Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What the ... internet nutjobs ?!?!? 2

I don't know if this was in response to my post about his post on KS but the KKKlucker known as Wideawake altered the post. In fact he even changed the title and made it a sticky at the top of the index. It was:

Thread Title: The Story of Captain Corea

WideAwake Amhaeng'eosa
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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:15 am Post subject: The Story of Captain Corea
He asked for it. Basically, after pestering the mods on this forum for such trivial issues as not PREVENTING people from posting and the like, he got banned. And as a result of this ban, he decided to enact "revenge" by inviting all the trolls from Dave's ESL. This guy is a married man in his forties with a child living in Korea. Supposedly, he runs his own English school and conducts classes for business English. Anyhow, I believe that he got off way too easy for his trollish behavior, so this is a thread dedicated to him. And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of.

Now it says

Thread Title: A Warning to Trolls

WideAwake Amhaeng'eosa
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Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:15 am Post subject: A Warning to Trolls

If you decide to troll this forum, your offending posts and others will be posted on this thread. Here are a few trolls and their offending posts:

1) Captain Corea - a top offender.

Captain Corea wrote:
Agreed. That place can be pretty bad on occasion. Good to see a place where people can (civilly) discuss Korea.



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I like how he says "here are a few trolls" but he only has one listed. This guys English is so bad he doesn't even know what a few means.

So, the first link, to Captain Corea's introduction contains "offending posts"? Comments like CC agreeing with Herr Consoleman that Asia Finest is not a nice place and saying this about Korea Sentry:

Agreed. That place can be pretty bad on occasion. Good to see a place where people can (civilly) discuss Korea.

Oh my god! How offensive! He said KS was a good place to talk civilly about Korea!!!! Ummm ... wait a sec ... that was him saying something good about KS. Man oh man Wideawakes English must be even worse than I thought if he took that as an offensive comment.

I guess I can see, if I try to look at teh world from Wideawake's warped view, how CC was offensive in the other thread. When attacked, CC fought back. When some of the KKKunts at the Klavern verbally attacked his wife and him ... he fought back. Yeah, I can see where a stupid piece of shit like Wideawake would get upset when someone stood up to the racist BS he supports. Of course, that doesn't make Wideawake right. It just makes him typical of the idiots at the KKKleagle.

So Wideawake tries to change the attack and THREAT aimed at Captain Corea he posted on the KKK site to a post to show why people are banished. And he failed at that. Damn that is pretty pathetic. Like I said in my initial post about this, the more these guys post the more they show the world just how moronic they are.


  1. Fine thank you. And you? :)

  2. Who is Captain Corea? I heard that he is a White Nationalist who is now living in Korea. No offense to him but I don't like how his pro-GNP posts in Dave's and in Asiafinest are offending most Koreans including my K-girlfriend.

  3. Let me see if I have this straight. You don't know who Captain Corea is but you heard he is a white nationalist. You don't like him because he is pro-GNP and it offends your gf. Right?

  4. Greetings from 4chan, dear sir!!!!! (insert your cool face) I heard that this Captain Corea dude is worse than our "Korean" resident troll in the name of 김치 !NAo.KiMCHI!!qxtLmR9jT9G.

  5. Once again someone says "I heard." Do you believe everything you hear? From what I SAW and READ of Captain Corea's posts on various sites you are full of shit.

  6. It doesn't really matter whether CaptainCorea is a saint or a devil. I do like CC other than the fact that he often scares away new Dave's ESL Cafe members these days. IMPHO, I believe jvalmer is scarier than CC.

  7. I'm a former poster on Asia Finest. CaptainC is known to be a sketchy individual on Asia Finest. He is very rational on matters on aything Korean and becomes an satanically evil troll worse than our Japanese users in our forum.

    Some people in AF said that CaptainC is a dedicated follower of K-wave and others said that he's a drug dealer in Canada.

    CaptainC is a man of mysteries. I prefer a neutral opinion.

  8. It sounds to me like you have made up your mind. your comment is kind of like saying "I heard so and so is a murderer (pedophile, drug dealer, insert criminal label here) but I am keeping an open mind." By stating those claims you seem to say you don't agree with you are labelling CC while trying to look innocent.

    To steal a quote from South Park "I call Shenanigans."