Sunday, June 12, 2011

What the ... internet nutjobs?!?!?

Ok, I may have posted a tale of an internet nutjob on the wrong site but thanks to the folks at Korean Sentry (and the reader who emailed me about it) there is another one I can post about here. :)

Captain Corea has raised the ire of the KKKlan on Korea Sentry and got banished from there. His crime, pestering the mods for not preventing people from posting the type of bile that is normal on Korea Sentry. Considering that a lot of the stuff is posted by the twat that runs the site it does seem like complaining was an exercise in futility anyway.

I did find some of the comments made by Wideawake to be interesting.

"And as a result of this ban, he decided to enact "revenge" by inviting all the trolls from Dave's ESL."

Ooooh. He mentioned the KKKleagle on Dave's ESL and invited them to go to KS. Hmmm ... almost makes me want to go onto Dave's and see what the drones are yammering about. Almost. Not quite. Ok, it did make me check this out and unless Dave's Mods were up to the old deletion tricks I could only find the KKKlan being talked about in one thread and I didn't see Captain Corea "inviting" people to go to KS.

In fact the first mention of the KKKluckers of KS in that thread was by someone named Smartwentcrazy . He suggested people look at the drivel the twats of KS post.

"This guy is a married man in his forties with a child living in Korea. Supposedly, he runs his own English school and conducts classes for business English."

Which means??? That he has more experience in Korea than most of the basement dwellers that inhabit KS?

"Anyhow, I believe that he got off way too easy for his trollish behavior, so this is a thread dedicated to him."

He got off to easy? What, this kkkunt expected him to be drawn and quartered for daring to say when the Kkkleagle were being too racist? Really, dude, it is a website. Get over it and yourselves. Now they are free to wallow in their racist crapulence.

"And if Captain Corea should ever have the foolish thought of more "revenge", then he will be taken care of."

Bwahahahahahaha!!!!! What, they will put a hit on him? They are going to go after his family? Damn those KKKunts are funny. The best revenge CC could have is to let them keep posting and showing the world just how moronic they are.

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