Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What the ... boycott?!?!?!?

KRD has managed to raise the ire of the KKKunts over at Korea Sentry. How, he wrote a book, not published yet still going through the process, about his time in Korea.

One KKKunt by the name of Sejop has started a blog to boycott the book. He invites the other KKKunts to come join him in boycotting the book. The site is a parody where he claims to have leaked copies of the book. Does the 'tard even know what a boycott is? It is not buying something, not making a parody of it.

This Sejop twat reminds me of MidwestInsahm82, another member of the KKKlan who seems to have vanished. MidwestInsahm82 was best known for his racist attacks on Blackchild and leading the net nazi attacks on Lousy Korea. He was constantly opening extremely racist blogs trying to mimic/parody those he didn't like. A little similar to what Sejop is trying to do.

So basically, these idiots are up in arms about what is said in a book none of them have read because it hasn't been published yet. And to attack the book they post pictures and make fun of poor people in China. Meh, about what I expect from the 'tards.

Some of their comments are funny in the stupidity.


Hmmm... Perhaps David loves totalitarian countries?

I guess he has too much free time and is dying of boredom. Or maybe he is mentally drunken.

What the fuck is mentally drunken supposed to mean? I think Myst is just drunk and stupid.

Herr Consoleman:

He should be sent to North Korean gulag where he spend rest of he's life eating tree bark and roots.

Of course Der Fuhrer had to chime in. I think Herr Consoleman should be kicked out of his parents basement in Australia and sent to SoKo where he can see what life in South Korea is really like.


I think China is a worse fate than a NK gulag! Lol. He gets what he deserve.

This was his reply to Der Fuhrer saying KRD should be sent to NoKo. I think Seejop is on to something. Sejop, Herr Consoleman, and the other KKKunts should be sent to live in a North Korean Gulag, then China and let us know which is worse.

I can't imagine which is worse. Scotland or China? I think the people in both would make me puke.

I would contribute to sending this stupid fuck to Scotland. He would probably last about 5 minutes before getting the shit kicked out of him. Unless he did what he most likely does offline, keeps his mouth shut and his head down because he knows he is just another internet tough guy. Tough online, cowardly piece of shit in real life.

Whiteys just want sex, I think.

Now there is a leap, he believes he thinks. Blindly defending a country that is so mysogonistic and with so much centered around sex means you shouldn't be so quick to complain about others who want it.

They hate there own fat women and come to Asia to steal.

And here we come to the nub of the KKKunt problem. They think everyone is out to steal their women. Not that his comment comes out and says that. Reading his comment you could assume he meant "Whiteys" come to steal ... anything. It is an obsession with the KKKunts that foreigners come to Korea to steal their women and it seems that no matter what the topic they will find a way to drag that into things.

So he move to China and soon even they will realize he is just a gay loser.

And KumDrop, err Sejop, finishes off with that line. Bwahahahaha .... sorry someone purporting to defend a country that loves Big Bang and G-Dragon should never ever complain about others being gay.

All in all, not much of an attack on KRD aka DW. A lot of childish prattling. Typical KKK fare. Funny to read to see their stupidity but basically pathetic.


  1. While I get the feeling that KRD is going to have something to bitch about something where ever he goes, I think it's interesting how loyal a readership he has gotten from these very folks who want to boycott his book.

  2. That is true. And they give him free advertising. :)

  3. I always found it funny that M82's "parody" sites kept getting shut down for their racist content. Yet he would proclaim he wasn't a racist. I would have kept them up because they are a great example of just how twisted these KS assholes are.

  4. Writing anything about South Korea is a fun ride. You never know what losers will crawl out of the woodwork to spout their degenerate opinions. I guess the little boys at Korean Sentry are probably worse than most, but I didn't expect them to jump on this like they did. It just shows their prejudices... They hate white people, Chinese and Japanese and will take any and all opportunities to launch their foul attacks.

    As for Sejop or SJP or whatever the hell he's calling himself... I don't even know what to say. Just another loser, really, and not a particularly good one.

  5. They hate anyone not Korean. Funny thing is many of the KS twats seem to be gyopos who wouldn't even be accepted as "real" Koreans if they went to South Korea.

  6. "Funny thing is many of the KS twats seem to be gyopos who wouldn't even be accepted as "real" Koreans if they went to South Korea"

    You wish. And for the others complaining, it's not like Dave's ESL and other ESL sites are much better. Typical ESL hypocrisy. LOL.

  7. Have you read my blog? Of course not or you would know I don't hold a high opinion of Dave's ESL Cafe either.

    Seriously, if you are going to try at least do some fucking homework so you don't show your ass.

  8. He's self-publishing a book that might or might not ever actually come out. He's a terrible writer. He's an attention whore.

    He should be grateful for any publicity he can get. I'm pretty sure he is, despite his constant whinging.

  9. And that would make you a troll who seems to have nothing better to do in life than follow him around and whinge.

    Whether he is a good writer or not is subjective. Based on your whining on his site and others your objections to his writing seem to have nothing to do with his style but rather his content. You have a hard on for South Korea and can't seem to handle the fact that others may have had bad experiences there and want to vent or talk about them.

    Me, if I don't like a writer's work I stop reading it and avoid it.

  10. They hate white people, Chinese and Japanese and will take any and all opportunities to launch their foul attacks.

    You forgot Korean women, they hate them too. They would probably hate most Korean men in Korea if they lived there. The most recent South Park sums up the KS folks quite well. They have a medical condition called being cynical assholes. Everything to them seems shitty and people around them just start disappearing since they are so unpleasant to be around.

    Being Korean has only a little bit to do with being a member of the KS forum, the first qualification is that you are a miserable cunt.

  11. Spot on 3gyupsal. Spot on.

  12. Sometimes a guy is just so excruciatingly pathetic as a writer and as a human being that I can't help but take a lot of amusement in watching them "get published" by the very press that he founded himself.

    This is a guy who thought using the phrase "rice-tard" to describe all Koreans in a poem was the height of literary sophistication.

    But it's cute how so many washed-up NET's are quick to defend anything he says or does.

  13. Oh man, wetcasements is posting here now...? Give me back my troll!!!!

  14. It is interesting the lengths a troll will go to justify their behaviour.

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