Friday, June 10, 2011

What the ... ban order?!?!?!?

KRD seems to have gotten the KKKlan all riled up on Korea Sentry. Herr Consoleman and Cumdrop, oops Sejop, are now all hot and bothered about getting his blog banned.

Sejop said

He is worse the the average whitey. At least the average whitey comes to Korea and does his fucking and fighting, then leave. But David the Douche writes blogs and books about Korea. He pretend it is not him who is the bad one and instead everyone near him.

His blog needs to be shutdown.

Jeeze Sejop you and your cronies need to make up your mind. First you twits say KRD doesn't have a publisher now you say he has written BOOKS about Korea. God damn you guys just can't get anything straight can you? You definitely make it easy to ridicule you.

Then you have Herr Consoleman's call to arms

Can people start writing letters to to ban this loser? Because I'll looking for reasons to ban this idiot.

Yes, He'll looking for reasons to ban him. Hard to believe this moron was educated in Australia. (High School and University) Is the Australian education system THAT bad?

Maybe his hatred of ESL teachers comes from his inability to ever learn proper English? It can't be his fault, it must be theirs! That and the fact he can't seem to score with the ladies but "they" can.

I suppose when trying to get us banned fails they will fall back on the old tactic of trying to get the netnazis to make death threats.


  1. What has always struck me about that site, and what keeps me returning to watch the human car wreck that is that site, is that they can't speak Korean. I'm pretty sure I speak better Korean than at least 20-30% of them.

    There's a funny thread up there right now where someone asks for good blogs about Korea. Another poster suggests The Marmot's Hole. Someone else shoots that down because you shouldn't link to the blogs of "whiteys" and foreigners. We should link to Korean blogs, he says.

    The problem, of course, is that they don't know much about Korea and don't speak enough Korean to actually follow Korean blogs (though I'm sure they could simply find a blog if they wanted to). If they did, they could run a hateful Naver cafe instead of an English-language message board.

  2. Very true Anonymous. Which is why I always have to laugh when they say they KNOW what life in Korea is like. I doubt most have them have been there for more than a cursory visit.

  3. The Korean netnazis make me nervous. Very nervous.

    Luckily, my blog problems come mostly from the K-blogger mafia circle-jerkers. They're annoying and stupid as hell, but at least they refrain from making death threats.

  4. Funny thing ... one of the KKKlan over there works for an internet security company. Yet he was one of the assholes calling for the netnazis to out people and "get them".

  5. I'm Australian; I've spend some time socially with young men and women from Korea here. A trend is that the women tend to adjust better than the men do. Young Korean men well adjusted enough to make Australian friends are the exception rather than the norm. I would imagine this experience to be common in other Anglophone countries.

    Notably young Korean men do not in the main attract Australian women whereas the opposite is true for young Korean women. Perhaps this would be better phrased by saying that there is a certain demographic of Australian males attracted to Korean females which does not have it's gender-reversed counterpart. So whilst both men and women may find it difficult to integrate with people of their respective sexes, due to cultural differences and awkwardness, the women may have access to a channel that the men do not.

    One can guess what effect this might have on the psyche of those who live and grow up here.

    Several young Korean men I've met have had success forming relationships with young men and women from elsewhere in Asia, e.g. Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

    Of the factors Race, Language, and Culture, I see Race as the least significant. Supporting this is the fact that the Australian born (or raised) Asian men I've met have been in the main very well adjusted and confident, much like any Australian.

    I honestly believe the segregating factor is far more the cultural differences than it is the language barrier.

    To break it right down - by and large, normal Australian people just "don't get" normal Koreans and their modes of interaction, and not without making conscious cognitive effort to do so (which most normal people do not do).

    Paradoxically I think most young Koreans adjust to Australian egalitarianism far better than normal young Australian men and women ever could to Korea's flavour of neo-Confucianism.

  6. Interesting comments Chump.I wonder if they have similar problems in Canada?

  7. It is also interesting that Herr Consoleman used to post on Asia Finest, under a different name, as a proud Aussie, while slagging the Chinese and Japanese.

  8. I think this article addresses what chump is saying pretty well.

    It makes a bunch of interesting points about the so called "bamboo ceiling," in American corporate culture. It also talks about Asian men taking "dating classes," from the likes of VH1's mystery.

    It's a damn long read though, so make sure you aren't busy for like an hour.

  9. Sejop appears to have disappeared... Haven't heard from him in quite a while. I wonder if he got spooked by the talk of legal action? He hasn't been on the KS forum or his own blog for a while, and he hasn't even posted any comments on my page.