Thursday, February 14, 2013

Liquor Truck

A facebook friend posted a sign the other day that read: "If children can have an ice cream truck, why can't adults have a liquor truck."
That recalled fond memories of the liquor truck that Flint and I frequented in Cheongju. It was run by a pretty woman who was generous (to say the least) when she was pouring. We usually got the Long Island Iced Teas, which were mixed in plastic ziploc bags that had a base on them so they would stand up. We'd have to drink off quite a bit off the top before we could close them and carry them bavk to the Road King.
At least, we did until the proprietor told us to stop bringing in outside drinks to his bar.
That was just another reason to stop going to Road King. He served rum and cokes that were okay, I guess. I mean, you could drink them, but the rum was nowhere near the quality that I can get in Canada. It was a brand called "Baita,' which I had never heard of before and hope never to see again.
But I digress.
I had hoped to include some pics of the liquor truck, but I neglected to take any at the time, and Flint is still searching for his. Maybe he can post them later.
Anyway, here's to the liquor truck, wherever it is.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What me worry?

I read a post on ROK Drop this morning that made me think of my time in South Korea. It was about the fact that most South Koreans don't seem to be concerned that the North is going to do another nuclear test. According to the article cited the government, media, and some politicians are concerned but your average South Korean isn't.

The blogger finishes up by purporting;

"When Koreans have lived under threat of artillery and chemical weapons barrage for decades it is hard to get to excited about nuclear weapons. Especially when most Koreans know the nuclear weapons are being used by the North to extort the international community."

I believe it goes deeper than that. It is due in large part to the whole "pure blood" and "we are all brothers" theory. They use that in order to bury their head in the sand and ignore the antics of The NorKs. Or to divert it into anti-USA crap.