Thursday, March 31, 2011

What the ... lies?!?!?

Interesting article on Korea Beat about the discussion of Hangul in Korea.

If you have lived and worked in South Korea you have been exposed to "Hangul Nationalism". At times the fervor borders on the insane. Then you have the penchant for the Korean media to make up stories and sources.

Once again with an issue the Korean "media" have show their lack of integrity. The "sources" cited by the Korean "media" and Hangul groups have turned out to be ... fake. After seeing the lengths that the Korean media has gone to portray foreigners as evil I can't say that I am surprised to see lies told about this.

The "Oxford Story" actually reminds me of one of the South African assholes I used to work with. He had no degree. His Aunt bought him a fake one in Seoul. Rather than just tell people who asked about his degree that he had a degree from X University in English or something basic he would create even taller tales. He told me and a few others he had a degree in Business Leadership from Oxford University. The guy was so toxic and annoying that some of us actually checked it out. All it took was a simple visit to Oxford's web site to see that they have no such degree. Someone actually emailed Oxford and asked them whether the degree existed or not and was told it did not.

The "Oxford Story" in the article is about how Hangul promoters say that the Foreign Language College at Oxford University picked Hangul as the world's greatest writing system. There is no Foreign Language College at Oxford University. There is a linguistic department but they had never heard of this supposed decision about Hangul. Yet this story has been cited in print and online as an example of how great Hangul is.

The Korean media and "Hangul Nationalists" have the same kind of mentality as the asshole I worked with. When in doubt lie and the bigger the lie the better. In the end, none of the sources that have been quoted in the past to show how great hangul is, how admired it is around the world, could be found or confirmed. Like I said, I am not surprised.

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