Friday, January 7, 2011

What the ... sentencing?!?!?

I guess this thread is the offshoot of an offshoot. Every time I think about the sentence that father received for beating his son over 300 times it pisses me off. It isn't just that father that deserves a beating or worse. The judge is no better.

While the prosecutor in the case wanted a six-month prison sentence, the judge accepted the defence argument that jail time and a fine would prevent the father from returning to Canada and would harm his children's educational prospects.

What the kimchi?!?!? He gave the father a light sentence, really no punishment, because it would prevent him from returning to Canada and harm his children's educational prospects?!?!? So, now daddy can fly back to beat the shit out of junior again instead of having junior fly home to Korea for a beating. Being beaten to death by daddy would harm the kid's educational prospects a lot more than preventing an abusive father from returning to beat him. And face it, he IS an abusive father with some serious anger issues.

Then you have Corrine Robbershaw of Repeal 43, a group that lobby's the courts to punish parents that spank their children. She said the discharge was appropriate.

"There are severe cases and this is one of them where this kind of beating of a child is so serious that a prosecution is probably warranted," Ms. Robertshaw said yesterday. "But it's hard to generalize using this case. Here was a father who didn't know his actions were illegal."

What the kimchi?!?!? Punish parents who spank their child but give a slap on the wrist to man who beat his son over 300 times?!?!? He didn't know his actions were illegal? What a stupid bitch. So much for defending kids from abusive parents. Spanking bad ... beating over 300 times with a stick ok as long as you claim you didn't know it was wrong. What a fucking moron.

Typical Korean bullshit with some good old Canadian stupidity thrown in.


  1. I agree with you here. In the case of the Korean father, there was actual documented evidence of long-term abuse, that caused lasting physical problems for the child. Should have jailed him.

  2. I always believed that judges who make decisions that stupid should be kicked off the bench. Like the one that said a 3 year old girl was sexually aggressive and took it into account when sentencing the rapist. Or the on who told a woman it is her duty to take whatever physical abuse her husband gives her and didn't punish the husband.

    (I am talking Canadian judges here not Korean. Don't even get me started on Korean judges and the whole blood money bullshit.)