Monday, January 24, 2011

What I Like About Korea - ROK Drop

ROK Drop is starting a new series of posts by GI Korea titled "What I Like About Korea". It will list 25 things that the author likes about South Korea, starting with #25, Jumjilbangs.

I wish I had thought of doing something like this first. It is a great idea and GI Korea's first pick is a good one. I love jimjilbangs. They are something I find myself missing at times now that I am not in Korea anymore. I liked going at times when there wouldn't be a lot of people. Sometimes I would even bring a book and soak in one of the hot pools. We have hot tubs at the local sports plex but it just isn't the same.

For the most part when I went to "Sauna's" no one bothered me. I didn't find there was much if any staring. Except for a few incidents where someone wanted to practice their English, or kids were unsupervised, no one bothered me.

Great idea GI Korea. I look forward to your next installment.


  1. Yip yip.
    I liked going to the pools and soaking for a while, too. And then I saw some mooks who liked to... uh... massage? their genitals in the whirlpool jets.
    My attendance kind of dropped off after that sight.

  2. Oh god ... you had to bring that up. I had finally forgotten about it.