Friday, June 3, 2011

Shit Foreigners Say ... about behaviour.

The following was said by someone going by the name Koradian on during the discussion about the idiots who stripped at a baseball game in Korea.

If Koreans came to Canada to teach Korean and act the same way some foreigners do here, I can just imagine that out image of Koreans and Korea would be tainted as well.

Dude if Koreans came to Canada and acted the way many of them do in Korea they would be "tainted". Which is why a Korean magazine put out a list of 50 things Koreans should not do when in Canada a few years ago. They needed to be told things like don't try to bribe the police and don't eat with your mouth open. The drunken fuckery of the adjosshi's alone would get them "tainted" if not hospitalised.

This kind of stupid comment reminds me of when the apologists and assorted idiots use the "When in Rome..." line.

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