Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says

A reader emailed me and suggested I start doing "Shit Herr Consoleman Says". It would be pretty easy to do, there is a shit load of crap he spouted on his KKK site. I just don't know if I want to pay that much attention to the moron, even if just to show how stupid he is and mock him.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about Blood Types.

"What is your blood type?"

"(Insert name of Korean Celeb here) is blood type (whatever)."

At times Koreans seem to be obsessed with blood types. If you look at fan sites for celebrities most will actually have the star's blood type listed. Every Korean knows their blood type.

My students were flabergasted when I told them I didn't know my blood type. When I told them most Canadians, at least the ones I know, don't know their blood type, they thought I was joking. So, I asked why they needed to know a person's blood type. The answer was because it tells you their personality.

Evidently there is a school of thought that says your personality is linked to your blood type. Blood type B can make a bad significant other according to the "study". Most Koreans I knew believe in personality based on blood type. Much like a lot of Westerners believe in horoscopes. I had one Middle School student who was obsessed with the group TVXQ. She knew the blood type of each member. That was kind of ... creepy.

When I looked up blood type personality I was a little surprised that Koreans put any credence in it. It was developed by the Japanese. Considering the level of hatred Koreans seem to have for the Japanese it seems strange that they would embrace the idea of personality by blood type.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Health Care Differences 2.

At times I really miss the access to health care in South Korea. It has it's problems but the facilities are there and easily accessed. Here ... it makes me want to smack someone in government around until they get some common sense.

Mook of the Week

Another common type of Mook encountered in South Korea is the Milling Mook.

Milling Mooks are the kind that just stand around blocking the way, oblivious to what is going on around them. You can encounter them any where, at any time, in any weather. It can be an individual Milling Mook, a couple of them, or even a whole gaggle of them.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Sitting at the Dunkin Donuts patio Stig and I got to see lots of different mooks. They block the sidewalk. They even block the entrance to Dunkin Donuts.

Some of them will mill about on the street. The ones you see below milling about in the street beside the truck actually parked the truck there, helping to turn the street into an obstacle course. I guess that makes them double or triple Mooks.

Then you have the Drunken Milling Mooks They will block sidewalks and entrances to buildings while assing around. These four were actually part of a bigger group of Mooks. I believe it was a herd of 10-12. They spent about 30 minutes hanging around there, providing entertainment for Stig and I and frustration for pedestrians.

South Korea. Land of the Morning Calm and many varieties of Mooks. Whatever the type of Mook they all share the common Mook characteristics. A complete lack of common courtesy, an abundance of stupidity, and an over abundance of obliviousness. Which is why they act so surprised when you end up having to force your way through them.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about Canadians.

"You can't be cold you are from Canada."

"All Canadians love the cold."

I have heard many variations of those comments when in Korea. Hilda always got bent out of shape when Koreans would say that to her. Koreans seem to have the simplistic idea that because Canada is cold at times Canadians must love the cold or not be bothered by it. Using that type of "logic" Arabs must love the heat and not need to wear any protection from the sun.

I love winter weather. I don't get cold as quickly as some people. That doesn't mean I want to prance around in my skivvies when it is -10 out. One of the reasons I like winter weather is that, unlike hot weather, you can always put on another layer of clothing to keep warm. You can only strip down so far without being arrested for indecent exposure when it is hot.

What I Like About Korea - ROK Drop

ROK Drop is starting a new series of posts by GI Korea titled "What I Like About Korea". It will list 25 things that the author likes about South Korea, starting with #25, Jumjilbangs.

I wish I had thought of doing something like this first. It is a great idea and GI Korea's first pick is a good one. I love jimjilbangs. They are something I find myself missing at times now that I am not in Korea anymore. I liked going at times when there wouldn't be a lot of people. Sometimes I would even bring a book and soak in one of the hot pools. We have hot tubs at the local sports plex but it just isn't the same.

For the most part when I went to "Sauna's" no one bothered me. I didn't find there was much if any staring. Except for a few incidents where someone wanted to practice their English, or kids were unsupervised, no one bothered me.

Great idea GI Korea. I look forward to your next installment.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about parcels.

"Every parcel coming into Korea is searched by Customs."

Quite a few foreigners I knew in Korea believed that. Hilda would drone on about it and no amount of logic could persuade her it wasn't so.

Seriously, if Customs had to search EVERY parcel coming into Korea it would be the LARGEST government department and would have to operate 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 8 days a week during Solnal and Chuseok.

I had booze and cigars mailed to me all the time. Sometimes I had medicine (prescription and over the counter) mailed to me. Only once was a package opened and searched. There was an official note that it had been searched by Korean Customs.You could tell it had been opened and retaped shut. Nothing was missing from it.

"Every suitcase coming into Korea is searched by Customs."

The same people who go on about mailed being searched usually believe the same thing about luggage coming into Korea. They are also wrong. It just wouldn't be logistically possible to open and search every bag. Oh, and by search they mean Customs would open and search every suitcase not just scan it.

My suitcases were searched a few times, maybe 3 times in 18+ trips. Twice they were checked in Narita and once in Newark. each time there was a tape/label on the outside saying checked by Customs as well as an official note inside.

I would always ask these people if they believed the Korean government monitored every phone call, land line and cell. Most said yes. I was always tempted to give them a roll of tinfoil for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about their blood.

"Koreans share one blood. We are pure and that makes us better than others."

One of the stranger, and more racist, things most Koreans spout and believe. It makes them sound like Nazis at times. It also leads to a lot of racism in Korea. God help you if you are a mixed-race child in Korea. Just ask Hines Ward's mother.

The belief is so strong that the U.N., which is headed up by a South Korean, has told South Korea they have to tone down the pure blood bullshit.

"We are one blood. We are all brothers."

"We are one blood so they would never hurt us."

Often, when talking about North-South Korea relations, Koreans will spew little nuggets like those above. They blind themselves to all North Korea has done and try hard to believe they will never do anything bad to South Korea. It usually ends up with the US being blamed in some way for the poor relations.

Talk about some heavy duty blinders.

Monday, January 17, 2011

What the ... fucktard?!?!?

I was bored and peeking at the KKK site again when I saw something that made me do a double take. The Kluckers were whining about the Chinese, or as the asshat who started the thread called them Qinese, coming into South Korea illegally.

The Klucker that started the thread, Michinnom, took umbrage with a poster who mentioned, and showed an article to back it up, that Chinese illegal fishing was down. He said he was

"surprised by your blatant defensive attitude of the subhumanic race."

If I hadn't known the Nazi tendencies of the site I would have been surprised by that. It isn't what made me do the double take. Nor was it Herr Consoleman going on about Korean women with foreign men. This was brought on because Michinnom brought up an article about a Chinese guy taking advantage of South Korean women.

It wasMichinnom's response to Herr Consoleman that made me do a double take. He said

"I'm hoping for a second holocaust. And soon."

What the kimchi?!?!? That left me gobsmacked. I have seen some pretty racist stuff on that site and don't expect anything better from the assholes that seem to live there. This is just so Nazish that it made me do a double take to make sure he really wrote that. What a bunch of fucktards.

Friday, January 14, 2011

What the ... illegal worker?!?!?

A tip of the hat to Korea Beat for this one. According to a story in the Yonhap News 7 Korean adults and 70 kids will be deported from the Philippines for working and studying illegally. What the kimchi?!?!?

The 7 Korean adults were illegally running an English Hagwon called "Fantasy World Resort". They brought the kids in to study without getting them the proper VISA. They needed a "special Study Permit" in order to legally study in the Philippines. To top it off the Hagwon was dimed by it's own Korean workers. (I wonder if lack of pay was their motivation? Or screwy hours? Or bad leadership on the part of the onwer? Or a combination of the above?)

Korean Hagwon owners not getting people the proper VISA's? Having people working illegally? Say it isn't so! I thought it was only dirty foreigners who did that? Oh wait ... in the Philippines Koreans ARE foreigners.

Evidently those Koreans are DIRTY foreigners. Illegally making money and stealing jobs and money from Philippine people not to mention the parents of the Korean kids. Screwing over Koreans and Philippines alike. I wouldn't be surprised if they only went to the Philippines to make money, party, and have sex with Philippine women thereby corrupting them and hurting Philippine society.

And according to the report more hagwons are expected to be raided. Ain't karma a bitch? :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What the ... justice?!?!?

Ah the South Korean lack of justice system. Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction.

A male student on a bus was trying to molest a female student. When another female stopped it he attacked her. The bus driver then got involved and the attacker ended up being injured. Who do you think ended up in trouble?

In the civilized world it would have been the molester. However, this happened in South Korea so of course the Bus Driver who stopped the molester ended up charged and convicted because he injured the molester.

Why did it end up with him being charged? The MOLESTER was injured when the driver intervened AND, according to the court, he didn't come to any settlement with the student. He refused to pay blood money to the rapist piece of shit and THAT gets held against him. What a fucking joke.

THIS is why you don't get involved in anything in South Korea. Let the mooks rape and beat themselves even mroe senseless than they are if it doesn't have something directly to do with you and yours. (Oh and for the KKKunts "yours" means your friends/family. Not your race.) I hate to say it but it just isn't worth it, in South Korea, to be the get involved.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Mook Of The Week

This week's mook is the woman standing in the middle of the intersection. I was stopped at a railway crossing, waiting for the train to pass when I spotted her.
There is a bus stop at this intersection, but passengers usually wait back where the truck is, just behind her. And of course, it's out of the street.
There's also a crosswalk, but it's a little further along the main road that I was on. Traffic was stopped, so she could have crossed any time she wanted. But she just stood there, staring off into space.
You can see another vehicle behind her, approaching the main road. It had to edge around her and past the truck in order to join the main flow. I don't know why the driver didn't give her a blast of his horn to get her to move. Maybe he was in a fog, too.
Fucking mooks.

My First Korean Con-Apt

Jisan-dong in Daegu, where I lived for the first six months of my first teaching contract.
Following are pictures of the first con-apt I lived in while teaching English in South Korea. It was a two-bedroom apartment, the only one I ever had. The rest of my time there, I was by myself in a "one-room." I must say I preferred to be alone. I shared the apartment with two different room-mates. The second was okay. He was a good guy, friendly, and as eager to explore Korea as I was.
My first room-mate, on the other hand was... well, picture the saddest, angriest, most paranoid individual you have ever met. Then double it. Imagine a guy who walked around with his own private raincloud perpetually lowered over his countenance, ready and willing to spread doom and gloom wherever he went. That was my first room-mate. He was to make my introduction to Korea a very bad experience, and a definite low point in my career as an English teacher. I had to live with this mook for a month that proved to be one of the longest of my life.
Why I didn't kill him, I don't know. I still fantasize about a dark alley, a sharp knife, and...
Well, back to the apartment.
The school paid the rent, and I was responsible for the utilities (gas, electricity, TV, etc.). We were provided with a television, hooked up to a basic cable package. There were about 70-odd channels, most of them Korean. A few movie channels showed English language programs, and Arirang showed Korean programs with English subtitles so that you could get an idea of what Korean TV was like. If you were lucky enough to be in a city with an American military base (like Daegu) you had access to the Armed Forces Network, that had a variety of U.S. programming.
There was also provided furniture, of the cheapest value that could be gotten. Most bedrooms had a bed, chair, wardrobe (there were no built-in closets in any apt. I lived in) and a desk/table. The kitchen had a table and chairs, and there was a couch in the "living room."
As I had just arrived, I had the smaller of the two bedrooms. There was just enough room to make comfortable arrangement of the furniture completely impossible, but I coped as best I could.

This is the road in front of my apartment building. A very narrow street, as you can see. It's going downhill, towards the main part of the neighbourhood where my hagwon was situated. If you turned around, you could see at the end of a street a rather large hill, which took about an hour to climb, offering quite a view of the city.

This is the main entrance to the building. The larger door was so that a vehicle could drive in and park in the courtyard, but that never happened while I was living there. The smaller door was the security door, which could be buzzed open from the apt. It never worked, and everybody usually came and went through the gate.

This is the entrance to the apt. The door is on the right, and the shoe cupboard is on the left. This is the only apt. I lived in where the shoe cupboard was built-in. The one-rooms usually had a smaller one next to the door. The entranceway featured a tiled area where everyone entering the apt. was supposed to leave their shoes. Custom dictated that nobody should wear their shoes in the house because it was considered "dirty." A Korean would goggle and gasp like they were having a heart attack if they ever caught a foreigner wearing their shoes in the house.

This is the kitchen area, just to the right of the main door. The hagwon supplied the fridge. This one was about the average size, though I have had a few that were bigger. A couple of times I have had hagwons try to get away with supplying what I would call a "beer fridge." These usually didn't last any longer than it took to replace them. One of my directors was astonished that I would need a regular sized fridge.
Foreigners constantly surprise them by acting like regular human beings.
Just on the right of the picture is the plastic garbage pail that I bought for myself. Hagwon owners don't supply these, apparently, and my first romm-mate just had a big 100-litre bag sitting on the floor.
What a mook.

This is the bathroom. Toilet, sink, and shower head attached to the wall. I've never had an apt. with a tub or separate bathing area. The water from the shower splashed on the floor and went down the drain in the middle. The bathroom had a raised threshold so the water didn't flow into the apt. After I'd been there a while, I purchased plastic slippers so I could walk on the floor without getting my feet wet, and a bathmat, so I could wipe my feet after coming out of the bathroom.
My first room-mate hadn't thought to supply these basic necessities even for himself.
What a mook.
If you look closely to the left of the sink, you can see two shower heads and a water heater attached to the wall. This was because that fucking mook hadn't figured out how to heat the water for his shower, and the hagwon hadn't seen fit to instruct him in its proper use. They did spring for this extra water heater, which kept the water hot enough for you to get wet, and then turned cold.
Very bracing!
I must say that I wasn't smart enough to figure out something was wrong until I got my second room-mate. He figured out how to get the regular shower working properly.
Why the hagwon couldn't have figured that out before paying for the extra heater is beyond me. Laying out any more money than they have to is anathema to them.
The way it was set up was pretty fucked up, too. The gas line came in through the bathroom window (Heh. In-joke for Beatles fans), which consequently could not close all the way during one of the coldest winters in Korean history. Nice engineering, eh? Typical of the makeshift that characterized all Korean engineering.
So that was the basic arrangement that I was introduced to when I first met my first room-mate and co-worker in Korea.
More about that fucking idiot soon.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stig Goes To Korea II

I had my watches repaired the other day. I have two watches. One is a "Batman" watch I got for my birthday in 1989, about the time the 1st Tim Burton movie came out. The other watch is a 'Wonderland" watch I got from my employer 6 months after I started working there. I was amused to read Wonderland's slogan, "Everyone Smiles In Wonderland" on the back.
Amused in a kind of sad way, because the smiles in Wonderland are as false as the promises they give when they're trying to recruit you.
It's been quite a while since I posted the first part of this story, and the watch reminded me I'd better get back to it. I left off being denied by the ticket agent in Vancouver. She wouldn't let me go the rest of the way because I didn't have a work visa (the E-2). I had let this slip because what the fuck did I know about going to work in Korea? I was as naive and dumb as a person could be. Wonderland couldn't believe their luck.
It took about a week before I was on my way again. I was lucky enough to be able to stay at my sister's while making the necessary arrangements. The ticket agent had said that unless I had an "onward ticket," I wouldn't be allowed to go to Korea. Which means they wanted to know that you had the means to get the fuck out if they didn't like you.
So I arranged with my sister's travel agent to have a ticket to Japan, dated a week or so later, making sure that I could turn it in for the refund after I got to Korea.
I never saw that money again. More about that later.
The flight over was about the same as any other long boring trip where you're trapped in the vehicle until the end. It was an Air Canada flight, and the passengers were mostly Korean. I don't remember much about my first impressions of them. I was in the absolute back of the plane, with no-one else in my row, so I did get to stretch out and rest.
One of the food choices was bibimbap, the first time I'd ever had it. Not bad, for airline food. I remember the ajumma across the aisle from me gave me a look when I put all of the red pepper paste in. Maybe she was going to warn me that it was "spicy." She must've been amazed I didn't start screaming in pain after the first bite. I've always liked bibimbap. It's one of my favourite Korean foods.
When we landed in Seoul, it was dark. We were at Gimpo Airport, as the new terminal at Incheon was not open yet. (Gimpo at that time had International and Domestic terminals next to each other.) A cab driver offered to help me out, which I thought was nice, at first. I'll admit I was very nervous, and very unsure of myself in that situation. I've since learned to handle international travel with some aplomb, but at that time it was all very new and strange. The cabbie used his cell phone to get in touch with my contact, who was going to take me from one terminal to the other and put me on a plane to Daegu. My contact advised me to wait, and he would be along soon enough.
After I got off the phone and returned it to the cabbie, he offered to drive me over to the domestic terminal himself, for $20. This was my first introduction to the dreaded Korean cabbie. Beware, my children! They'll cheat you faster than you can say "What the kimchi?!"
Well, I extracted myself from his clutches, and was soon on my way to Daegu. It's only a short hop, about an hour or so. It was much later in the evening (this was a Saturday night), when I met my director, Mr. Kim, and his aide, James. Wherever I've gone in Korea, the second in command at any hagwon has invariably been named "James."
Anyway, they packed my bags into the car, and we drove off to my new apartment. The main thing I remember from that drive was seeing building after building, all with large, orange, neon crosses on top. One after another. I was thinking, "What have I gotten myself into?"

Costco Mooks

I went to Costco today to pick up the usual load of groceries, and had to deal with the usual load of mooks. It's my own fault for not getting up earlier. Flint and I would always show up at 10 when they opened in order to be in and out before the place was overrun.
There was plenty of parking spaces at that time, too. There was also plenty of parking spaces when we left, but damned if the mooks weren't parked anywhere and everywhere. Especially in the travel lanes, making them as narrow as they possibly could. What did they care, the fucking mooks?
I remember one time we went there in the middle of the day. I was surprised we got out of there with as little pain as we did. And we didn't have to kill hardly anyone!
Today there were a couple of Koreans ahead of me in the checkout line. The girl was a typically useless Korean female, who had a purse hanging from one arm, rendering it useless for moving the groceries from the cart to the conveyer belt. She would try and grab something and move it, but all she could do was sort of push or pull at it vaguely until the guy picked it up for her. I suppose she could've put the bag down and used two arms, but... I don't know, it didn't seem to occur to her.
Then there was the guy and his wife that I kept meeting coming the other way. You know when you're going up and down the aisles and you constantly meet someone going in the opposite direction? It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't constantly park their cart in front of the exact thing I wanted every single damn time!
These mooks topped off my experience just as I was leaving. I was coming back to my car after dropping off my cart, and there they were, in between my car and theirs, loading stuff into their side door. I got into my car, started the engine, and waited for them to get out of the way. They unloaded half their stuff, finally "noticed" me, and waved at me to go. Without moving themselves or their cart from in between the vehicles.
What the kimchi?
Since when is that safe practice? I shook my head. I eventually had to wait for them to finish unloading everything and get out of the way before I could move.
Fucking mooks.

Keep In Touch

I was going to post this on my "Facebook" page to lament the pitiable state of my love life when I had a thought. I do have one every once in a while.
It seemed like this cartoon pertained more to Korean relationships that I and my friends have had.
Koreans, like girlfriends, will suddenly drop you, or drop out of your life, with no warning whatsoever. You'll go along sending them messages or e-mails with no reply before the penny drops. The seventh panel is the most operative as it describes how Korean friends will disappear and then resurface.
I've had Korean friends and girlfriends do this to me. Sometimes you're actually happy to hear from some old girlfriend, especially if she's hot. But usually it's some mook who only wants some help with some English translation or brushing up.
Yeah, I remember you,Korea.
My old girlfriend.
You bitch.

What the ... rights violation?!?!?

The Korean Human Rights Commission has declared that it is a violation of students human rights for schools to ban the use of cell phones. (Thanks Brian.)

"It is excessive and beyond the limit that (schools) ban cell phones for study purposes or times other than regular class hours, self-study hours and sleeping time," the NHRC said.

This from the same so idiots that determined that the racist ad used by CYJ English in Seoul was discriminatory but not discriminatory enough to require the KHRC to act or even speak out against.

Nice to know what they view as important human rights in Korea. Racist and discriminatory signs and ads ... not a violation. Restricting cell phone use at school ... violation. What a bunch of fucking mooks.

What the ... racist?!?!?

Back when YouSeok was blogging about South Korea and the bullshit and racism that goes on the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes got their dander up. They claimed they were not racist. Herr Consoleman, the head KKKunt even went so far as to say the moderators don't allow racist comments.

Ran across an interesting comment by their poster Indicunt .... errr Indicut. He had posted an article from the NY Times about Japan needing to bring bring in foreign workers and how it is being resisted.

Indicunt said

It would be so retarded if they allowed their country to be flooded with filipinos, mexicans, blacks, muslims, and indians, all of whom have average IQ's well below 100.

It isn't the first piece of racist drivel Indacunt has spewed, and that was not moderated ...
koreatown is full of wetbacks but alot of koreans still live there..wetbacks usually dont have the nerve to kill but they will try to steal from you while you blink. the niggers are also trouble because theyre crazy enough to kill without much reason..

... a
nd I am sure it won't be the last.

Yeah ... no racists on that site. I would gauge Indicunt's IQ to be well below 100 based on his ignorance alone. Probably below 50. Which means I would be wrong to call him a fucking moron. He would be a fucking imbecile.

Of course that makes him fit right in with Herr Consoleman, Grand Wizard of the Kleagle MidwestInsahm82 and the other morons ... oops imbeciles ... who make up the Korean Kimchi Kommandoes.

What the ... sentencing?!?!?

I guess this thread is the offshoot of an offshoot. Every time I think about the sentence that father received for beating his son over 300 times it pisses me off. It isn't just that father that deserves a beating or worse. The judge is no better.

While the prosecutor in the case wanted a six-month prison sentence, the judge accepted the defence argument that jail time and a fine would prevent the father from returning to Canada and would harm his children's educational prospects.

What the kimchi?!?!? He gave the father a light sentence, really no punishment, because it would prevent him from returning to Canada and harm his children's educational prospects?!?!? So, now daddy can fly back to beat the shit out of junior again instead of having junior fly home to Korea for a beating. Being beaten to death by daddy would harm the kid's educational prospects a lot more than preventing an abusive father from returning to beat him. And face it, he IS an abusive father with some serious anger issues.

Then you have Corrine Robbershaw of Repeal 43, a group that lobby's the courts to punish parents that spank their children. She said the discharge was appropriate.

"There are severe cases and this is one of them where this kind of beating of a child is so serious that a prosecution is probably warranted," Ms. Robertshaw said yesterday. "But it's hard to generalize using this case. Here was a father who didn't know his actions were illegal."

What the kimchi?!?!? Punish parents who spank their child but give a slap on the wrist to man who beat his son over 300 times?!?!? He didn't know his actions were illegal? What a stupid bitch. So much for defending kids from abusive parents. Spanking bad ... beating over 300 times with a stick ok as long as you claim you didn't know it was wrong. What a fucking moron.

Typical Korean bullshit with some good old Canadian stupidity thrown in.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about understanding culture.

"You must understand Korean culture."
"You don't understand Korean culture."

This is kind of an offshoot of the last Shit Koreans Say. The above comments are often made by Koreans when they do something wrong and you catch them. When they either can't or don't want to explain something. Or when they are wrong and know it. Or as a commenter pointed out in the last post they claim something they did wrong in another country is "A Korean thing."

I can't find a link to the article I saw several years back but I did find a copy of it on a website. It is titled "A Korean father's lesson on raising cane." The father tried to pull the culture card. Interesting quote from his lawyer.

"The father didn't realize he was subject to Canadian laws governing assault nor did he know that his form of discipline was illegal."

Yeah. Right. Someone should have told his client that he MUST UNDERSTAND CANADIAN CULTURE. And then beat him 300 times with a stick and tell him to accept the mystery.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What the ... curtule crash?!?!?

A user left a link in the comment section of the previous thread. It is hilarious.

I loved Mr. Parks last comment "Accept the mystery."

It comes from the movie A Serious Man. In the movie the main character, a professor, receives a bribe from a Korean student who wants a passing grade. I may have to download errrr find and rent the movie. :)

If you have ever taught Korean University students the next clip won't be surprising but it is funny.

I almost pissed myself laughing when Clive said he could write the test again now that he knows the answers. It reminded me of the level tests given at Ivy School ... the Korean teachers would often give the students the answers and drill them on them before they wrote the tests.

Thanks again anonymous. Great link!!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... when wrong.


I learned to loath that word. Whenever Mr. Kim at Ivy School used it what it really meant was he lied and you caught him. In my second year in South Korea I noticed that whenever a Korean fucked up in some way and were at fault they would call it a "misunderstanding". When you fucked up you were wrong and should make amends.

Monday, January 3, 2011

What the ... high standards?!?!?

I have to admit when you are bored Herr Consoleman and his Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes can provide a diversion. Much like the Korea Times can. It isn't that they provide anything factual or logical it is that they can be so absurd it is amusing.

Herr Consoleman is a typical of the misogynistic morons of the KKK. He only really seems to have one use for women. And he seems to believe that the job of Korean woman is ONLY to procreate with Korean men. He gets his panties in a bunch when he hears about Korean women with non-Korean men.

He has made such memorable comments on the KKK site as

It's shame to see many Korean girls in South Korea willing to marry foreigners with any kind of looks and with poorer financial backgrounds but turns blind eyes to local rural farmers.

I have no problem for Koreans marrying Afro-American or European-American or Asian-American in America.

In another post he says Stupid S.Korean media are promoting inter-racial breed kids as "Korean".

Korean women are bossy when it comes to Korean men but submissive when it comes to smelly Whiteys. Korean women expect their Korean men to be clean and healthy, well most of these Whiteys going out with Korean women are not healthy and clean. Why this is happening? Because Korean media brain washed Korean women. Don't get me wrong some Korean women are actually very smart, and these smarty ones dislike Whiteys. Whiteys in Korea always the No.1 fans of IR-dating, marriages and even gays and transgenders and immigration. The major problem is, we have these Whiteys in government too.

Keep in mind this KKKunt doesn't actually live and work in South Korea. For someone who hates foreigners so much and prattles on about how great Korea is ... he doesn't live there anymore.

His latest foray into fantasy is to blame Korea's low birth rate on ... Korean women. It seems he came upon a study by a Korean professor. The study blames Korea's low birth rate on economic factors. The high cost of raising children, educational costs, etc. He also points out a cultural problem that causes low marriage rates. The tradition of Korean men being the bread winner and the fact that financially successful women tend not to focus on marriage and having kids. Interesting stuff.

But Herr Consolemen thinks he knows better. He claims the professor missed something important. The standards of Korean women are too high, but ONLY when looking at Korean men. According to the insight of Herr Consoleman, Korean women ONLY consider Korean men who are at least 180cm tall, 80kg or over, healthy, handsome, have professional jobs (no blue collar workers), good manners and are willing to give up everything for one love.

But when it comes to foreign men and Korean women, he says Europeans/Caucasians, they drop their standards when visiting foreign countries. He says Korean women believe Caucasian men have better manners, are taller, stronger, better looking, and are more open minded than Korean/Asian men. He only mentions Korean women "visiting" abroad and not those in Korea.

From other posts it is easy to see what he thinks of Korean women in Korea who like foreigners. As one of the comments I reposted earlier shows, a Korean woman who likes "whiteys" is bossy and stupid according to der Fuhrer. The only smart Korean women are those who hate "whiteys". And of course he doesn't consider himself a racist.

So, according to Herr Consoleman, the low birth rate is the fault of Korean women because they don't want to be treated like shit by Korean men. Those evil bitches want a man with good manners and who is open minded. Which leaves a lot of Korean men out of the running. And they dare to demand their man be healthy? What the kimchi are they thinking?!?!?

I have been asked many times, by Korean men, why they don't see many Western women with Korean men. I never answer the question because they don't handle the truth well. The truth is most Western women wouldn't put up with the bullshit. They wouldn't put up with the rudeness, possessiveness, and close mindedness of Korean men. Maybe Korean women are getting tired of the medieval mindset of many Korean men? Which would mean that Korean men and their attitudes are the real problem herr Consoleman.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mook of the Week

Only enough pics left for three more Mook of the Weeks from Korea.

This time we will be looking at a very common mook in South Korea. The red light running mooks. It doesn't matter whether there is on coming traffic or not these twits will still run the red.

Often, just as they start to run the red, they will beep their horn repeatedly. Or they will put on their four way lights. (I was always told they were the hazard lights as you put them on when you have to stop because of car problems.) In Korea they seem to be used at any time the driver is going to do something stupid. Anything from just stopping in the middle of the street or running a red light.

One of the biggest dangers I encountered while driving in South Korea was these assholes. So many times they would run red lights while I was proceeding on green. Sometimes I would follow them and tell them off.

This particular mook was even stranger than the usual red light runners. He actually stopped for the red light! No one was coming the other way so he kept inching ahead into the crosswalk. Then he just drove through. No mook warnings either ... no horn blasting or flashing of lights. It isn't a long light, in fact about 2-3 seconds after he raced through it changed.

If you are ever driving in Korea beware the red light running mooks.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year ... you fucking waste of space.

So I decided what would the New Year be without looking at the 1st Korea Times of the year. Ok, I was just bored. :)

The number one story was about Lee shaking up the cabinet. The number two story was ... typical Korea Times shit. A story, the Times ripped from Pravda, about three "outer spaceships" approaching Earth. Really KT, that is the Number Two top news story for your first paper of 2011? You freally aren't evolving are you? Same shit different day.