Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mook of the Week

Only enough pics left for three more Mook of the Weeks from Korea.

This time we will be looking at a very common mook in South Korea. The red light running mooks. It doesn't matter whether there is on coming traffic or not these twits will still run the red.

Often, just as they start to run the red, they will beep their horn repeatedly. Or they will put on their four way lights. (I was always told they were the hazard lights as you put them on when you have to stop because of car problems.) In Korea they seem to be used at any time the driver is going to do something stupid. Anything from just stopping in the middle of the street or running a red light.

One of the biggest dangers I encountered while driving in South Korea was these assholes. So many times they would run red lights while I was proceeding on green. Sometimes I would follow them and tell them off.

This particular mook was even stranger than the usual red light runners. He actually stopped for the red light! No one was coming the other way so he kept inching ahead into the crosswalk. Then he just drove through. No mook warnings either ... no horn blasting or flashing of lights. It isn't a long light, in fact about 2-3 seconds after he raced through it changed.

If you are ever driving in Korea beware the red light running mooks.


  1. You don't have to tell me!
    Every time I would drive up to an intersection, my head would be turning this way and that, wondering from which direction the mook would be coming.
    It was always a matter of WHEN, not IF.
    Korean roadways have a very high potentiality for mooks and mookish behaviour.