Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What the ... justice?!?!?

Ah the South Korean lack of justice system. Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction.

A male student on a bus was trying to molest a female student. When another female stopped it he attacked her. The bus driver then got involved and the attacker ended up being injured. Who do you think ended up in trouble?

In the civilized world it would have been the molester. However, this happened in South Korea so of course the Bus Driver who stopped the molester ended up charged and convicted because he injured the molester.

Why did it end up with him being charged? The MOLESTER was injured when the driver intervened AND, according to the court, he didn't come to any settlement with the student. He refused to pay blood money to the rapist piece of shit and THAT gets held against him. What a fucking joke.

THIS is why you don't get involved in anything in South Korea. Let the mooks rape and beat themselves even mroe senseless than they are if it doesn't have something directly to do with you and yours. (Oh and for the KKKunts "yours" means your friends/family. Not your race.) I hate to say it but it just isn't worth it, in South Korea, to be the get involved.


  1. exactly never involve yourself in Korean bullshit on any level.

  2. It was a hard lesson for me to implement. I am not used to just standing around like a slack jaw yokel while someone beats on a woman, kid, or someone obviously weaker than they are. But in South Korea you have to or else YOU are in trouble. It doesn't pay to be a good Samaritan ... but it CAN pay if you are a criminal and someone tries to stop you. THAT is pretty fucked up.

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    1. I don't think there was anything written to imply the driver was a racist pig. What did you read?