Friday, January 28, 2011

Mook of the Week

Another common type of Mook encountered in South Korea is the Milling Mook.

Milling Mooks are the kind that just stand around blocking the way, oblivious to what is going on around them. You can encounter them any where, at any time, in any weather. It can be an individual Milling Mook, a couple of them, or even a whole gaggle of them.

They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Sitting at the Dunkin Donuts patio Stig and I got to see lots of different mooks. They block the sidewalk. They even block the entrance to Dunkin Donuts.

Some of them will mill about on the street. The ones you see below milling about in the street beside the truck actually parked the truck there, helping to turn the street into an obstacle course. I guess that makes them double or triple Mooks.

Then you have the Drunken Milling Mooks They will block sidewalks and entrances to buildings while assing around. These four were actually part of a bigger group of Mooks. I believe it was a herd of 10-12. They spent about 30 minutes hanging around there, providing entertainment for Stig and I and frustration for pedestrians.

South Korea. Land of the Morning Calm and many varieties of Mooks. Whatever the type of Mook they all share the common Mook characteristics. A complete lack of common courtesy, an abundance of stupidity, and an over abundance of obliviousness. Which is why they act so surprised when you end up having to force your way through them.


  1. I've compared them to zombies before, and the similarities are close. The vacant stare, the shambling gait, the weird and seemingly incongruous clothing, as well as the complete and utter inability to connect to their surroundings. It is as if their mind just cannot quite make the connection.
    Oh well.

  2. I remember the zombie text messages from you. Was wondering if you were hallucinating you were in a horror flick the first time you sent some. :) Then I realized the horror was real.

  3. mook mook shepbal choah mookity mook

  4. Korea is so crowded that there's a fine margin between being able to get around and being stuck in vehicle or foot traffic. Korea needs to get all Singaporean on these mooks and start having people doling out fines or putting mooks in the pillory.