Monday, January 10, 2011

Mook Of The Week

This week's mook is the woman standing in the middle of the intersection. I was stopped at a railway crossing, waiting for the train to pass when I spotted her.
There is a bus stop at this intersection, but passengers usually wait back where the truck is, just behind her. And of course, it's out of the street.
There's also a crosswalk, but it's a little further along the main road that I was on. Traffic was stopped, so she could have crossed any time she wanted. But she just stood there, staring off into space.
You can see another vehicle behind her, approaching the main road. It had to edge around her and past the truck in order to join the main flow. I don't know why the driver didn't give her a blast of his horn to get her to move. Maybe he was in a fog, too.
Fucking mooks.


  1. Mooooooooooooook. The idiots walking on the streets when there are sidewalks are maddening at times too.

  2. Shibal pikya shyang yeon ah!