Friday, January 14, 2011

What the ... illegal worker?!?!?

A tip of the hat to Korea Beat for this one. According to a story in the Yonhap News 7 Korean adults and 70 kids will be deported from the Philippines for working and studying illegally. What the kimchi?!?!?

The 7 Korean adults were illegally running an English Hagwon called "Fantasy World Resort". They brought the kids in to study without getting them the proper VISA. They needed a "special Study Permit" in order to legally study in the Philippines. To top it off the Hagwon was dimed by it's own Korean workers. (I wonder if lack of pay was their motivation? Or screwy hours? Or bad leadership on the part of the onwer? Or a combination of the above?)

Korean Hagwon owners not getting people the proper VISA's? Having people working illegally? Say it isn't so! I thought it was only dirty foreigners who did that? Oh wait ... in the Philippines Koreans ARE foreigners.

Evidently those Koreans are DIRTY foreigners. Illegally making money and stealing jobs and money from Philippine people not to mention the parents of the Korean kids. Screwing over Koreans and Philippines alike. I wouldn't be surprised if they only went to the Philippines to make money, party, and have sex with Philippine women thereby corrupting them and hurting Philippine society.

And according to the report more hagwons are expected to be raided. Ain't karma a bitch? :)


  1. That is sweet. Won't make a lick of difference here as far as the rhetoric of the dirty foreigners goes, but at least we can have a small moment of feeling that there is some kind of justice in the world.

  2. Chow;

    Plus if a Korean starts going off about foreigners teaching in Korea we have this to throw back in their face. ;)

    We don't hear much about it in the English press but a couple of years back Koreans running schools in China were whining about their poor treatment. When they didn't pay their Chinese workers they would do things ... like hit them, sue them, or in one case I remember reading about burn their school down.