Monday, January 3, 2011

What the ... high standards?!?!?

I have to admit when you are bored Herr Consoleman and his Kamikaze Kimchi Kommandoes can provide a diversion. Much like the Korea Times can. It isn't that they provide anything factual or logical it is that they can be so absurd it is amusing.

Herr Consoleman is a typical of the misogynistic morons of the KKK. He only really seems to have one use for women. And he seems to believe that the job of Korean woman is ONLY to procreate with Korean men. He gets his panties in a bunch when he hears about Korean women with non-Korean men.

He has made such memorable comments on the KKK site as

It's shame to see many Korean girls in South Korea willing to marry foreigners with any kind of looks and with poorer financial backgrounds but turns blind eyes to local rural farmers.

I have no problem for Koreans marrying Afro-American or European-American or Asian-American in America.

In another post he says Stupid S.Korean media are promoting inter-racial breed kids as "Korean".

Korean women are bossy when it comes to Korean men but submissive when it comes to smelly Whiteys. Korean women expect their Korean men to be clean and healthy, well most of these Whiteys going out with Korean women are not healthy and clean. Why this is happening? Because Korean media brain washed Korean women. Don't get me wrong some Korean women are actually very smart, and these smarty ones dislike Whiteys. Whiteys in Korea always the No.1 fans of IR-dating, marriages and even gays and transgenders and immigration. The major problem is, we have these Whiteys in government too.

Keep in mind this KKKunt doesn't actually live and work in South Korea. For someone who hates foreigners so much and prattles on about how great Korea is ... he doesn't live there anymore.

His latest foray into fantasy is to blame Korea's low birth rate on ... Korean women. It seems he came upon a study by a Korean professor. The study blames Korea's low birth rate on economic factors. The high cost of raising children, educational costs, etc. He also points out a cultural problem that causes low marriage rates. The tradition of Korean men being the bread winner and the fact that financially successful women tend not to focus on marriage and having kids. Interesting stuff.

But Herr Consolemen thinks he knows better. He claims the professor missed something important. The standards of Korean women are too high, but ONLY when looking at Korean men. According to the insight of Herr Consoleman, Korean women ONLY consider Korean men who are at least 180cm tall, 80kg or over, healthy, handsome, have professional jobs (no blue collar workers), good manners and are willing to give up everything for one love.

But when it comes to foreign men and Korean women, he says Europeans/Caucasians, they drop their standards when visiting foreign countries. He says Korean women believe Caucasian men have better manners, are taller, stronger, better looking, and are more open minded than Korean/Asian men. He only mentions Korean women "visiting" abroad and not those in Korea.

From other posts it is easy to see what he thinks of Korean women in Korea who like foreigners. As one of the comments I reposted earlier shows, a Korean woman who likes "whiteys" is bossy and stupid according to der Fuhrer. The only smart Korean women are those who hate "whiteys". And of course he doesn't consider himself a racist.

So, according to Herr Consoleman, the low birth rate is the fault of Korean women because they don't want to be treated like shit by Korean men. Those evil bitches want a man with good manners and who is open minded. Which leaves a lot of Korean men out of the running. And they dare to demand their man be healthy? What the kimchi are they thinking?!?!?

I have been asked many times, by Korean men, why they don't see many Western women with Korean men. I never answer the question because they don't handle the truth well. The truth is most Western women wouldn't put up with the bullshit. They wouldn't put up with the rudeness, possessiveness, and close mindedness of Korean men. Maybe Korean women are getting tired of the medieval mindset of many Korean men? Which would mean that Korean men and their attitudes are the real problem herr Consoleman.


  1. Are you trying to make sense of racist. You will go mad doing that, but let's try anyway. It could be fun. Korean women have high standards. Korean women who choose to marry Western men have high standards. Therefore, all men not of Korean descent are above Korean men, because Korean women who have chosen to marry Western men have high standards. Now, the last question. Do we put the dead cat above or below the Korean men? Would Korean women rather marry a dead cat as opposed to a Korean man? Youseok

  2. I am a non-Korean who has met a few Korean wome, and they do have very high standards. I met a 33 year old contract lawyer once who basically needed someone making $400K a year. This being, New York, there are plenty of guys making that, but why they would choose her is another question. I wonder, what happens to all these picky Korean women when they hit the reality of reaching the age where they might not be fertile, and therefore not interesting to a very large swatch of men?