Monday, January 17, 2011

What the ... fucktard?!?!?

I was bored and peeking at the KKK site again when I saw something that made me do a double take. The Kluckers were whining about the Chinese, or as the asshat who started the thread called them Qinese, coming into South Korea illegally.

The Klucker that started the thread, Michinnom, took umbrage with a poster who mentioned, and showed an article to back it up, that Chinese illegal fishing was down. He said he was

"surprised by your blatant defensive attitude of the subhumanic race."

If I hadn't known the Nazi tendencies of the site I would have been surprised by that. It isn't what made me do the double take. Nor was it Herr Consoleman going on about Korean women with foreign men. This was brought on because Michinnom brought up an article about a Chinese guy taking advantage of South Korean women.

It wasMichinnom's response to Herr Consoleman that made me do a double take. He said

"I'm hoping for a second holocaust. And soon."

What the kimchi?!?!? That left me gobsmacked. I have seen some pretty racist stuff on that site and don't expect anything better from the assholes that seem to live there. This is just so Nazish that it made me do a double take to make sure he really wrote that. What a bunch of fucktards.


  1. Michinom is a good name for this subhuman idiot. No brains, no soul, no heart, no cognitive process what soever.
    I think all the fucktards who contribute to the site and follow his line of reasoning should do that, so that all of us normal folk know to beware.

  2. I love how Consoleman's forum signature says "Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone"

    The whole thing reads like really bad satire ...

  3. isn't this site hosted in the US? And if it is, does it not fall under some sort of jurisdiction for 'hate crimes'? I'm all for free speech, but aren't there some sort of laws against this stuff?

  4. Timothy

    Yeah. It kind of seems ... hypocritical ... considering the venom he spews at anyone not Korean.

  5. David

    I am not sure where it is hosted. Herr Consoleman lives in new Zealand I believe. Which is pretty much par for the course for a lot of the kimchi zealots. They feel Korea is the promised land but for some reason they don't actually live there.

    I know that in Canada it would be considered hate speech and speech meant to incite hatred. They could face jail time for it here.

  6. According the the database, the domain name has been registered by a company named Enom, Inc. which is based in Bellevue, Washington. Assuming that is also the ISP/host of the domain, that would make fall under US jurisdiction and whatever relevant hate-crime laws apply there. I'm not American, so I can't comment on that, but perhaps some of your American readers can.

    Bottom line is since these racist cunts are so fond of taking advantage of whatever the western world has to offer them-- at the same time that they condemn those same people, perhaps we should use the laws available to us in our own countries were THEY are the dirty foreigners. You know, as sure as shit is brown, they would jump on us with Korean laws, as soon as they had the chance, if they were in Korea-- or we wouldn't have such groups here as AES.

  7. So just who is going to bring about this second holocaust against the Chinese? Well I mean, who is going to be the victims of this second holocaust? People who post on that site hate everybody so according to those people South Korea would have to declare war on Japan, China, America, Canada, maybe North Korea, and the countries in Africa (or to many Koreans, the nation of Africa). For people who have so much trouble organizing a comprehensive English lesson, some how I doubt that they can pull off a holocaust of that magnitude.

  8. David

    If they were in Canada I could make a complaint to the Human Rights Commission and RCMP for hate speech. Things like that are taken seriously here ... 2 guys just got jail time in Nova Scotia for burning a cross.

  9. 3gyupsal

    Sometimes Koreans do seem to have an us against the world attitude. or we are better than the world attitude.

    Sometimes I wonder how they can just function on a daily basis seeing how disorganized they are. How last minute everything is.

  10. Little man of Asia complex....

  11. Well some sort of complex with an extra dash of Nazism to make them even more obnoxious.