Monday, June 27, 2011

Shit Morons Say ... about rioting vs demonstrating.

Koreans don't really have riots. They don't burn down stores or loot or deface public property en masse. They may DEMONSTRATE and be loud, but that is a far cry from rioting.

Wideawake on Korea Sentry.

Wow, this twit really showed his lack of knowledge about Korea, and the difference between demonstrating and rioting. Google definitely isn't his friend.

I guess he had his head buried in the sand when the Mad Cow riots were taking place. While the Korean "demonstrators" don't loot en masse they do throw molotov cocktails, attack police, destroy public property. I guess to FastAsleep that is just being loud?

And that doesn't even start getting into the antics of the "demonstrators" at ones that don't turn into riots. Tearing a live piglet into quarters. Bludgeoning pheasants to death. Of course their politicians don't exactly set a good example do they?

Of course this is a person who claims KS isn't really a racist hate site.

AddedJune 28th 2011:

I figures I would add this link to one of ROKDrop's posts. It is about the 2002 accident where 2 Korean Middle School girls were killed and the subsequent fuckery and lies.


  1. Speaking of the mad cow riots. It's strange how Koreans protested Mad cows from America, when the three American cows with mad cow disease came from Canada, yet there hasn't been any riots about free trade agreements with Canada. I'm not trying to bash Canadians or their cows, but I think that Korean protesting doesn't have the straightest of priorities.

    Meanwhile, after it has been found out that the U.S. Army may have buried a couple hundred tons of agent orange in a rice field some where, it's been all quiet on the Eastern front. Again, beef: you are more likely to die of a heart attack from beef than dying of mad cow disease, while agent orange, a known carcinogen is underground somewhere in the middle of Korea without much public fervor.

  2. I don't think you are trying to bash I had the same thoughts about Canadian beef. I just think it became another way for Koreans to express their anti-US sentiment while trying to mask it as something else. Mind you they didn't try hard to hide it during the protests.

    I forget who this happened to, maybe Brian in Jellonamdo, can't remember for sure with going back and looking at stuff ... he started talking about how Mad Cow had killed no one and how many Koreans die a year from car accidents. He said maybe Koreans should be more focused on that then mad cow. He became a target for the Korean net nazis because of that. They called his work. It was pretty fucked up.

  3. We just say what you say about Koreans. If you don't like too bad esl scum!

  4. I remember a co-teacher in my first year telling me there was a "season" foe demonstrations. Was it one of the four Koreans are always saying they have?
    Another time, we took the kids to an insect museum at Daegu University, and saw the students getting ready for a demonstration, loading banners and cases of beer into buses.
    When I was in Daegu, I was able to watch the U.S. Armed Forces Network, and they were always letting people know about where and when demonstrations were taking place, and warning you to stay away.
    No, it's not a good idea for foreigners to show up at a rally, lest they become targets. But it would have been interesting to see one.

  5. Anonymous you are more than welcome to say what i say about Korea but be warned you will just make yourself angry and have to abuse yourself. Hmmm, you might like that so go for it.

  6. Stig: I heard about demonstration season a few times before and after coming to Korea.

    After reading what happened to 3 soldiers beaing kidnapped, beaten, and forced on KOREAN TV to denounce the US government in 2002 I decided to avoid the "peaceful just loud demonstrators" that FastAsleep likes.

  7. I think that a good case could be made on behalf of Koreans that the USDA, or the US FDA aren't exactly the best resources for trusting what you put into your body. It might be that other countries find more mad cow disease because they are better at looking for it. When the protests were happening, Bush was in the white house, and the FDA under Bush blocked production of a device that could screen cows for mad cow disease. Some ranchers in Iowa, actually wanted the thing to be approved so that their Japanese buyers would be more likely to accept the beef. Did any Korean protesters know about these things or bring them up? No.

    As for the cars, I was thinking about the same point. More people in America have died from Hyundais than mad cow. As a proud Michigander, I wanted a terrif on that they would actually cost the same in America as they do in Korea. (A Hyundai Genisis sells for about thirty thousand bucks in the states, where in Korea they are about fifty million won.)

  8. 3gyupsal

    That was the problem with the "protest" most of the complaints just weren't based in reality or really had nothing to do with the US but were twisted so as to blame them.

    One of the arguments that stuck in my mind was people (Koreans) going on about how stores/restaurants could and would misrepresent US Beef as non-US beef. How would that be the fault of the US? Korean store owners lying about the origin of their beef is the fault of the US? They should have been directing their vitriol at Korean businesses who lie instead it was bash the US time.

    And then the apologists and idiots would swear black and blue that the "protests" had nothing to do with anti-Americanism.

  9. Ha Ha. Slowly ripping odd the band-aid. Consoleman friend count ls slowly dwindling. I guess his friends are discovering who he really is. ;)