Sunday, June 19, 2011

What the ... kkkluck?!?!?

It looks like some of the KKKluckers are turning on ChanHo because he thinks the racist BS at KS is too much at times.

It didn't take long for ChanHo's attempt to move things towards a more civil discourse at KS to turn into the KKKleagle attacking him and making the same old tired excuses, of other sites being nasty, to explain why their behaviour is ok. Grade school thinking from a site that often resembles a low grade soap opera.

Who is leading the attack on ChanHo? Indicut. You may remember Indicut from such racist nuggets as;

It would be so retarded if they allowed their country to be flooded with filipinos, mexicans, blacks, muslims, and indians, all of whom have average IQ's well below 100.


koreatown is full of wetbacks but alot of koreans still live there..wetbacks usually dont have the nerve to kill but they will try to steal from you while you blink. the niggers are also trouble because theyre crazy enough to kill without much reason..

Not surprise he would be against having a civil discourse instead of posting racist ramblings. His attacks started off lightly and quickly built up to name calling and questioning ChanHo's sexuality.

And if you believe I am damaging your image then so be it. That just shows how narrow your naive mind really is. I usually don't judge a whole nation of over a billion people on a couple of posts that anti Koreans make. So don't worry Chan-hoe I'm sure there are some people out there that think likewise.

The only person here that believes that this site is somehow keeping the entire of race of Koreans down is you. You're gonna come in here telling people many of whom have been around since 2008 to change the way we think and discuss. If you really wanna change Koreans for the better, I suggest you go down to AF and keep fighting for our beloved nation. You should go out in the streets and give money to Koreans that really need it. If you really care about Koreans, that is what you really should be doing.

You're not active on this site because of trolls? If that's the case I'm surprised you're still posting on AF like a b1tch. But to you, you're fighting for Korea rofl.

I'm doing what this fagg0t chan-ho wouldn't dare do.

Now didn't fastasleep say any attacks would be moderated? Damn Wideawake, here was your chance to show you were serious about keeping things civil at least amongst the KKKlan and you screwed the pooch. Am I surprised? No.

Indicut, if you really care about Koreans ... go live in Korea. Leave the US, move to Korea, try and find a job and establish a life there. To quote you,

If you really care about Koreans, that is what you really should be doing.

Then you can blog about how accepting der Fatherland is of you and how you now bask in the milk and honey of the promised land.

ChanHo, I said it in a previous repost and it bears repeating., you would be better off starting your own site and running it the way you want because things won't change on KS. You just make yourself a target for the hatred and bullshit of idiots like Indicut. Hell, feel free to send your posts and arguments here. I will post them for you as long as they follow the guidelines you are talking about.


  1. chanhoe and hsa613 are YOU! Your a pethetic whitey racist troll!

  2. Says the anonymous person who posted the same sort of crap on various threads here and Flints Follies. :)

  3. Once you make something idiot proof, nature builds a bigger idiot. really, can nature go too far and not be able to be able to top herself. We will have to wait and see if nature can build a bigger idiot than the anonymous poster from above. I suspect he is "tiny retarded Korean stalker." Mike your lover is back. HAHA!


  4. Heh ... that is true. Maybe one day nature way top itself once too often and the world will be destroyed.

  5. you are idiot whitey!

  6. Pethetic....YOU!
    'your a pethetic'
    Watch out Flint, it looks like Jon Stewart's whole team of writers are on you!
    I wonder if they will bring out the A-bomb where 'ESL' and 'fucking' is combined in some highly original way?
    It's like watching a Blackadder script shat on.

  7. Someone seems to have latched on to the site until something shiny distracts them.

    Oh look! Defenceless lady!!!