Sunday, June 5, 2011

What the ... One Night Blame Game?!?!?!?

A reader emailed me a link to a thread that started on Herr Consoleman's site. Apparently the KKKunt's have their panties in a bunch because a nightclub in Hongdae was having a One Night Stand night.

The club in question was supposedly offering to pay for drinks and the hotel if patrons hooked up for the night. It was supposed to be the second such party they held, and was cancelled after the Korean "media" got a hold of the story. (Think of how much money the club would have lost if all the guests hooked up? Makes me wonder if that was really offered.)

What did the King of the KKKunts Herr Consoleman have to say?

Good example how western influence is killing nightlife of Seoul, encouraging one night stand is utterly bad influence from Western world. One night stand is reason why so many Westerners are suffering from incurable sexual transmitted diseases. Condoms and contraceptive won't protect girl from accidental pregnancies and getting herpes and other common STDs.

Yes, because we all know Koreans would never have a one night stand unless the West used it's super power of horniness to infect them. I didn't know whether to laugh or hang my head at the stupidity of Herr Consoleman's comments.

One night stands are why Westerners have STD's not unprotected sex? Condoms won't protect people from STD's? I guess he subscribes to the bareback idea of most Korean men. As long as you eat your kimchi you are safe. What a fucking idiot.

A person posted a link to a site with statistics on AIDs and left a comment saying

I guess men should just stick to their room salons, an-mas, barber shops, singing rooms, kiss rooms, hug rooms, screen golf, da-bangs, sexy bars and straight up red light districts. That way they can be influenced by Korean culture instead of western culture.

(A comment the person later removed but it appeared in the responses of the KKKunts.) The response to that was mind blowingly insane.

A KKKunt by the name of Married_Busan said;

To be fair, I think those parts of Korean culture came from the Japanese.

To be fair, you are a fucking moron. There is a reason prostitution is called the world's oldest profession. And of course everything can be blamed on the Japanese.

Xcreaturex100, a Grand Wizard of the Klaven said in response to Married_Busan;

Yep, kinda true since the first red light district in Korea started when they established Japanese brothels in Busan.

Once again, everything has to be twisted to blame someone else. Nothing is ever Korea's fault. If this idiot really believes there was no prostitution in Korea until Japan invaded he is even stupider than Herr Consoleman.

Of course Herr Consoleman couldn't be left out. He had to reply and astound us with his stupidity again.

Interesting stats you got there.
Even Japan have over 30 million STD carriers out of 127 million, making around 23% range. It seems most countries have 23% STD carriers but I'm pretty sure countries like US and France have more than 50%.

Really? He is sure the AIDs rate is over 50% in the US and France? Then I am sure, based on the retarded belief Koreans have that Kimchi cures all and the disdain Korean men have for using condoms, that the AIDs rate in South Korea must be 100%. Luckily, we are both wrong. The difference is I was joking and he seems to believe the insanity he spews out.

You really have to wonder just how much these twats actually know about Korea let alone life. I have to chuckle at the power they seem to think other cultures have to FORCE Koreans to adopt things of a sexual nature. The way they whine about it you would think armed foreigners are forcing Koreans to have one night stands or to go to hookers. While at the same time ignoring anything bad about Korean society or trying to deflect the blame onto others. What a bunch of 'tards.

A while after posting this I was looking at some blogs and noticed that ROK Drop has a thread about this issue (but not the KS net nazis) too.


  1. The problem with the guys on those sites is that they aren't robots. Their programing would lead them to believe that prostitution came from Japan, but when you bring up Geisha culture in Japan they would say that the original Geishas were Korean Gisengs.

    Now a good robot, when confronted with this type of conflict of logic would just explode, and we wouldn't have to worry about them anymore. Unfortunately, these guys are the 2.0 version that don't explode or spontaneously combust. (Although their is the chance that they might off themselves after the depression from spending so much time participating on the Korean Sentry forum catches up with them. Most likely they will go to their local Korean grocery store, pay $20 Canadian for two bottles of soju and David Carridine themselves while wishing that they could have gone to a one night stand night at a Hongdae club)

  2. Heh ... I had thought of that ... but you said it better. :) I wish we could give them a downgrade to 1.0 so their heads could explode. ;)

  3. The Korean Sentry fucktards will be on WWFD in the next two weeks...I have been waiting for an issue like this...something where their stupidity reaches stunning new heights!

  4. Sweet. I will be looking for the post. :)

  5. Basically know all of my posts have been deleted from that thread. I showed him stats that Korea & western countries have about the same per capa STD rate. He then said those stats are wrong because he heard or read somewhere that U.S. and France STD rates are close to 50%. I then asked him since I heard or read somewhere that 50% of Korean female university students are prostitutes does that mean its true. So this morning he deleted all my posts. He hasn't banned me yet, but I'm sure its coming. I just posted what exactly is the reasoning for my post deletions. One poster said Japanese men take it in the ass with dildos and his post is still there, but I get deleted for questioning him.

  6. I got a ton of traffic to my website yesterday, and lo and behold, the KKKunts are talking shit about me in their newest thread. Very amusing, I must say, to be insulted by such racist little fools. I did enjoy reading them badmouth Scotland and China.

  7. @hsa613: Der Fuhrer does not like beink qvestioned. Just obey. ;)

    @David: I will have to see what they had to say. :) Considering their tenuous link to reality it could be interesting.