Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hairy Bikers Asian Adventure

The Hairy Bikers did a series in Asia. The 6th and final episode was done in South Korea. I liked it.

Unlike a lot of shows that went to South Korea it didn't focus on the bizarre. It focused on what is normal there. Samkyubsal, fried chicken, traditional markets and street food. It was pretty good and had me reminiscing. Watching the market scenes had my mouth watering.

I liked how they talked about what food would be a hit back in the UK. And talked about what was actually popular in the West.

The kimchi making was well done. It reminded me of the time I made sauerkraut with my Great Aunt. Damn I miss her. :(

I really enjoyed the way they looked at Korean history too.

Strangely enough I even liked the way Gangnam Style kept showing up. :)

Damn I want some bibimbap now. And samkyubsal. And yangyum chicken. Sundae!!!!