Friday, January 7, 2011

What the ... racist?!?!?

Back when YouSeok was blogging about South Korea and the bullshit and racism that goes on the Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes got their dander up. They claimed they were not racist. Herr Consoleman, the head KKKunt even went so far as to say the moderators don't allow racist comments.

Ran across an interesting comment by their poster Indicunt .... errr Indicut. He had posted an article from the NY Times about Japan needing to bring bring in foreign workers and how it is being resisted.

Indicunt said

It would be so retarded if they allowed their country to be flooded with filipinos, mexicans, blacks, muslims, and indians, all of whom have average IQ's well below 100.

It isn't the first piece of racist drivel Indacunt has spewed, and that was not moderated ...
koreatown is full of wetbacks but alot of koreans still live there..wetbacks usually dont have the nerve to kill but they will try to steal from you while you blink. the niggers are also trouble because theyre crazy enough to kill without much reason..

... a
nd I am sure it won't be the last.

Yeah ... no racists on that site. I would gauge Indicunt's IQ to be well below 100 based on his ignorance alone. Probably below 50. Which means I would be wrong to call him a fucking moron. He would be a fucking imbecile.

Of course that makes him fit right in with Herr Consoleman, Grand Wizard of the Kleagle MidwestInsahm82 and the other morons ... oops imbeciles ... who make up the Korean Kimchi Kommandoes.

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