Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about the Simpsons.

Aren't they also involved in making of the Simsons? This one looks more like older Disney cartoon. The style reminds me of Snow White or Bambi.

Herr Consoleman posted a link to a North Korean Anti-American cartoon and that was Campers reply. He thinks the Simpsons animation is done by the Norks?!?!?!?!?! Or does he think there is a North Korean cartoon called The Simsons? Just when you think Indcut is the biggest moron on Korea Sentry you have this post by Campers. What a fucking idiot.

I try to get away from posting about these idiots but their stupidity just keeps dragging me back. :)

Update July 1 2011:

Thanks to the info provided by Burndog I have to apologize. There really is a Nork cartoon called "The Simsons" which is meant to parody The Simpsons and be anti-American. Damn. Truth is stranger than fiction.


  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but these mooks are a constant source of hilarious entertainment.

  2. The Simpsons, Family Guy and a bunch of other Fox cartoons are actually animated in Gangnam. I know a couple of the foreigners here who are the animation supervisors for the shows.

  3. If it was any work done on it by North Korean animators, they wouldn't be allowed to show it in the U.S. The Simpsons is 100% gangnam.

    The childrens' show porroro is having problems because there was some timing work done on it in the north, there might be some episodes that will be blocked in America.

  4. From Wikipedia -

    "The Simsons is a North Korean cartoon about America's influence polluting Asia and the world. This animation is set in a family home, where father Homer (based on Dear Leader Kim Jong Ill) works hard to feed his family. His family unit is made up of a wife (Marge) who represents the ideals of Juche in North Korea, an older daughter (Lisa) who represents the freedom and independence of North Korean women, a son (Bart) who displays the cunning and idealistic free spirit of the working party, and a baby daughter (Maggie) who is a representation of the innocent heart of North Korean society.

    Meanwhile, we see the American capitalist (Mr Burns) destroying the world and attempting to corrupt Homer, while his easily led and morally bankrupt underling (South Korea, portrayed by Smithers) does all that America demands."

    There's more...but that's the basic outline.

  5. David and 3gyupsal:

    Amazing that someone who rabidly defends Korea, pushes anything Korean, and likes to come off as so knowledgeable about it (Campers) thought the animation was done in NK.

    Whenever I see Campers whinging I am reminded of a phrase from the Simpsons when Bart joins the Junior Campers. Neilson pointed at Bart in uniform, laughed, and said "Campers Pampers!:

  6. Damn, thanks Burndog. I never knew ... and am still shocked and awed. :)

    I stand ... sit ... corrected.

  7. whos moron now esl whitey?

  8. Obviously me for not taking the time to google Simpson. I could make excuses but when it comes down to it I just didn't do what I should have and googled it. I do apologize for my mistake and hope it didn't cost you a sleepless night.

  9. Flint, your apology is, after review and a lot of alcohol, accepted.
    Now, please explain how an apostrophe is required to demonstrate a contraction to our learned friend from basement of Melbourne-shire.
    He is also missing an article as 'moron' is countable.
    In addition, I am slightly disappointed as convention would dictate that 'ESL' is capitalized and preceded by 'fucking.' Please refer to 'Fowler's Modern English Usage' (Oxford University Press, 1926)
    The youth of today...... In my day, ignorant, hate-filled bile was thought-out and proof-read. Now it seems any inconsolable-man-come-lately can just wander on and get away with any old slapdash, half-a-job, rainman attempt at badinage.
    It's no wonder lesbians foreigner unqualified ESL drug takers are 'running the show' etc etc etc

  10. Grammar? No not grammar! You said you accepted my apology! Not THE grammar!!!!!

  11. would appear that our anonymous friend is actually the moron...because...I made it all up! There's no North Korean cartoon called "The Simsons". I was just taking the piss!

    Oh...and anon...whitey is the lamest racial slur EVER! I's pathetic! In a way, the proof of the historical racism of white people is the fact that white people have the best racial slurs for everyone else...but all that other people have for white people is 'whitey' or 'cracker'...neither of which is actually offensive!

  12. Burndog:

    Damn you got me good with that one. :) NOW I googled Simson. heh :) Good one.

    Whew ... I guess that just makes me partially moronic. ;)

  13. Sorry mate! I didn't expect anyone to believe it...but re-reading it just now...and being mindful of the lameness of North Korean propaganda...I can see that what I wrote looks slightly believable!

  14. No worries. I think it is hilarious. :) All I had to do was google it or go to wikipedia. I just figured the Norks WOULD be that lame. :)

  15. You could also call whites "Texas trailer park trash" or "white trash." In Canada we have "Trailer park boys" and "Newfies."

  16. Or even worse ... Torontonian. ;)