Friday, January 7, 2011

Keep In Touch

I was going to post this on my "Facebook" page to lament the pitiable state of my love life when I had a thought. I do have one every once in a while.
It seemed like this cartoon pertained more to Korean relationships that I and my friends have had.
Koreans, like girlfriends, will suddenly drop you, or drop out of your life, with no warning whatsoever. You'll go along sending them messages or e-mails with no reply before the penny drops. The seventh panel is the most operative as it describes how Korean friends will disappear and then resurface.
I've had Korean friends and girlfriends do this to me. Sometimes you're actually happy to hear from some old girlfriend, especially if she's hot. But usually it's some mook who only wants some help with some English translation or brushing up.
Yeah, I remember you,Korea.
My old girlfriend.
You bitch.

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  1. One thing that irked Koreans and foreigners alike was how fickle Korean friends usually are. Once they get a significant other they aren't around as much ... unless as you pointed out they need help with something (like English help from foreigners). You will hear from them when it is time for their wedding. Once they are married you rarely if ever hear from them again.