards. Add Australia, Germany, and South Korea to the list of "whiteys" abandoning Japan. What was that? South Korea?

South Koreans’ rush to leave Japan after an 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami hit its northeastern coastal areas Friday continued Sunday though the pace slowed a bit.

Many tourists and students flocked to Narita and Haneda airports, which reopened after a one-day shutdown following the earthquake, in order to secure airplane tickets back home.

Hundreds of people who were unable to obtain tickets had to remain at the airports, hoping to find seats on planes bound for Korea in the coming days.

But the situation turned a bit better on Sunday. “Passenger are having no major difficulty buying tickets to Korea,” an Asiana Airlines spokesman said.

The government is also taking all steps to transport Koreans seeking to leave Japan without any setbacks.

Many Koreans heaved a sigh of relief after their return home.

Say it ain't so ... using Herr consoleman's lack of logic the South Koreans are a bunch of cowardly whiteys abandoning the "hardcore" Japanese nationals. (What the kimchi is a hardcore Japanese national? Someone involved in lots of bondage and bukkake?) The "cowardly whitey South Koreans" even had the temerity to sigh in relief when they reach home! The article went on to say

Meanwhile, many Japanese tourists here, particularly those from earthquake-hit regions, have canceled tour schedules to return home early.

Oh no ... Japanese Whitey Cowards? They don't want to return home to the devastation. I guess they aren't "hardcore Japanese nationals."

Seriously though, this how pathetic a twat Herr Consoleman is. You don't even have to try hard to make fun of him just post what he actually says. Someone needs to send Herr Consoleman to Japan, although that would be a mean thing to do to the Japanese after all they have had to deal with.

Every person who leaves Japan frees up some potential space for those who lost their homes. They free up resources, like food and water, for those who need it. Yet this piece of shit sitting safely in his parents basement in Australia will try and twist things to suit his racist desires. What a waste of space.


  1. This might be a good time to send links of this shit to some major newspapers in Australia...a lot of the shit they say isn't news worthy at any other time...but now...on a slowish news day...with the Japan just might work!

    What a pack of fucktards.

  2. I will have to think about that. It would be interesting. Maybe they would even track Herr Consoleman down in OZ and ask him about it. :)

  3. They only have about 400 members! I can't believe that more people read my piece of shit blog than read their whole forum...actually...I can!

  4. If you don't choke on your own vomit, follow the threads as they just tumble into an argument between incoherent and syphilitic rambling and 'moderates' who even with Herculean effort fail to establish common ground.
    'Slowguy' and 'kaizen' contribute to an informed discussion about anti-semitism.
    The Oxford Union debates it ain't.
    The one you refer to and one about reconstruction in Japan is like watching two demented homeless men shouting at parked cars and then masturbating in front of cafe windows.