Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shit Koreans Say ... about their blood.

"Koreans share one blood. We are pure and that makes us better than others."

One of the stranger, and more racist, things most Koreans spout and believe. It makes them sound like Nazis at times. It also leads to a lot of racism in Korea. God help you if you are a mixed-race child in Korea. Just ask Hines Ward's mother.

The belief is so strong that the U.N., which is headed up by a South Korean, has told South Korea they have to tone down the pure blood bullshit.

"We are one blood. We are all brothers."

"We are one blood so they would never hurt us."

Often, when talking about North-South Korea relations, Koreans will spew little nuggets like those above. They blind themselves to all North Korea has done and try hard to believe they will never do anything bad to South Korea. It usually ends up with the US being blamed in some way for the poor relations.

Talk about some heavy duty blinders.


  1. Yeah, you tell a full-blooded Korean you're mixed with Korean as well (as a gesture for acceptance)- you're a "reject". If you're not full, you're bull to them. *like my cheesey line?* haha*

  2. I have seen that happen. I have also seen Koreans turn on Koreans who they felt didn't "look Korean". Once had one of my students start in on a younger girl because her hair was lighter in colour and her skin paler. He started going on about how she isn't Korean because she doesn't look Korean. It is bad enough when the adults act like that but they teach their kids to be little racists too.

    From talking with the girl I found out that she had to have a note from her parents to the school at the start of every year to let them know this is her natural hair colour and not some kind of dye job.