Sunday, June 5, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... to diminish the experience of others..

While I was looking on Dave's for any reference to the naked idiots at the baseball game I came across a thread by someone going by the handle Lenker. It was typical of the way some foreigners, especially but not always the apologists, try to diminish the experience of others.

Lenker had an amazing time in Korea. Lenker had a wonderful year. Except for the 0.01% 0f Koreans who are bad Lenker met great people. Lenker had great students. Then Lenker left off with some advice.

Overall the post wasn't that bad. Some good points were made. However, I found it made it seem like those who talk about their bad experiences are just pessimists. It seemed to diminish, or even denigrate, their experiences. Especially when he made the statement

A lot of the negative people have nothing better to do than sit at home, spouting complete crap about Korea and it's citizens.

You spent a year there and loved it. Good on you. I spent 10 years there and experienced good and bad. Just because you didn't have the same experiences doesn't mean they don't happen. It doesn't make the experiences of others "complete crap".

Hell, just based on the what Lenker said about his experiences I could say he is full of crap. Most people don't experience as much love in Korea as he seems to have. The difference between him and I is that I can accept that he might have had a 99.9% wonderful time. Statistically speaking there have to be people who don't experience much of the bullshit. My bad experiences don't mean his wonderful life couldn't have happened. Lenker can't seem to accept that others didn't have THAT great a time without accusing them of "spouting complete crap". Kind of pathetic when you think of it.


  1. Exactly.

    My problem with these "kimchileaders" is that they disparage other people's experiences. It's like - if you don't love love love Korea, then there must be something wrong with YOU.


  2. I worry more about people who lead that type of blindly love love experience. They block out anything bad and then when they get royally fucked over they are more likely to explode and do something stupid than someone who vents.

  3. Word! The day that people realise that living somewhere is not a cookie cutter experience where everything is the same for everyone...well...the sooner the world reduces its overall population of mooks, fucktards and cunts.

  4. Hell, living in your home country isn't always beer and skittles. I was amazed in my 1st year in Korea when students would be shocked when I criticized Canada. They just couldn't wrap their heads around the fact someone can love their country but point out when and where it is bad.

    These types of shiny happy people really piss me off though. They just ignore reality.

    I remember once a group of expats were talking about the serial rapist in Cheongju-Cheonan being caught when Hilda chimed in by saying "Why don't you talk about good things? Isn't there anything good in korea?"

    What an idiotic thing to say. This idiocy was further compounded by a later comment by her. She said that even though the Korean media never let foreigners know about the rapist who was TARGETING FOREIGNERS she knew about it. A Korean co-worker warned her. A warning she never bothered passing on to any foreigners. What a class act. She tried to keep the shiny happy bullshit flowing by not warning other women they could be the target of a rapist. What a class act.

  5. @Burndog - that's exactly it. i can't UNDERSTAND why people don't get that not everyone has a cookie cutter experience.

    @Flint - shiny happy people of the sort you describe make me really angry. stupidity in general makes me angry.