Saturday, June 18, 2011

Shit Herr Consoleman Says ... about this site.

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Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 12:04 pm Post subject:
On second thought, could be overseas Chinese, because the way they talk about us does have Han Chinese feel to it.

Wow, Herr Consoleman is REALLY obsessed with the Chinese isn't he? No matter what is said or done he somehow tries to twist it so he can blame the Chinese. He does this even more than he goes after the Japanese. So now he is sure that Stig and I, and anyone who posts here, are "overseas Chinese". What a fucking mook.

Like I said when talking about Hsa613 and Captain Corea being on their site, you just can't engage crazy rationally. Some of them are even turning on their own who try and be moderate. Which you could see if Wideawake wasn't FINALLY dong the job a moderator is supposed to do and taking down attack posts. (Cornhole ... err cornbiscuit's post telling Chan-Ho to basically shut the fuck up and leave the site.)

Mind you he is only taking down attack posts that make the whackjobs there look whacky against their own. I wonder if he will be moderating this nugget from Priceless12

The anti-Koreans' goal is to gain attention. Sure, we shouldn't be ignorant like mainland Koreans are. However, I think some things we do here are just as stupid since it's basically feeding the fire the haters started.

Nice to see her low opinion of "mainland Koreans". Isn't that anti-Korean? Of course, if FastAsleep took down all attack posts he would have to start moderating Herr Consoleman's posts. I am all for exposing crazy but actually trying to engage it in some form of rational discussion never works.


  1. y u h8 korea and always talk shit on Korea Sentry? u lv them?

  2. ur obsessed with Korea Sentry! stupid chink!

  3. 中国人民共和国万岁!大韩民国是中国的朝鲜人自治区。

  4. anonymous 1 and 2 ... ah fuck it why bother.

    anonymous 3 ... no idea what you said.

    They do say things happen in 3's so maybe I should assume A3 was just more crazy.

  5. yes Chinese, probably island chink.

  6. This is Anonymous 3. Don't worry, I'm sure Anonymous 1 and 2, dumb as they are, got what I said. It was a little bit of Chinese pride directed at them (no, I'm not Chinese).

  7. Nihao, this is anonymous4!
    Flint, I have to agree with my learned friends anonymous 1 and 2. Their rapier like wit has convinced me.
    In any debate, I always side with the avid Oscar Wilde readers.
    But I digest,
    I am concerned at the very obvious 'pro-Chinese' bent that has become very obvious here and the way you continue to extoll China and blah blah blah.
    I have read your posts on Nova Scotia snowstorms and my lithium-deficient synapses can infer that you love China.
    From Australia's second largest city, via 21st century technology and from a world view apparently shaped in the sixteenth century.... ...Zaijian!
    PS. Can I be a moderator on this site? I also have an application in to be one on KS but I was hoping you'd be my 'safety' so to speak?
    PPS. Go to hell stupid ESL whitey ESL Manchu ESL whitey stupid who's father smelt of elderberries etc etc
    Yours affectionately,
    Anonymous 4.

  8. Hey, I am A1, So the numbering should start as A2, A3 and A4. What A4 is saying is Long live the People's Republic of China, North Korea and referring to them as autonomous is a dig at Taiwan.

  9. Hi A4 ... why do I expect Magnus Robot Hunter to show up now? ;)

    Sorry, the KKKlan always forgets to mention I am a control freak and other than Stig don't allow anyone else to moderate my ...ummm .... thousands of fans who post here.

    A5/1 ... it could be saying that ... it could be saying shop at Honest Yuan's Discount store for all I know.

  10. AltaicMania and Consoleman have repeatedly tried to offend and humiliate chinese people and chinese women in every thread.Because of them I know hate korean so much,I will say the most horrible thing even if it means hurting all koreans people feeling.

    1. Korean was under 400 years of han dynasty.1000 tribute state,and worship
    adopted sinicized names and was refereed little china. 15-20% korean have O3c3-M134 y-dna in them.

    2.Korean women + ainu men = Japanese people ( I don't understand why korean feel proud of knowing that japanese are result of korean women mating with these ainu men who are hairy as ape,who are australoids that resembles caucasian people.

    3.Six million American soldiers served in Korea between 1950 and 1971, and upward of one million South Korean women worked as "sex providers"

    Here's the link--->

  11. By saying the most horrible thing whether true or not doesn't help you make the Koreans look bad. It ends up making you look bad. Like the idiots that beat the pheasants to death. They wanted to show how evil Japan is but managed to just make themselves and Korea look bad. It puts you on par with the idiots at Korea Sentry.

    My experiences with the bad side of Korea made me want to make sure (to the best of my ability) that foreigners who come to Canada don't have to experience the bullshit. Granted, there is only so much I can do. But I can and will speak out against it ... just like I will speak out against the bullshit in Korea.